Pulp plasty after toe-to-hand transplantation.


:Pulp plasty is a simple procedure that is used to debulk the bulbous-appearing pulp of a transplanted digit after toe-to-hand transplantation. A retrospective review of the effect of pulp plasty on the appearance and function of the debulked digit was conducted of 82 digits on 51 patients. Pulp plasty was performed on average of 14 months after toe-to-hand transplantation; the average follow-up interval was 20 months. Subjective improvement in appearance and function was reported in 67.1 and 63.4 percent, respectively, of the debulked digits. Painful scarring was rare, and hypersensitivity was not reported. Sensation was not affected adversely by pulp plasty. The procedure was considered to be worthwhile in 87.8 percent of the cases. Pulp plasty is a simple and effective procedure after toe-to-hand transplantation that enhances the appearance and function of the transplanted digit. Patient satisfaction with the procedure is high.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Wei FC,Yim KK




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1995-09-01 00:00:00












  • Evaluation of tests for predicting the viability of axial pattern skin flaps in the pig.

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  • Vascular delay improves latissimus dorsi muscle perfusion and muscle function for use in cardiomyoplasty.

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  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of donor-site morbidity following suprafascial versus subfascial free fibula flap harvesting.

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  • The "babysitter" procedure: minihypoglossal to facial nerve transfer and cross-facial nerve grafting.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In 1984, Terzis introduced the "babysitter" procedure, a new concept in facial reanimation. It involves two stages, with coaptation of ipsilateral 40 percent hypoglossal to facial nerve on the affected side, performed concomitantly with cross-facial nerve grafting and secondary microcoaptations 8 to 15 month...

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  • A systematic review on the use of fibrin glue for peripheral nerve repair.

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  • Elastin fibers in scar tissue.

    abstract::Scar tissue, obtained from humans, was stained for elastin fibers by a new staining method. Elastin fibers were noted at sites where they must have been formed de novo. The morphology and the distribution of elastin in various types of scars are described. Practically no elastin was found in keloids. ...

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  • Long-term survival of a free split-thickness skin graft on a large seroma.

    abstract::A free skin graft about 12 cm in diameter transplanted after excision of a Bowen's carcinoma on the back totally survived for a long period on seroma and was confirmed to have revascularization from the host skin margin. Repeated evacuations of the fluid and subsequent pressure dressings failed to cause adherence of t...

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  • Involvement of neutrophils in ischemia-reperfusion injury of inguinal island skin flaps in rats.

    abstract::Increased production of oxygen free radicals and infiltration of neutrophils into tissue subjected to ischemia-reperfusion have emphasized that neutrophils play a direct role in the development of injury. The present study was designed to elucidate the effect of FK506, a new immunosuppressive drug, on 11 hours of comp...

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  • Magnetic resonance imaging and explantation investigation of long-term silicone gel implant integrity.

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  • Optimizing Outcomes in 2-Stage Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction Utilizing Round Form-Stable Implants.

    abstract::Prepectoral breast reconstruction carries many benefits to patients, including its minimally invasive (muscle-sparing) nature, and its reduction in symptoms such as pain and animation deformity, relative to subpectoral reconstruction. However, without the traditional use of the pectoralis major muscle to mask the uppe...

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  • Reconstruction of the distal ulnar epiphysis with vascularized proximal fibula including epiphysis in children after osteochondroma resection: report of two cases.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Osteochondromas, especially multiple hereditary osteochondromas, usually cause various deformities of the joints. The authors sometimes find ulnar shortening and acquired wrist varus deformity in distal ulnar osteochondromas and even radial head dislocation resulting in ulnar shortening. In this study, the a...

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  • Extended transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap.

    abstract::The transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap is widely used for breast reconstruction, but it does not have a rich blood supply. A previous article described the inclusion of superficial epigastric vessels and superficial circumflex iliac vessels to "supercharge" the flap. Subsequent experience has shown that...

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  • Unilateral fusion of the frontosphenoidal suture: a rare cause of synostotic frontal plagiocephaly.

    abstract::Unilateral coronal synostosis is the common appellation for premature, one-sided fusion of the frontoparietal suture-the most common cause of synostotic frontal plagiocephaly. However, frontal asymmetry can also result from isolated fusion across the anterior cranial base without involvement of the frontoparietal sutu...

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  • Endothelial Cells from Capillary Malformations Are Enriched for Somatic GNAQ Mutations.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A somatic mutation in GNAQ (c.548G>A; p.R183Q), encoding Gαq, has been found in syndromic and sporadic capillary malformation tissue. However, the specific cell type containing the mutation is unknown. The purpose of this study was to determine which cells in capillary malformations have the GNAQ mutation. ...

