Combination therapy with semaglutide and rosiglitazone as a synergistic treatment for diabetic retinopathy in rodent animals.


OBJECTIVE:To investigate the protective efficacies and potent mechanisms of combination therapy with semaglutide and rosiglitazone (RSG) on the high-glucose incubated human ARPE-19 cells and diabetic retinopathy (DR) model rats. MAIN METHODS:The CCK-8 methods were used to evaluate the protective effects of semaglutide and RSG alone or combination on the cell viability of high-glucose treated ARPE-19 cells. After the DR rat model was established, the effects of combined treatment on general indexes, retinal morphological changes, retinal Müller cells as well as PI3K/Akt/MTOR related factors of DR model rats were investigated. RESULTS:The CCK-8 assay showed obviously enhanced protective efficacies of combination therapy with semaglutide and RSG on the ARPE-19 with oxidative stress induced by high-glucose with combination index all below 1.5 demonstrating obvious synergistic effects. Combined incubation could also effectively decrease the expression of inflammatory factors, including TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, and the increase of ROS content in ARPE cell culture supernatant induced by high-glucose. Combined use of the antioxidant, PI3K/Akt and mTOR inhibitors, we further demonstrated that combined incubation of semaglutide and RSG could effectively by reduce high glucose-induced inflammatory injury inhibiting ROS/PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling. Furthermore, chronic combination treatment effectively improved the histopathological characteristics and down-regulated the GFAP expression in Müller cells as well as PI3K/Akt/MTOR signaling pathway-related factors in retina which was better than any monomer treatment group. CONCLUSIONS:Combined semaglutide with RSG exhibited synergistically protective efficacies on retinal cells by decreasing the GFAP expression, inhibiting oxidative stress and PI3K/Akt/MTOR signaling-transduction in DR model rats.


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Yang X,Wu S,Feng Z,Yi G,Zheng Y,Xia Z




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  • Identification of endothelin converting enzyme in bovine lung membranes using a new fluorogenic substrate.

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  • Extended treatment with typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs differential effects on the densities of dopamine D2-like and GABAA receptors in rat striatum.

    abstract::In situ radioligand binding and quantitative autoradiography have been used to measure the density of striatal D1-like, D2-like, and GABAA receptors in rats treated with haloperidol at 0.01 or 0.1 mg/kg/ day or chlorpromazine, olanzapine or clozapine at 0.1 or 1.0 mg/kg/day for 1, 3 or 7 months. [3H]SCH23390 binding t...

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  • Oral magnesium administration prevents vascular complications in STZ-diabetic rats.

    abstract::Vascular disease is one of the complicating features of diabetes mellitus. Magnesium deficiency has recently been proposed as a novel factor implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetes complications. Several studies have indicated that hypertension in diabetic patients is an independent altered reaction of blood vessel...

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  • Effects of Chan Su, a traditional Chinese medicine, on the calcium transients of isolated cardiomyocytes: cardiotoxicity due to more than Na, K-ATPase blocking.

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  • Intestinal transport of pyridoxine in experimental renal failure.

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  • The effect of diabetes mellitus on aortic prostanoid synthesis and serum cholesterol levels in the rat fed a high cholesterol diet.

    abstract::The effect of diabetes mellitus on serum cholesterol and aortic microsomal prostanoid synthesis was studied in cholesterol fed male Lewis rats. Normal, diabetic and diabetic rats treated with pancreatic islets were divided into three diet subgroups, control diet, control +2% cholesterol for 8 weeks and control +2% cho...

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  • Basic fibroblast growth factor messenger RNA is expressed strongly at the acute stage of cerebral contusion.

    abstract::Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) has a neurotrophic effect both in vitro and in vivo, and is considered to play an important role in the maintenance of neuronal functions in the normal brain. Neural damage in brain contusion progresses after the primary injury of trauma because of cerebral hemodynamic and metabol...

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  • Antimuscarinic potency and functional selectivity of oxotremorine analogs at muscarinic receptor subtypes in the rat.

    abstract::The potency of six antimuscarinic oxotremorine analogs at sympathetic ganglionic M1 and brainstem M2 muscarinic receptors was compared in the rat. Inhibition of the pressor effects of McNA343 or physostigmine was used as functional indicators of M1 and M2 blockade, respectively. 50% inhibitory doses (ID50) were calcul...

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  • Adenosine uptake sites in dog heart and brain; interaction with calcium antagonists.

    abstract::[3H] Nitrobenzylthioinosine (NBI) binding is characterized in dog heart and brain. Evidence is presented suggesting that [3H]NBI is binding to the adenosine uptake site in both tissues. Physiologic studies in open-chested dogs clearly demonstrate that NBI acts as a coronary vasodilator, consistent with an action at th...

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  • Protective properties of artichoke (Cynara scolymus) against oxidative stress induced in cultured endothelial cells and monocytes.

    abstract::It is currently believed that oxidative stress and inflammation play a significant role in atherogenesis. Artichoke extract exhibits hypolipemic properties and contains numerous active substances with antioxidant properties in vitro. We have studied the influence of aqueous and ethanolic extracts from artichoke on int...

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