Aerobic granulation in a modified oxidation ditch with an adjustable volume intraclarifier.


:A modified oxidation ditch (MOD) with an adjustable volume intraclarifier was proposed and used to achieve aerobic sludge granulation in continuous flow process. This MOD with working volume of 60L treated onsite wastewater from a town. Excellent aerobic granules with mean diameter of 600μm and sludge volume index (SVI) of 44mL/g were obtained in 120day. Bacterial community analysis revealed that most species from seed sludge were preserved in both MOD and granule SBR (G-SBR) except bacteria (Bacteroidetes) might be easily washed out during granulation. Some different bacterial communities were found in sludges from sequencing batch and continuous flow reactors. Presence of metal ions and inorganics in raw wastewater had positive effect on granule formation, but an adjustable volume intraclarifier for controlling selection pressure and deleting return sludge pump played a key role in aerobic sludge granulation.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Li J,Cai A,Wang M,Ding L,Ni Y




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2014-04-01 00:00:00












  • Kinetic parameters of red pepper waste as biomass to solid biofuel.

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  • Process enhancement of supercritical methanol biodiesel production by packing beds.

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  • Sporulation and spore stability of Bacillus megaterium enhance Ketogulonigenium vulgare propagation and 2-keto-L-gulonic acid biosynthesis.

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  • Agrochemical characterisation of "alperujo", a solid by-product of the two-phase centrifugation method for olive oil extraction.

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  • Development of anammox process for removal of nitrogen from wastewater in a novel self-sustainable biofilm reactor.

    abstract::Effluent of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor was treated in a downflow rope-bed-biofilm-reactor (RBBR) to remove residual organic matter and nitrogen. Nitrogen removal was observed in phase 1 and phase 2 with and without aeration, respectively for 320days each. Organic matter, ammonia and total nitrogen remo...

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  • Various voltage productions by microbial fuel cells with sedimentary inocula taken from different sites in one freshwater lake.

    abstract::In this study, single-chamber microbial fuel cells (MFCs) were inoculated with sedimentary samples taken from one freshwater shallow lake. After 98 days of operation, it was found that sedimentary inocula had strong effect on MFC performances, and Fe(III) contents in sediments were significantly related to voltage val...

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  • Bio-plasticizer production by hybrid acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation with full cell catalysis of Candida sp. 99-125.

    abstract::Hybrid process that integrated fermentation, pervaporation and esterification was established aiming to improve the economic feasibility of the conventional acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation process. Candida sp 99-125 cells were used as full-cell catalyst. The feasibility of batch and fed-batch esterification...

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  • Performance of intermittently aerated up-flow sludge bed reactor and sequencing batch reactor treating industrial estate wastewater: a comparative study.

    abstract::In this study, an innovative aerobic/anoxic sludge bed bioreactor with two feeding regimes, continuous-fed (an up-flow sludge bed reactor (USBR)) and batch fed (sequencing batch reactor (SBR)), was evaluated for the treatment of an industrial estate wastewater with low BOD(5)/COD ratio. The process performance in the ...

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  • Selective removal of phenolic lignin derivatives enables sugars recovery from wood prehydrolysis liquor with remarkable yield.

    abstract::The specific elimination of lignin derivatives from wood hydrolysate without sugar loss has great practical significance to biorefinery and bioenergy. In the present study, a process consisting of calcium hydroxide and anion exchange resin treatments was developed for the purpose of selective removal of lignin from wo...

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  • Upgrading of bio-oil via solar pyrolysis of the biomass pretreated with aqueous phase bio-oil washing, solar drying, and solar torrefaction.

    abstract::In this study, three types of biomass were first pretreated with an aqueous phase bio-oil instead of traditional acid washing. Then, the washed samples were pretreated with drying (100 ℃, 30 min) and torrefaction (250 ℃, 30 min) using a parabolic-trough solar receiver system. The subsequent pyrolysis was performed at ...

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  • Co-expression of the recombined alcohol dehydrogenase and glucose dehydrogenase and cross-linked enzyme aggregates stabilization.

    abstract::As the key chiral precursor of Crizotinib (S)-1-(2,6-dichloro-3-fluorophenyl) phenethyl alcohol can be prepared from 1-(2,6-dichloro-3-fluorophenyl) acetophenone by the reductive coupling reactions of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and glucose dehydrogenases (GDH). In this work the heterologous expression plasmids harbou...

