Preparticipation sports examinations. Efficient risk assessment in children and adolescents.


:Whether preparticipation sports examinations are necessary and what they should include are matters of debate, especially in the young because of the low yield of new medical diagnoses. The goal of the examining physician is to determine whether the athlete is mentally, developmentally, and physically capable of safely competing in recreational and competitive sports. We recommend that examinations precede the start of an activity by 4 to 6 weeks and be done every 3 years. History taking should include parental input and a private interview with the athlete when possible. The specific areas of the body to be used in a particular sport should be emphasized in the physical examination, and the amount of contact and energy required should be considered. Abnormal findings should be thoroughly evaluated to rule out risk of injury or sudden death before approval to participate is granted.


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  • Office gynecology: fibroids-when not to operate.

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  • Acute renal failure. 1. Classification, evaluation, and clinical consequences.

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  • Who, me? An employee? The changing schemes of physician compensation.

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  • Tailoring therapy to a stroke patient's potential.

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  • Sarcoidosis presenting with posterior mediastinal lymphadenopathy.

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  • Fertility and cancer therapy.

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  • Evaluation of the bleeding patient.

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  • Bacterial or viral meningitis? Measuring lactate in CSF can help you know quickly.

    abstract::Measurement of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) lactate is a useful test when properly applied to the appropriate clinical situation and can offer information other CSF parameters cannot provide. Except for Gram's stain of CSF, lactate level is the most important CSF parameter in the early differentiation of viral (aseptic) ...

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  • Management of cancer pain. Safe, adequate analgesia to improve quality of life.

    abstract::Pain is one of the most common problems for cancer patients, and its management is often hindered by barriers created by patients and physicians alike. By avoiding potential barriers and understanding the principles of pain management and drug selection and titration provided here by Dr Hartmann and colleagues, physic...

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  • Transdermal estrogens in the changing landscape of hormone replacement therapy.

    abstract::Views and clinical practice on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for postmenopausal women have varied widely over the last several decades. The 1990s showed a dramatic decline in prescribing and only recently are prescription rates increasing again. Use of HRT is first line for women suffering from the symptoms of men...

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  • Turkish doctors' cohort: healthy despite low screening.

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  • Treatment of ischemic stroke. Lessons from clinical trials.

    abstract::The tools and methods of epidemiology, particularly the clinical trial, help guide the clinical practice of medicine. Dr Gorelick reviews the results of major clinical trials for prevention of transient cerebral ischemia and atherothrombotic stroke and assesses the effect of these findings on treatment. ...

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  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain. Focusing on myofascial origins.

    abstract::Chronic neck and shoulder pain is a complex, multifactorial problem. Often many months have passed since its onset. During this time the patient may have seen many physicians and tried many medications, some with abuse potential. Most patients are depressed and have lost their ability to cope with the stresses of dail...

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  • Primary localized breast cancer. Treatment options and informed choices.

    abstract::As understanding of the natural history of breast cancer has increased, radical mastectomy has given way to a preference for breast-sparing surgery and greater reliance on radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Probably the most important factor for selection of treatment is consultation with a multidisciplinary team ski...

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  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease. When antacids aren't enough.

    abstract::Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a very common condition that is usually manifested by heartburn or regurgitation. Reflux esophagitis, caused by mucosal exposure to the backflow of caustic gastric contents, is primarily a result of lower esophageal sphincter dysfunction. Diagnostic workup varies but commonly include...

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  • Leprosy in the United States. Risks, recognition, regimens, resources.

    abstract::Although leprosy is increasing in incidence in the United States, it is confined almost entirely to immigrants from developing countries and their close contacts. While the clinical disease has not changed, leprosy has diffused more widely throughout the United States as a result of migration. Primary care physicians ...

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  • Carcinoma of the lung. Who will benefit from surgery?

    abstract::The present staging methods for non-small-cell lung cancer provide little more than epidemiologic assessment of prognosis for grossly defined groups of patients. Except in extreme instances, physicians can tell patients very little about their prognosis or the need for supplemental therapy. More effective and less tox...

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  • Counseling the parents of birth-defective children.

    abstract::Parents of a child who is diagnosed as defective face a crisis for which they are usually unprepared. They need an opportunity to work through their intense feelings. In addition, they need specific information about how to be of use to their child. Self-help groups composed of parents of children with a similar handi...

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    abstract::Stenosis in the right common iliac artery of a 61-year-old man was manifested as pain in the right leg and foot and cyanosis of the second and third toes. Dilatation of the lesion was performed using a Grüntzig catheter; arteriography and measurement of femoral artery pressure confirmed a successful result. The patien...

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  • Comorbidities in patients with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation: a review of the literature from the past decade.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) and chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) are common functional bowel disorders. Patients with IBS-C or CIC often present with ≥ 1 comorbidity that coincides with either of these conditions. These comorbidities may make underappreciated contributions to the ...

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  • Osteomyelitis. A commonsense approach to antibiotic and surgical treatment.

    abstract::Therapy for osteomyelitis requires a multidisciplinary approach. A precise microbiologic diagnosis and adequate debridement of necrotic tissue are essential. Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis usually responds to antimicrobial therapy. The presence of an abscess or a metaphyseal cavity in hematogenous osteomyelitis and ...

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  • Middle ear symptoms while flying. Ways to prevent a severe outcome.

    abstract::In an era when air travel is commonplace, middle ear block is not unusual. Educating patients about the simple techniques they can perform at the first signs of a problem may save a business trip or vacation from becoming a trip to the emergency department and a train ride home. The most important preventive measure i...

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  • Macrolide and fluoroquinolone mediated cardiac arrhythmias: clinical considerations and comprehensive review.

    abstract::While there is evidence for cardiac arrhythmias associated with macrolide and fluoroquinolone antibiotics, there is still debate among health care providers as to whether this risk of arrhythmia is overstated. A joint panel of the US Food and Drug Administration suggested that macrolide and fluoroquinolone labels need...

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