Restriction fragment length polymorphisms for growth hormone, prolactin, osteonectin, alpha crystallin, gamma crystallin, fibronectin and 21-steroid hydroxylase in cattle.


:Genomic DNAs from animals representing six breeds of cattle (Angus, Brahman, Hereford, Holstein, Jersey and Texas Longhorn) were screened with cloned gene probes in a search for restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs). Eleven RFLPs were identified using seven different probes: growth hormone, prolactin, osteonectin, alpha A-crystallin, gamma crystallin, fibronectin and 21-steroid hydroxylase. The frequencies of the alleles identified by each probe were calculated and compared in a limited sampling of the six bovine breeds. These polymorphisms greatly enhance the pool of immunogenetic, biochemical and molecular markers available in cattle for linkage analysis, testing of parentage, and distinction of breeds.


Anim Genet


Animal genetics


Theilmann JL,Skow LC,Baker JF,Womack JE




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1989-01-01 00:00:00












  • Effects of DGAT1 and GHR on milk yield and milk composition in the Chinese dairy population.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated that the p.Lys232Ala substitution in the acylCoA: diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT1) gene and the p.Phe279Tyr mutation in the growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene are the causative quantitative trait loci underlying milk yield and composition on BTA14 and BTA20 respectively. To exa...

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  • Genetic diversity analysis of French goat populations reveals selective sweeps involved in their differentiation.

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  • Additional studies of sheep haemopexin: genetic control, frequencies and postnatal development.

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  • Breed difference and regulatory role of CRTC3 in porcine intramuscular adipocyte.

    abstract::The cAMP responsive element binding protein (CREB)-regulated transcription coactivator 3 (CRTC3) is a member of the CRTC protein family and plays an important role in energy metabolism. The aim of this study was to determine if the expression of porcine CRTC3 is related to intramuscular fat (IMF) deposition and meat q...

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  • Identification of contemporary selection signatures using composite log likelihood and their associations with marbling score in Korean cattle.

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  • A search for associations between major histocompatibility complex restriction fragment length polymorphism bands and resistance to Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep.

    abstract::Polymorphic bands were detected within the DQB and DRB regions of the ovine major histocompatibility complex by probing TaqI digested DNA from three large sheep half-sib families derived from a highly resistant ram. All animals were phenotypically assessed for Haemonchus contortus resistance by faecal egg counts and a...

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  • Mapping economic trait loci for somatic cell score in Holstein cattle using microsatellite markers and selective genotyping.

    abstract::Marker-assisted selection (MAS) uses genetic marker genotypes to predict an animal's production potential and will provide additional selection information for progeny testing. With the discovery of highly polymorphic microsatellite markers, the tools now exist to begin the search for economic trait loci (ETL), which ...

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  • Sequence of porcine beta-lactoglobulin cDNA.

    abstract::cDNAs encoding porcine beta-lactoglobulin were isolated and sequenced. The porcine beta-lactoglobulin cDNA is 768bp in length and encodes a pre-protein of 178 amino acids. One additional cDNA clone was found to encode an additional amino acid (lysine) in the mature protein. ...

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  • Disclosing the origin and diversity of Omani cattle.

    abstract::Among all livestock species, cattle have a prominent status as they have contributed greatly to the economy, nutrition and culture from the beginning of farming societies until the present time. The origins and diversity of local cattle breeds have been widely assessed. However, there are still some regions for which ...

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    authors: Mahgoub O,Babiker HA,Kadim IT,Al-Kindi M,Hassan S,Al-Marzooqi W,Eltahir YE,Al-Abri MA,Al-Khayat A,Al-Sinani KR,Hilal Al-Khanjari H,Costa V,Chen S,Beja-Pereira A

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  • A linkage map of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) based on AFLP and microsatellite markers.

    abstract::Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is an important fish for aquaculture, but genomics of this species is still in its infancy. In this study, a linkage map of common carp based on Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) and microsatellite (SSR) markers has been generated using gynogenetic haploids. Of 926 markers gen...

