Inhibition of intestinal chloride secretion by proanthocyanidins from Guazuma ulmifolia.


:The antisecretory activity of Guazuma ulmifolia bark was examined in rabbit distal colon mounted in an Ussing chamber. Chloride secretion was stimulated by cholera toxin and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). Guazuma ulmifolia extract (GUE) completely inhibited cholera toxin-induced secretion if the extract was added to the mucosal bath prior to the toxin. Adding the extract after administration of the toxin had no effect on secretion. GUE did not inhibit PGE2-induced chloride secretion. These results indicate an indirect antisecretory mechanism. SDS-PAGE analysis of cholera toxin treated with GUE confirmed this presumption. GUE specifically interacted with the A subunit of the toxin. Preliminary phytochemical examinations showed that the most active fraction contains procyanidins with a degree of polymerisation higher than 8.


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Hör M,Rimpler H,Heinrich M




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  • [New quinones in Rubia cordifolia L. Roots, III].

    abstract::From roots of Rubia cordifolia L. four anthraquinones are isolated: 1-hydroxy 2-methoxy anthraquinone; 1,4-dihydroxy 2-methyl 5-methoxy anthraquinone or 1,4-dihydroxy 2-methyl 8-methoxy anthraquinone; 1,3-dimethoxy 2-carboxy anthraquinone and rubiadin. ...

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  • Activity on the central nervous system of Himanthalia elongata.

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  • Composition of the Essential Oil of Cymbopogon travancorensis.

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  • New Tirucallane-Type Triterpenoids from Guarea guidonia.

    abstract::The aerial parts of Guarea guidonia afforded three new tirucallane-type triterpenoids: 3,4-seco-tirucalla-4(28),8(9),24(25)-trien-7α,11α-dihydroxy-21,23-epoxy-3,11-olide, named guareolide (1: ), 3,4-seco-tirucalla-4(28),7(8),24(25)-trien-21-hydroxy-21,23-epoxy-3-oic acid, named guareoic acid A (2: ), and 3,4-seco-tiru...

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  • Allicin characterization and its determination by HPLC.

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  • The Volatile Constituents of Ziziphora taurica subsp. cleonioides.

    abstract::The volatile constituents of ZIZIPHORA TAURICA subsp. CLEONIOIDES (Boiss.) P. H. Davis (Lamiaceae) were studied for the first time by analysis of the essential oil. 33 compounds, from the 44 consisting the total of the fraction, are identified by means of capillary GC and GC-MS. The identified components represent abo...

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  • New ester alkaloids from lupins (genus lupinus).

    abstract::Esters of 13-hydroxylupanine and 4-hydroxylupanine with acetic, propionic, butyric, isobutyric, valeric, isovaleric, tiglic, benzoic, and TRANS-cinnamic acid have been synthesized and characterized by capillary gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (EI-MS, CI-MS). In LUPINUS POLYPHYLLUS, L. ALBUS, L. ANGUSTI...

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  • [Determination of structures by H NMR at 400 MHz: albifloranine, a new alkaloid from Tabernaemontana albiflora].

    abstract::The structure of albifloranine 1, a new alkaloid of ibogane type from the stem bark of Tabernaemontana albiflora (M IQ.) Pull. (Apocynaceae) has been determined. A detailed (1)H NMR study of albifloranine 1, coronaridine 2 and heyneanine 3 is presented. ...

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  • [New cardioactive drugs II, detection and isolation of cardiotonic amines with ionpair-HPLC].

    abstract::An ionpair-HPLC-technic using a reversed-phase column was developed to screen plant extracts for cardiotonic amines and to isolate them in a preparative scale for direct MS and pharmacological investigations. By this method the positive inotropic tyramine could be isolated from Selenicereus grandiflorus (L.) Britt et ...

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  • Alpha-tocopherol modulates hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA damage and telomere shortening of human skin fibroblasts derived from differently aged individuals.

    abstract::Antioxidants such as vitamin E may act differently on skin cells depending on the age of the skin and the level of oxidative damage induced. The effects of alpha-tocopherol (ATF) on H(2)O(2)-induced DNA damage and telomere shortening of normal human skin fibroblast cells derived from young and old individual donors we...

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  • Taxol and related compounds in Korean native yews (Taxus cuspidata).

    abstract::The concentrations of taxol and related compounds in the bark and needles of Taxus cuspidata grown on Mt. Jiri, Mt. Sobaek, and Cheju Island, and T. cuspidata var. latifolia on Ullung Island in Korea were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The taxane content significantly varied with the loca...

