Abdominal wall closure after a stomal reversal procedure.


:The closure of a temporary stoma involves 2 different surgical procedures: the stoma reversal procedure and the abdominal wall reconstruction of the stoma site. The management of the abdominal wall has different areas that should be analyzed such us how to avoid surgical site infection (SSI), the technique to be used in case of a concomitant hernia at the stoma site or to prevent an incisional hernia in the future, how to deal with the incision when the stoma reversal procedure is performed by laparoscopy and how to close the skin at the stoma site. The aim of this paper is to analyze these aspects in relation to abdominal wall reconstruction during a stoma reversal procedure.


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López-Cano M,Pereira JA,Villanueva B,Vallribera F,Espin E,Armengol Carrasco M,Arbós Vía MA,Feliu X,Morales-Conde S




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