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  • Enhanced solution velocity between dark and light areas with horizontal tubes and triangular prism baffles to improve microalgal growth in a flat-panel photo-bioreactor.

    abstract::Novel horizontal tubes and triangular prism (HTTP) baffles that generate flow vortices were developed to increase solution velocity between dark and light areas and thus improve microalgal growth in a flat-panel photo-bioreactor. Solution velocity, mass-transfer coefficient, and mixing time were measured with a partic...

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    abstract::Successful reclamation of saline-alkaline sites may be enhanced by revegetating with species that are tolerant to factors that limit normal plant growth. Boreal woody plants tested in this study have shown promise for use in saline habitats. This study was conducted to assess the effects of amendment treatments (peat,...

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  • Cadmium accumulation in vetiveria zizanioides and its effects on growth, physiological and biochemical characters.

    abstract::Hydroponic experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of cadmium (Cd) on growth, Cd accumulation, lipid peroxidation, antioxidative enzymes, leaf chlorophyll, root activity, protein content and Cd uptake kinetics of vetiver grass. The results showed that 1 mg/L Cd in solution led to increased chlorophyll con...

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  • Effects of Fe(II) and Fe(III) on the single-stage deammonification process treating high-strength reject water from sludge dewatering.

    abstract::Iron (Fe) is often encountered in wastewaters. This study investigated the effects of iron on the single-stage deammonification process treating reject water from sludge dewatering. When Fe(2+) and Fe(3+) concentrations in the influent were below 1.3mg/L and 0.4 mg/L, Fe(2+) incorporation was found to be linearly corr...

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  • Microbial community and N removal of aerobic granular sludge at high COD and N loading rates.

    abstract::An aerobic granular sludge, cultivated with modified piggery wastewater, was capable of simultaneously removing COD and N at high COD and N loading rates. Confirmed to be identical with the DGGE band B9, isolate Thauera strain TN9 was the most dominant microorganism in the granular sludge. NirS and NosZ gene were ampl...

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  • Combination of biological pretreatment with liquid hot water pretreatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of Populus tomentosa.

    abstract::A novel stepwise pretreatment of combination of fungal treatment with liquid hot water (LHW) treatment was conducted to enhance the enzymatic hydrolysis of Populus tomentosa. The results showed that lignin and cellulose increased with the elevating temperature, while significant amount of hemicellulose was degraded du...

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  • Innovative nanocomposite formulations for enhancing biogas and biofertilizers production from anaerobic digestion of organic waste.

    abstract::Herein, the design of nanocomposite (NC) formulations that consist of metal enzyme cofactors, highly conductive carbon materials, DIET activators, to boost AD biogas production from anaerobically incubated cattle manure are investigated and discussed. Three different NC formulations were designed and synthesized: zinc...

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  • Preparation of modified-biochar from Laminaria japonica: Simultaneous optimization of aluminum electrode-based electro-modification and pyrolysis processes and its application for phosphate removal.

    abstract::The preparation conditions of electro-modification (current density) and pyrolysis (pyrolysis temperature and heating rate) processes were simultaneously optimized using response surface methodology with the quadratic regression model associated with Box-Behnken design. By numerical optimization, the phosphate adsorpt...

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  • Coupled production of single cell oil as biodiesel feedstock, xylitol and xylanase from sugarcane bagasse in a biorefinery concept using fungi from the tropical mangrove wetlands.

    abstract::This work evaluates sugarcane bagasse (SCB) conversion, in a biorefinery approach, to coproduce biodiesel and high value products using two novel mangrove fungi. On acid pre-treatment, sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate (SCBH) resulted in a xylitol yield of 0.51 g/g xylose consumed in 72 h by Williopsis saturnus. After SCB...

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  • Effect of phenol addition on COD and nitrate removal in an anoxic suspension reactor.

    abstract::In this study, a denitrifying culture was enriched in a continuously re-circulated anoxic suspension reactor fed with glucose and nitrate for about 8 months (stage I) under different organic loading rates (OLR). At the end of stage I, the removal efficiency for NO(3)(-)-N was 80% with 93% COD (5 g/l) removal at an OLR...

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