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  • Tracing genetic differentiation of Chinese Mongolian sheep using microsatellites.

    abstract::The genetic consequences of population differentiation and isolation have been the subject of conservation biology. In this study, we analysed the genetic diversity and structure of Mongolian sheep in China. These animals belong to a traditional local breed with high production, extensive adaption, early maturity and ...

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  • Anti-leucocyte antibodies and embryonic mortality in embryo transferred cows.

    abstract::Cows carrying unrelated transferred embryos (ET) produced anti-leucocyte serum antibodies (aLA) more often than cows carrying their own embryos. Cows carrying the ET showed a higher frequency of cytotoxic reactions against leucocytes from 40-60 randomly chosen cows than individuals carrying their own embryos. The perc...

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  • A genome-wide association study for the number of teats in European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) identifies several candidate genes affecting this trait.

    abstract::In the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), a polytocous livestock species, the number of teats indirectly impacts the doe reproduction efficiency and, in turn, the sustainable production of rabbit meat. In this study, we carried out a genome-wide association study (GWAS) for the total number of teats in 247 Itali...

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  • APOB-associated cholesterol deficiency in Holstein cattle is not a simple recessive disease.

    abstract::In 2015, cholesterol deficiency (CD) was reported for the first time as a new recessive defect in Holstein cattle. After GWAS mapping and identification of a disease-associated haplotype, a causative loss-of-function variant in APOB was identified. CD-clinically affected APOB homozygotes showed poor development, inter...

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  • Restriction fragment length polymorphism among Israeli Holstein-Friesian dairy bulls.

    abstract::Israeli Holstein-Friesian dairy bulls were screened for restriction fragment length polymorphisms by hybridizing cloned DNA probes for bovine growth hormone, for chymosin, and for rat muscle beta-actin to restriction endonuclease-digested DNA immobilized on nitrocellulose filters. The population proved to be polymorph...

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  • Inbreeding and purging at the genomic Level: the Chillingham cattle reveal extensive, non-random SNP heterozygosity.

    abstract::Local breeds of livestock are of conservation significance as components of global biodiversity and as reservoirs of genetic variation relevant to the future sustainability of agriculture. One such rare historic breed, the Chillingham cattle of northern England, has a 350-year history of isolation and inbreeding yet s...

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  • East African pigs have a complex Indian, Far Eastern and Western ancestry.

    abstract::In this study, we have characterized the mitochondrial diversity of 81 swine from Uganda. Median-joining network analysis of D-loop sequences from these individuals and others characterized in previous studies allowed us to determine that Ugandan pigs cluster with populations from the West (Europe/North Africa), Far E...

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  • Expression levels of 25 genes in liver and testis located in a QTL region for androstenone on SSC7q1.2.

    abstract::A quantitative trait locus (QTL) for boar fat androstenone levels has been identified near the SSC7 centromere in a Large White × Meishan cross. Backcrosses were produced to isolate the Chinese haplotype in a European genetic background. The expression of 25 genes from the QTL region was studied in the testes and live...

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  • Association between ovocalyxin-32 gene haplotypes and eggshell quality traits in an F2 intercross between two chicken lines divergently selected for eggshell strength.

    abstract::Broken and cracked eggshells contribute significantly to economic losses in the egg production industry. We previously identified ovocalyxin-32 as a potential gene influencing eggshell traits, by analysing an intercross between two parent lines developed from the same founder population by a two-way selection for eggs...

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    authors: Takahashi H,Sasaki O,Nirasawa K,Furukawa T

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  • Three new MHC haplotypes in broiler breeder chickens.

    abstract::Six distinct serotypes of the chicken B blood group system (which encodes the major histocompatibility complex) were identified in a commercial broiler breeder line (Line C). The B serotypes were compared by B-G restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis, allele-specific PCR typing test for B-LBII family...

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  • A PCR-RFLP for KIT associated with tobiano spotting pattern in horses.

    abstract::An MspI polymorphism was identified in intron 13 of the equine homologue of proto-oncogene c-kit (KIT) by comparing DNA sequences from horses with solid coat colour and horses homozygous for the tobiano spotting (To) gene. The allele associated with solid coat colour was designated KM0, while the allele associated wit...

