A cisplatin slow-release hydrogel drug delivery system based on a formulation of the macrocycle cucurbit[7]uril, gelatin and polyvinyl alcohol.


:The anticancer drug cisplatin was encapsulated within the cucurbit[7]uril macrocycle to form the host-guest complex: cisplatin@CB[7]. This was then incorporated into gelatin and 0-4% w/v polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based hydrogels as slow release drug delivery vehicles. The hydrogels demonstrated predicable swelling and disintegration dependent on the PVA concentration. The hydrogel with the highest PVA content was slower to swell and release drug compared with lower concentrations of PVA. The effect of the hydrogel PVA concentration on in vitro cytotoxicity was examined using A2780/CP70 ovarian cancer cells. Over the 24h drug exposure time used, hydrogels containing 4% PVA showed a 20% decrease in viable cells compared to the control, whereas hydrogels containing 0% and 2% PVA induced an 80% and 45% inhibition of cell growth, respectively. There was no measurable difference in the in vitro cytotoxicity of free cisplatin and cisplatin@CB[7] containing hydrogels. Finally, the in vivo effectiveness of a 2%-PVA hydrogel implanted under the skin of nude mice bearing A2780/CP70 xenografts showed that low dose hydrogels containing cisplatin@CB[7] (30 μg equivalent of drug) was just as effective as an intraperitoneal high dose administration of free cisplatin (150 μg) at inhibiting tumour growth.


J Inorg Biochem


Oun R,Plumb JA,Wheate NJ




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  • Superoxide dismutase inhibition of alkaline hemin-mediated O2 activation.

    abstract::Inhibition of hemin-mediated O2 activation by bovine superoxide dismutase and the copper tetrammine complex has been examined. It is shown that the inhibitory effect of these species is not due to metabolism of O2-., but to a nonspecific inhibition of the process by the Cu2+ ion. We propose that the inhibition occurs ...

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  • Complex formation of quercetin with lanthanum enhances binding to plant viral satellite double stranded RNA.

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  • Novel short-chain analogues of somatostatin as ligands for Cu(II) ions. Role of the metal ion binding on the spatial structure of the ligand.

    abstract::In this paper we present the studies on coordination abilities of two short-chain analogues of somatostatin with free N-terminal and protected amino group towards copper (II) ions. The octreotide is the most popular analogue of the somatostatin (peptide hormone) used in medicine. Somatostatin analogues are used in dia...

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  • Trace metal uptake in liver cells. 1. Influence of albumin in the medium on the uptake of copper by hepatoma cells.

    abstract::Cultured rat hepatoma cells (HTC-cells) were used to study the transfer of copper from a well-defined medium to and across the cell membrane and particularly the role of albumin in this process. HTC-cells, maintained in a minimal salt-glucose medium, accumulated far more copper than when maintained in the same medium,...

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  • Photostable NIR emitting ruthenium(II) conjugates; uptake and biological activity in live cells.

    abstract::A photostable Ru(2,2-biquinoline)2(3-(2-pyridyl)-5-(4-carboxyphenyl)-1,2,4-triazolate) (Ru(biq)2(trzbenzCOOH)) complex that exhibits near-infrared (NIR) emission centred at 786 nm is reported. The parent complex was conjugated via amide coupling to a cell-penetrating peptide sequence octa-arginine (R8), and two signal...

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  • Hydrothermal synthesis of copper based nanoparticles: antimicrobial screening and interaction with DNA.

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  • Negligible interaction of [Ru(Phen)3]2+ with human serum albumin makes it promising for a reliable invivo assessment of the tissue oxygenation.

    abstract::The interaction between a ruthenium - based water soluble oxygen probe ([Ru(Phen)3]2+, phen - phenanthroline) and human serum albumin (HSA) was investigated with the aim of describing the influence of HSA on the [Ru(Phen)3]2+ luminescence properties. Nowadays, several oxygen sensitive luminescent probes are used to de...

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  • Dinuclear copper-dioxygen intermediates supported by polyamine ligands.

    abstract::Reactivity of the dicopper(I) and dicopper(II) complexes supported by novel polyamine ligands L1 (1,11-bis(6-methylpyridin-2-yl)-2,6,10-triaza-2,6,10-tribenzylundecane) and L2 (5-benzyl-1,9-bis(6-methylpyridin-2-yl)-2,8-bis(6-methylpyridin-2-ylmethyl)-2,5,8-triazanonane) towards O(2) and H(2)O(2), respectively, has be...

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    authors: Teramae S,Osako T,Nagatomo S,Kitagawa T,Fukuzumi S,Itoh S

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  • Probing the effect of N-alkylation on the molecular recognition abilities of the major groove N7-binding site of purine ligands.

    abstract::The study of the metal binding pattern of N-methyladenines (1-, 3-, 7- or 9-Meade) towards CuII-iminodiacetate-like chelates is addressed on the basis of XRD crystal structures of sixteen novel ternary compounds. Except for three compounds, all others feature an square-based Cu(II) coordination, type 4 + 1, and the ef...

