Monitoring Cr intermediates and reactive oxygen species with fluorescent probes during chromate reduction.


:Cr(VI) genotoxicity is caused by products of its reductive metabolism inside the cells. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and Cr(V,IV) intermediates are potential sources of oxidative damage by Cr(VI). Here, we investigated seven fluorescent probes for the detection of ROS and non-ROS oxidants in Cr(VI) reactions with its main reducers. We found that Cr(V)-skipping metabolism of Cr(VI) by ascorbate in vitro gave no responses with all tested dyes, indicating nonreactivity of Cr(IV) and absence of ROS. Cr(VI) reduction with glutathione (GSH) or Cys strongly enhanced the fluorescence of dichlorofluorescein (DCF) and dihydrorhodamine 123 (DHR123) but produced minimal fluorescence with dihydroethidium and no increases with aminophenylfluorescein and CellRox Green, Orange, and Red. Several tests showed that Cr(VI)-thiol reactions lacked ROS and that Cr(V) caused oxidation of DCF and DHR123. DCF reacted only with free Cr(V), whereas DHR123 detected both the free Cr(V) and Cr(V)-GSH complex. We estimated that Cr(VI)-GSH reactions generated approximately 75% Cr(V)-GSH and 25% free Cr(V), whereas Cys reactions appeared to produce only free Cr(V). DHR123 measurements in H460 cells showed that reduction of Cr(VI) was complete within 20 min postexposure, but it lasted at least 1 h without GSH. Cells with restored ascorbate levels exhibited no DCF or DHR123 oxidation by Cr(VI). Overall, our results demonstrated that Cr(VI) metabolism with its biological reducers lacked ROS and that DHR123 and DCF responses were indicators of total and free Cr(V), respectively. CellRox dyes, dihydroethidium and aminophenylfluorescein, are insensitive to Cr(V,IV) and can be used for monitoring ROS during coexposure to Cr(VI) and oxidants.


Chem Res Toxicol


DeLoughery Z,Luczak MW,Zhitkovich A




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2014-05-19 00:00:00












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  • Chemical mechanisms for skin sensitization by aromatic compounds with hydroxy and amino groups.

    abstract::It is well-known that aromatic diamino-, dihydroxy-, and amino-hydroxy compounds, with NH(2) and OH groups in ortho- or para-positions relative to each other, are strong skin sensitizers. In this paper, we analyze published potency and cross-reactivity data, whereby animals sensitized to one of these compounds are cha...

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  • Genotoxicity of the hydroquinone metabolite of ochratoxin A: structure-activity relationships for covalent DNA adduction.

    abstract::Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a mycotoxin that shows potent nephrotoxicity and renal carcinogenicity in rodents. One hypothesis for OTA-induced tumor formation is based on its genotoxic properties that are promoted by oxidative metabolism. Like other chlorinated phenols, OTA undergoes an oxidative dechlorination process to ge...

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