Developing study, organization, and management strategies for adolescents with language disabilities.


:Developing strategies for learning is important for all individuals, but even more so for students who have difficulty learning and processing information. Because many students with language disabilities have not developed a repertoire of such strategies or do not actively apply the strategies they know, direct instruction in this area is imperative. It is also important that any strategy taught is functional, easily and directly applied to present learning situations, and easy to generalize. Determining the variables in a learning situation (the script) should provide appropriate choices and direction for strategic teaching and learning. The acquisition of strategies involves direct, explicit teaching and requires time for modeling, practice, and discussion. Using a cognitive strategy model is critical because it supports the later use and generalization of strategies, but it is important to explore various models for strategy instruction and to work collaboratively with students and teachers. The SLP can provide direct instruction, consultation, or training, or can facilitate a collaborative model among professionals. In so doing, her impact may reach throughout a life, because learning strategies are life strategies, and if learned they are tools forever.


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  • Let's Talk: Review of Conversation Intervention Approaches for School-Aged Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    abstract::Conversation skills are an important intervention focus for verbally fluent school-aged children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Three sets of approaches for supporting conversation skills are reviewed. Pragmatic language approaches focus on teaching the verbal and nonverbal skills needed to initi...

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  • Teaching nursing assistant students about aphasia and communication.

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  • Forms of attention and attentional disorders.

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  • Assessment of Individuals with Primary Progressive Aphasia.

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  • Challenges for professional practice in the next decade.

    abstract::This article is presented in a question and answer format and shares the thoughts of the 2006 President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Alex Johnson, and current Executive Director of ASHA, Arlene Pietranton, regarding several regulatory issues that the professions of audiology and/or speec...

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  • Dynamic assessment: an approach to assessing children's language-learning potential.

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  • Effects of aging on neuromotor processes of swallowing.

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  • Preparing speech-language pathologists as family-centered practitioners in assessment and program planning for children with autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Supporting families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing with an autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Ethical deliberation: a foundation for evidence-based practice.

    abstract::Infusing evidence-based practice (EBP) into the clinical setting implies that professionals use evidence that is relevant and credible, maintain their pursuit of best current knowledge, respect their clients' preferences and values, and keep these clients and their families appropriately informed about their treatment...

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  • Cognitive pragmatics of language disorders in adults.

    abstract::Cognitive pragmatics is the study of the mental structures and processes involved in the use of language in communicative contexts. Paradigms of cognitive psychology (off-line and on-line) have been applied to the study of the abilities to go beyond the literal (inference) and derive meaning in relation to context (e....

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  • Technology applications in the assessment of children's language.

    abstract::Technology can assist both standardized and nonstandardized language assessment. Standardized test records can be rapidly and accurately scored, and the potential exists for entirely computerized test administration. Sounds and images can be captured and then played or displayed on a computer, creating stimulus sets t...

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  • Approaches to the rehabilitation of dysphagia in acute poststroke patients.

    abstract::Dysphagia occurs frequently following stroke and may result in serious health consequences including pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration, and mortality. Prevention of these negative health outcomes requires early identification and treatment of dysphagia. The speech-language pathologist, as part of a multidisciplinar...

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  • Disorders of resonance and airflow secondary to cleft palate and/or velopharyngeal dysfunction.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to help the reader understand what contributes to normal resonance for speech production. In addition, the reader will learn about the types of resonance disorders and their characteristics. The causes of resonance disorders will be described with a guideline on how they should be treate...

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  • Nutrition and gastrointestinal tract assessment and management of children with dysphagia.

    abstract::Limited ability to take in nutrients places young patients with dysphagia at risk for malnutrition and failure to gain weight. These children require careful evaluation and ongoing monitoring of growth and nutritional status. Gastroesophageal reflux and recurrent vomiting may contribute to dysphagia when the refluxate...

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  • Effects of semantic impairment on language processing in semantic dementia.

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  • One size does not fit all: special topics in stuttering therapy.

    abstract::One of the greatest challenges facing clinicians working with school-age children who stutter is the fact that there are such vast differences between and among children who stutter. These differences are seen not only in the speech behaviors children may exhibit, but also in children's experiences with stuttering and...

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  • Optimizing literacy in English language learners.

    abstract::Children in the United States who are English language learners characteristically do not exhibit the same levels of reading achievement as their peers. The article describes the development of English literacy in English language learners and the relationship between a child's second language (L2) and his or her nati...

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  • Pursuing Precision Speech-Language Therapy Services for Children with Down Syndrome.

    abstract::The behavioral phenotype of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) offers one avenue for developing speech-language therapy services that are tailored to the individual's characteristics that affect treatment response. Behavioral phenotypes are patterns of behavioral strengths and weaknesses for specific genetic disorder...

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  • Morality, ethics, and law: introductory concepts.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to differentiate morality, ethics, and law. Morality refers to a set of deeply held, widely shared, and relatively stable values within a community. Ethics as a philosophical enterprise involves the study of values, and the justification for right and good actions, as represented by the ...

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  • A Conceptual Framework of Social Communication: Clinical Applications to Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury.

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  • Balanced intervention for adolescents and adults with language impairment: a clinical framework.

    abstract::Providing effective intervention services for adolescents and adults who struggle with spoken and written language presents a variety of unique challenges. This article discusses the 5S Framework (skills, strategies, school, student buy-in, and stakeholders) for designing and implementing balanced spoken and written l...

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