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  • Spectroscopic investigation of isonitrile complexes of ferric and ferrous microperoxidase 8.

    abstract::Microperoxidase 8 (MP8) is able to react with alkyl- and aryl-isonitriles (RNC) both in its reduced and oxidized states, to form MP8Fe(II)- and MP8Fe(III)-CNR complexes. The coordination and spin states of these complexes have been fully characterized by UV-visible and resonance Raman spectroscopies. Both MP8Fe(II)- a...

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  • The two modes of binding of Ru(phen)(2)dppz(2+) to DNA: thermodynamic evidence and kinetic studies.

    abstract::The binding of Ru(phen)(2)dppz(2+) (dppz=dipyrido[3,2-a:2',3'-c]phenazine) to DNA was investigated at pH 7.0 and 25 degrees C using stopped-flow and spectrophotometric methods. Equilibrium measurements show that two modes of binding, whose characteristics depend on the polymer to dye ratio (C(P)/C(D)), are operative. ...

    journal_title:Journal of inorganic biochemistry

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    authors: Biver T,Cavazza C,Secco F,Venturini M

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  • Inhibitiory effects of gold(III) ions on ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease.

    abstract::Inhibitory effects of gold(III) ions (Au(III)) on ribonuclease A (RNase A) and deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) were investigated at neutral pH. RNase A was completely inhibited by 3 molar equivalents of Au(III) ions. DNase I was inhibited by 10 molar equivalents of Au(III) ions. Stoichiometric analyses suggest that Au(I...

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  • Molar absorption coefficients and stability constants of Zincon metal complexes for determination of metal ions and bioinorganic applications.

    abstract::Zincon (ZI) is one of the most common chromophoric chelating probes for the determination of Zn2+ and Cu2+ ions. It is also known to bind other metal ions. However, literature data on its binding properties and molar absorption coefficients are rather poor, varying among publications or determined only in certain cond...

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  • New insights into the chemical structure and composition of the pentavalent antimonial drugs, meglumine antimonate and sodium stibogluconate.

    abstract::The chemical structures of the pentavalent antimonial drugs, meglumine antimonate (MA) and sodium stibogluconate (SSG), were re-evaluated using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and osmolarity measurements. Both MA and SSG were found to contain 1:1, 1:2, 2:2 and 2:3 Sb(V)-ligand complexes. ESI-MS anal...

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  • Metal compounds for the treatment of parasitic diseases.

    abstract::The cysteine proteases of the trypanosomatid parasitic protozoa have been validated as targets for chemotherapy of Chagas' disease and leishmaniasis. Metal complexes of gold, platinum, iridium, palladium, rhodium and osmium have been reported to have activity against a variety of trypanosomatids, but the molecular tar...

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  • Self-cleavage of p2Sp1 RNA with Mg2+ and non-ionic detergent (Brij 58).

    abstract::The precursor of an RNA molecule from T4-infected E. coli cells (p2Sp1 RNA) has the capacity to cleave itself at specific positions [(UpA (139-140) and CpA (170-171)], within a putative loop and stem structure. This sequence-specific cleavage requires at least a monovalent cation and non-ionic detergents. We studied t...

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    authors: Hosaka H,Hosono K,Kawai G,Takai K,Takaku H

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  • Release of iron from transferrin by phosphonocarboxylate and diphosphonate chelating agents.

    abstract::The rates at which phosphonocarboxylate and diphosphonate ligands remove iron from the serum iron transport protein transferrin at 25 degrees C and pH 7.4 have been evaluated. These ligands show a combination of saturation and first-order kinetics with respect to the free ligand concentrations. The ability of the liga...

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  • Replacement of the heme axial lysine as a test of conformational adaptability in the truncated hemoglobin THB1.

    abstract::Amino acid replacement is a useful strategy to assess the roles of axial heme ligands in the function of native heme proteins. THB1, the protein product of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii THB1 gene, is a group 1 truncated hemoglobin that uses a lysine residue in the E helix (Lys53, at position E10 by reference to myoglo...

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  • Controllable preparation of Nano-MgO and investigation of its bactericidal properties.

    abstract::Samples of nano-MgO with varying particle sizes were prepared by four different methods using Mg(NO3)2.6H2O, Na2CO3, urea and ammonia as raw materials and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), low temperature N2 adsorption-desorption measurements and FT-IR spectroscopy. Bact...

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  • What is wrong with aluminium? The J.D. Birchall Memorial Lecture.

    abstract::Aluminium chemistry has features in common with two other groups of elements: (1) divalent magnesium and calcium, and (2) trivalent chromium and iron. The essential differences between the first group and aluminium are explored and it is shown that the much higher acidity of aluminium makes it such a powerful competit...