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  • Multiplication of curcuma species by tissue culture.

    abstract::Callus induction starting from the rhizome tissue of plants of three CURCUMA species: CURCUMA ZEDOARIA Roscoe, C. DOMESTICA Valeton, and C. AROMATICA Salisbury (Zingiberaceae) was performed. Successful callus formation was obtained in all three species using Murashige-Skoog's (MS) medium supplemented with 1-naphthalen...

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  • Stellera chamaejasme and Its Main Compound Luteolin 7-O-Glucoside Alleviates Skin Lesions in Oxazolone- and 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene-Stimulated Murine Models of Atopic Dermatitis.

    abstract::Stellera chamaejasme, also known as "Langdu", has been traditionally used for the management of skin-related diseases such as psoriasis and skin ulcers. The aim of this study was to determine whether S. chamaejasme and its major component, luteolin 7-O-glucoside, have a preventive effect on the development of atopic d...

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  • Composition of the essential fruit oil of Vitex agnus-castus.

    abstract::Vitex agnus-castus, the chaste tree, is used against disorders of the female sexual organs and as an anaphrodisiac. Active constituents are not known. In this study the essential oil of the fruits was investigated by GC and GC-MS. ...

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  • Formation of Digitalis lanata Clone Lines by Shoot Tip Culture.

    abstract::Propagation of DIGITALIS LANATA by shoot tip culture made possible (a) the rapid multiplication of elite plants with the formation of plant clones and (b) the long-term cultivation of these plants which under normal growth conditions would die at the end of the second vegetation period. Optimum conditions were establi...

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  • Transformed cell suspension culture of Galphimia glauca producing sedative nor-friedelanes.

    abstract::The Mexican species GALPHIMIA GLAUCA (Cav.) Kuntze (Malphigiaceae) synthesises a family of sedative and anxiolytic nor-secofriedelanes, designated as galphimines. These active principles accumulate at low concentration in the aerial parts of plants from wild populations. Transformed calluses and cell suspension cultur...

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  • The effect of medium constituents on growth and diosgenin production by Dioscorea deltoidea cells grown in batch cultures.

    abstract::The effect of nitrogen and carbon sources on growth and diosgenin production was studied with Dioscorea deltoidea cells which were grown under defined conditions in a chemostat, and transferred to batch cultures. Both ammonium and nitrate nitrogen were required for growth and steroid production; diosgenin production w...

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  • Modified Aloe barbadensis polysaccharide with immunoregulatory activity.

    abstract::Aloe barbadensis polysaccharide was partially digested with cellulase and further purified by dialysis, stepwise ethanol precipitation, and size exclusion chromatography. Crude modified Aloe polysaccharide (MAP) activated macrophage cells and stimulated fibroblast growth. Under the same conditions, native Aloe barbade...

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    authors: Qiu Z,Jones K,Wylie M,Jia Q,Orndorff S

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  • Separation and determination of coumarins in the root bark of three citrus plants by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography.

    abstract::A micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MEKC) method for the determination of xanthyletin and xanthoxyletin in the roots bark of three Citrus plants was developed for the first time. The electrophoresis buffer was 10 mmol/L sodium borate containing 50 mmol/L sodium dodecyl sulfate, 20% (v/v) acetonitrile a...

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    authors: Wang SF,Ju Y,Chen XG,Hu ZD

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  • Evaluation of the Effect of Epilobium angustifolium Aqueous Extract on LNCaP Cell Proliferation in In Vitro and In Vivo Models.

    abstract::Epilobium sp. are commonly used in traditional medicine in the treatment of early stages of benign prostatic hyperplasia and inflammation. It is suggested that a dominating constituent, oenothein B, is responsible for the extracts therapeutic effects. Several bioactivities were established for extracts and oenothein B...

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  • Production of Sanguinarine by Chelidonium majus Callus Cultures.

    abstract::Tissue callus cultures originating from CHELIDONIUM MAJUS L. seeds were established on Gamborg B5, Murashige-Skoog (MS), and Schenk-Hildebrandt (SH) media. In all experimental conditions, calli accumulated a complex pattern of isoquinoline derivatives. The highest values, both in growth and in sanguinarine production,...

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    authors: Colombo ML,Tomé F

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  • Authentication of medicinal plant botanical identity by amplified fragmented length polymorphism dominant DNA marker: inferences from the Plectranthus genus.

    abstract::In Brazil, Plectranthus species are known as "boldo" and have been used in popular medicine for analgesic and dyspeptic purposes. Plectranthus need to be well identified in order to be used as commercially genuine medicinal plants. Here we describe AFLP DNA patterns able to distinguish among different Pectranthus spec...

