Implications of the miR-10 family in chemotherapy response of NPM1-mutated AML.


:Nucleophosmin-mutated acute myeloid leukemia (NPM1mut-AML) patients have a high rate of complete remission (CR) to induction chemotherapy. However, the mechanisms responsible for such effects are unknown. Because miR-10 family members are expressed at high levels in NPM1mut-AML, we evaluated whether these microRNAs could predict chemotherapy response in AML. We found that high baseline miR-10 family expression in 54 untreated cytogenetically heterogeneous AML patients was associated with achieving CR. However, when we included NPM1 mutation status in the multivariable model, there was a significant interaction effect between miR-10a-5p expression and NPM1 mutation status. Similar results were observed when using a second cohort of 183 cytogenetically normal older (age ≥ 60 years) AML patients. Loss- and gain-of-function experiments using miR-10a-5p in cell lines and primary blasts did not demonstrate any effect in apoptosis or cell proliferation at baseline or after chemotherapy. These data support a bystander role for the miR-10 family in NPM1mut-AML.






Havelange V,Ranganathan P,Geyer S,Nicolet D,Huang X,Yu X,Volinia S,Kornblau SM,Andreeff M,Croce CM,Marcucci G,Bloomfield CD,Garzon R




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  • Monosomal karyotype in adult acute myeloid leukemia: prognostic impact and outcome after different treatment strategies.

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    abstract::Interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) is considered the standard therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients not suitable for allogeneic stem cell transplantation. From 1987 through 1992, 195 patients in the Benelux with recent untreated CML were randomized between low-dose IFN-alpha2b (3 MIU, 5 days/wk) or hydroxyurea...


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  • Granulopoietic progenitors in suspension culture: a comparison of stimulatory cells and conditioned media.

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  • Gene cloning of rat and mouse platelet glycoprotein V: identification of megakaryocyte-specific promoters and demonstration of functional thrombin cleavage.

    abstract::Platelet glycoprotein (GP) V is a major surface protein cleaved during thrombin-induced platelet activation. GPV associates noncovalently with the GPIb-IX complex to form GPIb-V-IX, a receptor for von Willebrand factor and thrombin. We describe the cloning of the genes coding for rat and mouse GPV and compare them wit...


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  • High rate of clinical and molecular remissions in follicular lymphoma patients receiving high-dose sequential chemotherapy and autografting at diagnosis: a multicenter, prospective study by the Gruppo Italiano Trapianto Midollo Osseo (GITMO).

    abstract::Single-center experiences have shown that intensified treatments with autologous transplantation are a promising therapeutic strategy for patients with high-risk follicle-center lymphoma (FCL) at diagnosis, whereas data from prospective multicenter trials are still lacking. This paper describes the results of a prospe...


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  • Myc-Miz1 signaling promotes self-renewal of leukemia stem cells by repressing Cebpα and Cebpδ.

    abstract::c-Myc (Myc hereafter) is found to be deregulated and/or amplified in most acute myeloid leukemias (AMLs). Almost all AML cells are dependent upon Myc for their proliferation and survival. Thus, Myc has been proposed as a critical anti-AML target. Myc has Max-mediated transactivational and Myc-interacting zinc finger p...


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  • Overexpression and involvement in migration by the metastasis-associated phosphatase PRL-3 in human myeloma cells.

    abstract::Multiple myeloma (MM) is characterized by accumulation and dissemination of malignant plasma cells (PCs) in the bone marrow (BM). Gene expression profiling of 2 MM cell lines (OH-2 and IH-1) indicated that expression of PRL-3, a metastasis-associated tyrosine phosphatase, was induced by several mitogenic cytokines. Cy...


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  • Role of allogeneic stem cell transplantation in adult patients with Ph-negative acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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  • Chloroma (granulocytic sarcoma) without evidence of leukemia: facilitated light microscopic diagnosis.

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    abstract::Follicular lymphoma (FL) is characterized by a relatively indolent clinical course, but the disease often transforms into a more aggressive large cell lymphoma with a rapidly progressive clinical course. In the present study, we analyzed 41 cases of FL known to have subsequently transformed to aggressive lymphoma and ...


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    abstract::Primary myelofibrosis (PMF) is the most serious myeloproliferative disorder, characterized by clonal myeloproliferation associated with cytokine-mediated bone marrow stromal reaction including fibrosis and osteosclerosis. Current drug therapy remains mainly palliative. Because the NF-kappaB pathway is implicated in th...


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  • Increased β4GALT1 expression associates with platelet surface galactosylation and thrombopoietin plasma levels in MPNs.

    abstract::Aberrant megakaryopoiesis is a hallmark of the myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), a group of clonal haematological malignancies originating from haematopoietic stem cells, leading to an increase in mature blood cells in the peripheral blood. Sialylated derivatives of the glycan structure β4-N-acetyllactosamine (Galβ...


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  • HLA associations with leukemia.

    abstract::Frequencies of 35 HLA A, B, C, and DR antigens were determined in 1,834 leukemic Caucasoids to evaluate possible associations between HLA and leukemia. In comparison with the frequencies of HLA antigens in published controls, the frequency of Cw3 was significantly higher in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (...


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  • The human cardiac mast cell: localization, isolation, phenotype, and functional characterization.

    abstract::We have isolated and characterized the human cardiac mast cell (CMC) and compared this novel mast cell (MC type with MC obtained from uterus, skin, and lung. Heart tissue was obtained from 14 patients with cardiomyopathy (CMP, heart transplantation). CMC were isolated by enzymatic digestion using collagenase, pronase-...


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    authors: Sperr WR,Bankl HC,Mundigler G,Klappacher G,Grossschmidt K,Agis H,Simon P,Laufer P,Imhof M,Radaszkiewicz T,Glogar D,Lechner K,Valent P

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  • Natural killer cell-derived human granzyme H induces an alternative, caspase-independent cell-death program.

    abstract::Granzyme H (GzmH) belongs to a family of 5 human serine proteases that are expressed by cytotoxic immune effector cells. Although GzmH is most closely related to the caspase-activating granzyme B (GzmB), neither a natural substrate nor a role in immune defense reactions has been demonstrated for this orphan granzyme. ...


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    authors: Fellows E,Gil-Parrado S,Jenne DE,Kurschus FC

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  • Detection by polymerase chain reaction of residual cells with the bcl-2 translocation is associated with increased risk of relapse after autologous bone marrow transplantation for B-cell lymphoma.

    abstract::Although molecular biologic techniques can now detect minimal numbers of residual cancer cells in patients in complete clinical remission, the clinical significance of minimal residual disease has never been conclusively established. If the detection of minimal residual disease predicts which patients will relapse, th...


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  • Implication of the folate-methionine metabolism pathways in susceptibility to follicular lymphomas.

    abstract::The incidence of follicular lymphoma (FL) in industrialized countries has been increasing since the 1950s. Polymorphisms in genes encoding key enzymes controlling folate-methionine metabolism, including methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), methionine synthase (MS or MTR), serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT)...


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  • Constitutive expression of GATA-1, EPOR, alpha-globin, and gamma-globin genes in myeloid clonogenic cells from juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia.

    abstract::Juvenile chronic myelocytic leukemia (JCML) is a rare disorder of early childhood. Characteristic of JCML are the progressive appearance of high levels of fetal hemoglobin (HbF), reflecting a true reversion to a fetal type of erythropoiesis, and the presence of colony-forming cells able to grow in vitro spontaneously ...


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