Critical observations on and suggested ways forward for healthcare communication during COVID-19: pEACH position paper.


OBJECTIVE:Communication in healthcare has influenced and been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this position paper, we share observations based on the latest available evidence and experiential knowledge that have emerged during the pandemic, with a specific focus on policy and practice. METHODS:This is a position paper that presents observations relating to policy and practice in communication in healthcare related to COVID-19. RESULTS:Through our critical observations as experts in the field of healthcare communication, we share our stance how healthcare communication has occured during the pandemic and suggest possible ways of improving policy and professional practice. We make recommendations for policy makers, healthcare providers, and communication experts while also highlighting areas that merit further investigation regarding healthcare communication in times of healthcare crises. CONCLUSION:We have witnessed an upheaval of healthcare practice and the development of policy on-the-run. To ensure that policy and practice are evidence-based, person-centred, more inclusive and equitable, we advocate for critical reflection on this symbiotic relationship between COVID-19 and the central role of communication in healthcare. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS:This paper provides a summary of the key areas for development in communication in healthcare during COVID-19. It offers recommendations for improvement and a call to review policies and practice to build resilience and inclusive and equitable responsiveness in communication in healthcare.


Patient Educ Couns


White SJ,Barello S,Cao di San Marco E,Colombo C,Eeckman E,Gilligan C,Graffigna G,Jirasevijinda T,Mosconi P,Mullan J,Rehman SU,Rubinelli S,Vegni E,Krystallidou D




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  • Assessment of physician competency in patient education: reliability and validity of a model-based instrument.

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  • Why should patients do what we ask them to do?

    abstract::Many factors contribute to patients' self-management success. In the main these are attitudes, beliefs or perceptions of the patients rather than demographic characteristics. Patients do need not only to acquire knowledge and self-management abilities, but also the desire to apply them on a life-long basis. They requi...

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  • Examination of standardized patient performance: accuracy and consistency of six standardized patients over time.

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  • Could disease labelling have positive effects? An experimental study exploring the effect of the chronic fatigue syndrome label on intended social support.

    abstract::Objective Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients report limited social support, which can affect symptom severity. Friends are a key source of social support for young adults with CFS, but there is limited research on friends' responses to the CFS label. We explored the potential benefits or harms of the CFS label fo...

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  • Soliciting additional concerns in the primary care consultation and the utility of a brief communication intervention to aid solicitation: A qualitative study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the perspectives of general practitioners (GPs) on the practice of soliciting additional concerns (ACs) and the acceptability and utility of two brief interventions (prompts) designed to aid the solicitation. METHODS:Eighteen GPs participating in a feasibility randomised controlled trial were ...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the effect of nurse-led program based on Pender's Health Promotion Model on the exercise behaviors of coronary artery patients. METHODS:The two-arm parallel, single-blind, randomized controlled trial was conducted with a total of 62 patients, intervention (n = 32) and control group (n = 30). Int...

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  • Rehabilitation outcomes following percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).

    abstract::This prospective study evaluated the effect of an individualized, comprehensive, home-based cardiac rehabilitation program combining exercise training with risk factor modification and psychosocial counseling on risk factors, psychological well-being, functional capacity, and work resumption in 99 post-percutaneous co...

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    authors: Higgins HC,Hayes RL,McKenna KT

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