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    authors: Passinho-Soares H,Felix D,Kaplan MA,Margis-Pinheiro M,Margis R

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  • In vitro antimalarial activity of biflavonoids from Wikstroemia indica.

    abstract::In our investigation of in vitro antimalarial screening of medicinal herbal extracts, the n-BuOH extract from the root of Wikstroemia indica showed a potent inhibitory effect. Fractionation of the active extract led to the isolation of two biflavonoids, sikokianin B ( 1) and sikokianin C ( 2) with IC (50) values 0.54 ...

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  • Two new arylnaphthalide lignans from Justicia flava roots.

    abstract::Orosunol and 8-demethylorosunol, two new 1-aryl-2,3-naphthalide lignans, have been isolated from Justicia flava root. Structures IV and V respectively have been proposed for them by spectral (UV, IR, PMR, (13)C NMR, and MS) and chemical evidence. ...

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    authors: Olaniyi AA

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  • Steroidal saponins from Tribulus terrestris.

    abstract::Three new steroidal saponins were isolated from the fruits of Tribulus terrestris, and their structures were elucidated as (25R,S)-5 alpha-spirostane-12-one-3 beta-ol-3-O-beta-xylopyranosyl(1-->2)- [beta-xylopyranosyl(1-->3)]-beta-glucopyranosyl(1-->4)-[alpha-rhamno- pyranosyl(1-->2)]-beta-galactopyranoside; 26-O-beta...

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    authors: Cai L,Wu Y,Zhang J,Pei F,Xu Y,Xie S,Xu D

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  • Induction of apoptosis by new ent-kaurene-type diterpenoids isolated from the New Zealand liverwort Jungermannia species.

    abstract::Some diterpenoids show various biological activities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-HIV and anti-tumor activity. Previously, we have focused our research on the apoptosis-inducing properties of diterpenoids and found that some ent-kaurene-type diterpenoids induced apoptosis in human leukemia HL-60 cells. In this s...

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    authors: Kondoh M,Nagashima F,Suzuki I,Harada M,Fujii M,Asakawa Y,Watanabe Y

    更新日期:2005-11-01 00:00:00

  • Shogaols from Zingiber officinale protect IMR32 human neuroblastoma and normal human umbilical vein endothelial cells from beta-amyloid(25-35) insult.

    abstract::From the rhizome of Zingiber officinale L. (Zingiberaceae), four shogaols that protect IMR32 human neuroblastoma and normal human umbilical vein endothelial cells from beta-amyloid(25 - 35) insult at EC50 = 4.5 - 81 microM were isolated. The efficacy of cell protection from beta-amyloid(25 - 35) insult by these shogao...

    journal_title:Planta medica

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    authors: Kim DS,Kim DS,Oppel MN

    更新日期:2002-04-01 00:00:00

  • alpha-Glucosidase inhibitors from Commelina communis.

    abstract::A methanolic extract of Commelina communis showed potent inhibitory activity against alpha-glucosidase. One pyrrolidine alkaloid, 2,5-dihydroxymethyl-3,4-dihydroxypyrrolidine (DMDP, 1) and four piperidine alkaloids, 1-deoxymannojirimycin (2), 1-deoxynojirimycin (3), alpha-homonojirimycin (4) and 7-O-beta-D-glucopyrano...

    journal_title:Planta medica

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    authors: Kim HS,Kim YH,Hong YS,Paek NS,Lee HS,Kim TH,Kim KW,Lee JJ

    更新日期:1999-06-01 00:00:00

  • Aescin protection of human vascular endothelial cells exposed to cobalt chloride mimicked hypoxia and inflammatory stimuli.

    abstract::Human vascular endothelial cells (HUVECs) were exposed to CoCl2 as an in vitro model of hypoxia. Expression of VCAM-1 (vascular cell adhesion molecule), reduction of PECAM-1 (platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule) and cytoskeletal changes without alterations in cell viability were observed. HUVECs were also expo...

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    authors: Montopoli M,Froldi G,Comelli MC,Prosdocimi M,Caparrotta L

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  • Flavonolignans, Kaempferol 3-Sulphate and Other Flavonoids from Silybum marianum subsp. anatolicum.

    abstract::Flavonolignan compounds have been isolated from the fruits of SILYBUM MARIANUM subsp. ANATOLICUM and kaempferol 3-sulphate and other flavonoid compounds have been isolated from the aerial parts and were identified. The flavonoid sulphate derivatives are shown to be present in SILYBUM genus for the first time. ...

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    authors: Meriçli AH

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