The case against mandatory newborn screening for HIV antibodies.


:The paper examines the controversy surrounding legislative proposals in New York State that would require amending the public health law's stringent confidentiality provisions; the legislation calls for "unblinding" the results of a 7-year old statewide HIV seroprevalence study that tests newborns for HIV antibodies in order to track the incidence of HIV infection among parturient women. The pivotal point is made that mandatory disclosure of the test results is tantamount to mandatory testing of the mother, since presence (or absence) of HIV antibodies conclusively reveals the mother's HIV status. The author presents the history of the epidemiological study and documents the ongoing discussion of mandatory testing, within the medical, bioethical and public health community. Citing numerous papers, including the report of the Subcommittee on Newborn Screening of the New York State AIDS Advisory Council, the author--a member of both the council and its subcommittee--argues against the principle of mandatory testing in general and "unblinding" of the seroprevalence survey in particular. Besides making a strong argument from the ethical viewpoint, the paper provides ample medical data to support the argument that mandatory testing of newborns is poor public health policy that would be essentially ineffectual in the effort to stem the spread of HIV.


J Community Health


Dumois AO




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1995-04-01 00:00:00












  • Federal Food Assistance Programs and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Low-Income Preschool Children.

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  • Determinants of smoking behaviour among secondary school students in Bangladesh.

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  • Investigation of a cluster of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia cases among heterosexual Micronesians living on Oahu.

    abstract::A recent case investigation of secondary syphilis in a 27-year-old heterosexual Micronesian male and his 19-year-old chlamydia and syphilis co-infected female partner, conducted by the Hawaii State Department of Health, June to August 2007, identified a cluster of 13 case-patients with undiagnosed syphilis, chlamydia,...

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  • Child Passenger Safety in the Somali Communities of Columbus, Ohio.

    abstract::Children (particularly low-income minorities and refugees) are at high risk for serious injury or death from motor vehicle crashes. Interpreter-assisted data collection included key informant interviews, focus groups and face-to-face surveys with the Somali community of Columbus, Ohio about child passenger safety. Mea...

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  • Preschool and school age activities: comparison of urban and suburban populations.

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  • Cervical Cancer and Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Awareness Among Married Bhutanese Refugee and Nepali Women in Eastern Nepal.

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  • Quality assurance in primary care: a strategy based on outcome assessment.

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  • Community-based care of the elderly in rural Japan: a review of nurse-led interventions and experiences.

    abstract::Nurses play a critical role in delivering care to elderly people at primary health care level but there is no synthesis of research knowledge to guide community nursing practice in Japan. This review aims to identify nurse-led interventions that have been found to improve elder health at village level; the barriers an...

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  • A Study of Motives for Tobacco and Alcohol Use Among High School Students in Hungary.

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  • Utility of the physical activity resource assessment for child-centric physical activity intervention planning in two urban neighborhoods.

    abstract::Children's physical activity (PA) may be determined, in part, by environmental influences such as access to diverse and safe places to play. As part of the development of a community-based PA program, a PA asset assessment was conducted in two low-income urban neighborhoods that support elementary schools serving mino...

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  • Delayed prenatal care and the risk of low birth weight delivery.

    abstract::To determine if the timing of prenatal care is associated with low birth weight delivery after adjusting for sociodemographic and behavioral risk factors, we performed a retrospective cross-sectional study of singleton births to white (2,945,595) or African-American (552,068) women in the United States in 1996. When a...

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  • Lifestyle characteristics assessment of Japanese in Pittsburgh, USA.

    abstract::Lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease are the greatest public health concerns. Evidence shows Japanese immigrants to a westernized environment have higher incidence of lifestyle-related diseases. However, little is known about lifestyle characteristics related to chronic diseases...

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  • Correlates of tanning facility prevalence within San Diego County, California census tracts.

    abstract::Adolescents frequenting indoor tanning facilities may have an increased risk of skin cancer. The high level of indoor tanning by this age group may be due, in part, to the large number of tanning facilities in US cities. This study examined how facilities are distributed throughout one large county. Based on ecologica...

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  • Peer education for HIV prevention in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: a national assessment.

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  • Common illnesses and self-care.

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  • Evaluation of a radionovela to promote HPV vaccine awareness and knowledge among Hispanic parents.

    abstract::Hispanic women have more than a 1.5-fold increased cervical cancer incidence and mortality compared to non-Hispanic white women in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control recommends the HPV vaccine for females at ages 11 and 12 years, though it is approved for females aged 9-26 to protect against the primar...

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  • Reach of the Montana Cancer Control Program to Women with Disabilities.

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  • Associations of physical activity and body mass index with activities of daily living in older adults.

    abstract::Research reports about the associations of leisure-time physical activity (LPA) and Body Mass Index (BMI) with activities of daily living (ADL)- or instrumental activities of daily living (IADL)-dependent disability in older adults are inconclusive. Data were obtained from the 2000 Missouri Older Adult Needs Assessmen...

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  • Michigan Diabetes Outreach Networks: a public health approach to strengthening diabetes care.

    abstract::This study describes a statewide public health approach to strengthen diabetes care; evaluates diabetes-related processes of care for individuals enrolled in the Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network (MDON) program; and, examines MDON in the context of priorities for diabetes care and public health policy. Organizational...

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  • Trends in lung cancer death rates in Belgium and The Netherlands: a systematic analysis of temporal patterns.

    abstract::Belgium and The Netherlands have fairly similar smoking prevalence patterns, but distinct tobacco control policies. It is our aim to use lung cancer death rates, especially among the youngest age groups (30-39 years), as indicators of past smoking behavioral patterns to evaluate recent tobacco control efforts in both ...

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