Hilar lymph nodes: identification with spiral CT and histologic correlation.


PURPOSE:To determine the appearance of normal hilar lymph nodes and associated soft tissue at spiral computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS:At spiral CT in 50 healthy patients, peribronchovascular hypoattenuated areas of 42 right and 45 left hila were systematically evaluated. Histologic results were correlated in five additional cases. RESULTS:Hilar lymph nodes were depicted (a) in the right hilum (lateral to A2 [n = 33 (79%)], medial [n = 29 (69%)] or lateral [n = 11 (26%)] to the interlobar pulmonary artery, and medial to the lower-lobe pulmonary artery [n = 30 (71%)], A7 [n = 9 (21%)], and A8-10 [n = 8 (19%)]; and (b) in the left hilum (lateral to A2 [n = 22 (49%)], medial to the interlobar pulmonary artery [n = 45 (100%)], and the lower-lobe pulmonary artery [n = 27 (60%)], and in the angles of bifurcation of A7 + 8 and A9 + 10 [n = 18 (40%)]). Hilar lymph nodes were seen to be triangular or linear and to be less than 3 mm wide except around the left-lower-lobe pulmonary artery. CONCLUSION:Spiral CT accurately depicts normal hilar lymph nodes and their major anatomic relationships.






Remy-Jardin M,Duyck P,Remy J,Petyt L,Wurtz A,Mensier E,Copin MC,Riquet M




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1995-08-01 00:00:00












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