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  • The interaction of metal ions with synthetic DNA: induction of conformational and structural transitions.

    abstract::The propensity of a large number of metal ions to induce cooperative conformational or structural transitions in double-stranded poly d(G-C) was assessed by UV and CD spectrometry. This ability was seen to be an intrinsic property of most metal ions. The observed (metal ion)/(polydeoxynucleotide) mole ratio calculated...

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    authors: Rossetto FE,Nieboer E

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  • O2-binding to heme: electronic structure and spectrum of oxyheme, studied by multiconfigurational methods.

    abstract::We have studied the ground state of a realistic model of oxyheme with multiconfigurational second-order perturbation theory (CASPT2). Our results show that the ground-state electronic structure is strongly multiconfigurational in character. Thus, the wavefunction is a mixture of many different configurations, of which...

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  • Genotoxic assessment of the copper chelated compounds Casiopeinas: Clues about their mechanisms of action.

    abstract::Casiopeinas is the generic name of a group of copper chelated complexes designed to be used as antineoplastic. Some of these compounds have shown promising results, and in fact, one of them named Casiopeina III-ia has completed preclinical trials and is ready to start clinical phase I in Mexico. As part of the tests t...

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  • Effect of polyanions on the spectroscopic properties of the nitric oxide derivative of ferrous dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) hemoglobin.

    abstract::The effect of inositol hexakisphosphate, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, dextran sulphate, and heparin on the spectroscopic (absorbance, circular dichroism, EPR) properties of the nitric oxide derivative of ferrous dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) hemoglobin was investigated. The results obtained show that: (i) all polyanions ...

    journal_title:Journal of inorganic biochemistry

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    authors: Ascenzi P,Santucci R,Desideri A,Amiconi G

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  • Relaxation of structural constraints during Amicyanin unfolding.

    abstract::We study the thermal unfolding of amicyanin by quantifying the resiliency of the native state to structural perturbations. Three signatures characterizing stages of unfolding are identified. The first signature, lateral extension of the polypeptide chain, is calculated directly from the reported crystallographic data....

    journal_title:Journal of inorganic biochemistry

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    authors: Kozak JJ,Gray HB,Garza-López RA

    更新日期:2018-02-01 00:00:00

  • Investigation of metal complexes with metallothionein in rat tissues by hyphenated techniques.

    abstract::The potential of hyphenated techniques based on a combination of microbore reversed-phase (RP) HPLC or capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) with inductively coupled plasma (ICP) or electrospray (ES) mass spectrometry (MS) was demonstrated for the characterization of metal complexes with metallothionein in rat liver an...

    journal_title:Journal of inorganic biochemistry

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Połec K,Peréz-Calvo M,García-Arribas O,Szpunar J,Ribas-Ozonas B,Lobinski R

    更新日期:2002-01-15 00:00:00

  • Metal complexes of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH). potentiometric and spectroscopic studies.

    abstract::The results are reported of a potentiometric and spectroscopic study of the H+, Cu2+, and Ni2+ complexes of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH, HL) at 25 degrees C and an ionic strength 0.10 mol dm-3 (KNO3), since there is much evidence that the in vivo release of LHRH is influenced by the concentration of co...

    journal_title:Journal of inorganic biochemistry

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    authors: Gerega K,Kozlowski H,Masiukiewicz E,Pettit LD,Pyburn S,Rzeszotarska B

    更新日期:1988-05-01 00:00:00

  • In-vivo evaluation of the response of Galleria mellonella larvae to novel copper(II) phenanthroline-phenazine complexes.

    abstract::Herein we report the in-vivo characterisation and metabolic changes in Galleria mellonella larvae to a series of bis-chelate copper(II) phenanthroline-phenazine cationic complexes of [Cu(phen)2]2+ (Cu-Phen), [Cu(DPQ)(Phen)]2+ (Cu-DPQ-Phen) and [Cu(DPPZ)(Phen)]2+ (Cu-DPPZ-Phen) (where phen = 1,10-phenanthroline, DPQ = ...

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  • Reactions of model proteins with aurothiomalate, a clinically established gold(I) drug: The comparison with auranofin.

    abstract::Aurothiomalate (AuTm) is an old, clinically established, antiarthritic gold drug that is currently being reconsidered as a candidate drug for cancer treatment and for other therapeutic indications within a more general drug repositioning program. As the biological effects of gold drugs seem to be mediated, mainly, by ...

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  • Ferrocenyl naphthalene diimides as tetraplex DNA binders.

    abstract::Seven ferrocenyl naphthalene diimide (FND) ligands were synthesized. Each had a higher affinity for tetraplex DNA than for either single- or double-stranded DNA. The FND binding affinities were >105M-1 in 0.10M AcOH-AcONa or AcOH-AcOK (pH5.5) containing 0.10M NaCl or KCl. The FNDs with the highest binding affinities f...

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