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  • A candidate-SNP retrospective cohort study for fracture risk in Japanese Thoroughbred racehorses.

    abstract::Fractures are medical conditions that compromise the athletic potential of horses and/or the safety of jockeys. Therefore, the reduction of fracture risk is an important horse and human welfare issue. The present study used molecular genetic approaches to determine the effect of genetic risk for fracture at four candi...

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  • Characterization of the 3' untranslated region of bovine parathyroid hormone gene in N'Dama and Boran cattle.

    abstract::We describe a polymorphism in the bovine gene PTHG which can be readily typed by PCR assay. The polymorphism is codominantly inherited and the allele frequencies appear characteristic of Bo indicus and B. taurus cattle. ...

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  • Mapping of quantitative trait loci for clinical-chemical traits in swine.

    abstract::Clinical-chemical traits are diagnostic parameters essential for characterization of health and disease in veterinary practice. The traits show significant variability and are under genetic control, but little is known about the fundamental genetic architecture of this variability, especially in swine. We have identif...

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  • An advanced sheep (Ovis aries, 2n = 54) cytogenetic map and assignment of 88 new autosomal loci by fluorescence in situ hybridization and R-banding.

    abstract::Presented herein is an updated sheep cytogenetic map that contains 452 loci (291 type I and 161 type II) assigned to specific chromosome bands or regions on standard R-banded ideograms. This map, which significantly extends our knowledge of the physical organization of the ovine genome, includes new assignments for 88...

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    authors: Di Meo GP,Perucatti A,Floriot S,Hayes H,Schibler L,Rullo R,Incarnato D,Ferretti L,Cockett N,Cribiu E,Williams JL,Eggen A,Iannuzzi L

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  • Maternity validation using sire-only BovineSNP50 BeadChip data.

    abstract::Based on pairwise identity-by-state (IBS) distances and whole-genome SNP data, kinship was investigated in the Israeli Holstein population. A total of 789 bulls, including most of the artificial insemination sires in service since 1987, were genotyped by the BovineSNP50 BeadChip. This sample included up to five genera...

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  • Phenotyping of pig alpha 1B-glycoprotein (PO2) and haemopexin by 1D polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting.

    abstract::Described is an alternative procedure for the phenotyping of pig alpha 1B-glycoprotein (PO2) and haemopexin. The procedure is based on the separation of serum samples by horizontal polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, passive blotting onto a nitrocellulose (NC) sheet, and immunochemical detection using a mixture of a p...

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    authors: Kaláb P,Stratil A

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  • Breed-specific expression of DROSHA, DICER and AGO2 is regulated by glucocorticoid-mediated miRNAs in the liver of newborn piglets.

    abstract::MicroRNA (miRNA) biogenesis is determined mainly by Drosha, Dicer and Argonaute2 (Ago2). Different breeds of pigs with vast differences in serum cortisol level demonstrate distinct profiles of hepatic miRNA expression. As yet, little is known about whether glucocorticoid contributes to the breed differences in miRNA b...

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    authors: Li R,Jia Y,Zou H,Zhao R

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  • Haplotypic variation and characteristics across the toll-like receptor 3 locus in chickens.

    abstract::Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) has an important protective function against viral infection. The ability of an individual to respond properly to TLR ligands may be impaired by variants located in the TLR genes. By directly PCR sequencing four exons and their flanking sequence of chicken TLR3, a total of 50 nucleotide var...

    journal_title:Animal genetics

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    authors: Huang YQ,Chen W,Huang YH,Shi XW,Deng XM,Kang XT,Li N

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  • Linkage of bilateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmus (BCSE) to BTA5 and BTA18 in German Brown cattle.

    abstract::Bilateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmus (BCSE) is a widespread inherited eye defect in several cattle populations. Its progressive condition often leads to blindness in affected cattle and decreases their usability. Furthermore, the German animal welfare laws prevent breeding with animals whose progeny are e...

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    authors: Mömke S,Fink S,Wöhlke A,Drögemüller C,Distl O

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