Proteomic changes in the roots of germinating Phaseolus vulgaris seeds in response to chilling stress and post-stress recovery.


:Plants respond to different environmental cues in a complex way, entailing changes at the cellular and physiological levels. An important step to understand the molecular foundation of stress response in plants is the analysis of stress-responsive proteins. In this work we attempted to investigate and compare changes in the abundance of proteins in the roots of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germinating under long continuous chilling conditions (10°C, 16 days), exposed to short rapid chilling during germination (10°C, 24h), as well as subjected to recovery from stress (25°C, 24h). The results we obtained indicate that germination under continuous chilling causes alterations in the accumulation of the proteins involved in stress response, energy production, translation, vesicle transport, secondary metabolism and protein degradation. The subsequent recovery influences the accumulation of the proteins implicated in calcium-dependent signal transduction pathways, secondary metabolism and those promoting cell division and expansion. Subjecting the germinating bean seeds to short rapid chilling stress resulted in a transient changes in the relative content of the proteins taking part in energy production, DNA repair, RNA processing and translation. Short stress triggers also the mechanisms of protection against oxidative stress and promotes expression of anti-stress proteins. Subjecting bean seeds to the subsequent recovery influences the abundance of the proteins involved in energy metabolism, protection against stress and production of phytohormones. The exposure to long and short chilling did not result in the alterations of any proteins common to both treatments. The same situation was observed with respect to the recovery after stresses. Bean response to chilling is therefore strongly correlated with the manner and length of exposure to low temperature, which causes divergent proteomic alterations in the roots.


J Plant Physiol


Badowiec A,Weidner S




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