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  • Salvaging the Unavoidable: A Review of Complications in Pediatric Tissue Expansion.

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  • Anatomical basis and clinical application of the infragluteal perforator flap.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:When selecting flaps for coverage of pressure ulcers of the sacrum and perineal region in paraplegic patients, long-term high recurrence rates should be considered. Therefore, the authors developed an infragluteal perforator flap to avoid "burning bridges" for future reconstruction. METHODS:Infragluteal per...

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  • Nipple reconstruction: technical aspects and evolution in 14 patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:During breast reconstruction after mastectomy, the long-term deterioration of the projection of neonipples led the authors to modify Thomas's technique in its design and use. METHODS:The results were evaluated after at least 10 months, in 14 patients, by comparative measurement of diameters and projection o...

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  • Anatomic basis and clinical implications for nasal tip support in open versus closed rhinoplasty.

    abstract::Successful rhinoplasty depends on nasal tip support and its influence on nasal tip projection. The factors involved in nasal tip support are numerous; however, the role of the anterior septum versus the lower lateral cartilages has been debated in the literature. The purpose of this study was to quantitate, using fres...

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  • Pediatric free-tissue transfer.

    abstract::Free-tissue transfer has facilitated and refined the reconstructive surgeon's ability to repair or reconstruct acquired or congenital defects in children. Although parallels exist between indications for free-tissue transfer in adults and children, the technical challenges and surgical skill required in pediatric pati...

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  • Treatment of hostile midline back wounds: an extreme approach.

    abstract::The basic principles of successful wound closure remain the same: careful preoperative evaluation, removal of underlying nonviable tissue, and well-vascularized soft-tissue coverage. Many complex or "hostile" back wound closures also require stabilization of the spine and a two-layered wound closure. The use of long a...

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  • Soft-tissue sarcomas of the upper extremity: surgical treatment and outcome.

    abstract::The objective of this retrospective follow-up study was to evaluate the outcome of patients with soft-tissue sarcoma treated by the authors' protocol, which consists of a selective combination of conservative surgery and radiotherapy. Patients who relapsed were especially evaluated to improve treatment results. The au...

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  • Lateral canthal anchoring.

    abstract:LEARNING OBJECTIVES:After studying this article, the participant should be able to: 1. Understand the principles involved in canthal support for patients undergoing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 2. Understand the variations in surgical techniques required to perform canthal anchoring in differing patients. 3. De...

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  • Primary closure of trochanteric decubitus ulcers: the bipedicle tensor fascia lata musculocutaneous flap.

    abstract::A surgical procedure is described for the definitive treatment of trochanteric decubitus ulcers. It combines the advantages of the bipedicle skin flap and the musculocutaneous flap; that is, a large area of skin is provided with a thick protective padding consisting of fat, fascia, and muscle richly vascularized by th...

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  • Alternatives to subcutaneous mastectomy.

    abstract::It is our belief that subcutaneous mastectomy often leads to complications, with poor results. In addition, because a considerable amount of breast tissue may be left behind, its value as a prophylactic operation must be questioned. Two alternatives are presented. In our experience, these lead to fewer complications w...

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  • High-pressure injection of silicone gel into an axilla--a complication of closed compression capsulotomy of the breast. Case report.

    abstract::A case is reported in which a closed compression capsulotomy for fibrous capsular contracture was followed by rupture of the implant bag with the immediate appearance of silicone gel in the axilla. A possible mechanism, analogous to that of high-pressure injection injuries of the hands, is hypothesized. ...

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  • Improving the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap with tissue expansion.

    abstract::Although the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap is a safe and reliable technique for breast reconstruction, its versatility is limited when large cutaneous units are needed to resurface a heavily irradiated or scarred breast and chest wall. The thick back skin, in particular, may be unsuitable for reconstruction oppos...

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  • Perforator flap breast reconstruction using internal mammary perforator branches as a recipient site: an anatomical and clinical analysis.

    abstract::A variety of useful recipient sites exist for breast reconstruction with free flaps, and correct selection remains a significant decision for the surgeon. Among the main pedicles, the disadvantages of the internal mammary vessels are the necessity of costal cartilage resection and the impairment of future cardiac bypa...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Munhoz AM,Ishida LH,Montag E,Sturtz GP,Saito FL,Rodrigues L,Gemperli R,Ferreira MC

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