On the relationship between gingival biotypes and gingival thickness in young Caucasians.


OBJECTIVES:To evaluate a possible relationship between gingival biotypes and gingival thickness, papilla height and gingival width. MATERIAL AND METHODS:Thirty-six adult subjects were stratified by their gingival biotype (GB), as defined by transparency of a periodontal probe through the buccal gingival margin, into "thin" (18 subjects) and "thick" (18 subjects) GB. Out of these, extreme cases (6 "very thin", 6 "very thick") were identified. Four different parameters were assessed: gingival thickness (GT), papilla height (PH), probing depth (PD) and gingival width (GW). RESULTS:When comparing "thin" and "thick" GB, midfacial GT (0.40 ± 0.07 vs. 0.72 ± 0.11 mm; P < 0.0001), PH (3.76 ± 0.50 vs. 3.95 ± 0.41 mm, P = 0.02) and GW (3.01 ± 1.26 vs. 4.63 ± 0.86 mm, P = 0.04) were lower in the "thin" GB group. Further stratification into moderately and extremely "thin"/"thick" GB eliminated the differences between the moderate groups. CONCLUSION:Our data support the traditional hypothesis that two different gingival biotypes with concomitant properties distinguishable by gingival transparency exist. In addition, we provide evidence that an alternative classification into "very thick", "moderate" and "very thin" biotypes might be advantageous, because the unique properties were seemingly primarily driven by subjects with extreme values.


Clin Oral Implants Res


Fischer KR,Richter T,Kebschull M,Petersen N,Fickl S




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  • Mandibular single-implant overdentures: a review with surgical and prosthodontic perspectives of a novel approach.

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  • Immediate vs. conventional loading of palatal implants in humans.

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    abstract::A dog model for study of supracrestal bone growth around partially inserted implants is described. The mandibular premolar teeth (P1, P2, P3 and P4) were extracted on both sides of the mandible in four dogs. At a surgical exposure 12 weeks later, two 10 mm titanium implants were partially inserted on each side, 15 mm ...

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  • Immediate loading of post-extractive single-tooth implants: a 1-year prospective study.

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  • In vitro cleaning potential of three implant debridement methods. Simulation of the non-surgical approach.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To assess the cleaning potential of commonly used implant debridement methods, simulating non-surgical peri-implantitis therapy in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS:One-hundred-and-eighty dental implants were ink-stained and mounted in combined soft and hard tissue models, representing peri-implantitis defects w...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This short communication reports on a novel digital technique designated - the "Fully Digital Technique (FDT)" - to take the impression of the peri-implant soft tissue and emergence profile with an intraoral scanner, digitally capturing both the three dimensional position of the implant platform and the coron...

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  • Pain and instability during biting with mandibular implant-retained overdentures.

    abstract::We tested in a randomized controlled clinical trial the effect of pain and instability of dentures on bite force with different degrees of mucosal support. The trial involved 3 groups who had received: 1) a new conventional denture (CD-group), 2) an implant-mucosa-borne overdenture on 2 IMZ implants (IMZ-group) or 3) ...

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  • A 5- to 6-year radiological evaluation of titanium plasma sprayed/sandblasted and acid-etched implants: results from private practice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This study aimed to determine bone level changes after 5-6 years of follow-up for a large group of one-stage dental implants consecutively placed in private practice. Potential confounding factors influencing crestal bone loss (CBL) were also assessed. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A total of 378 transmucosal Strau...

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  • Early and mature biofilm on four different dental implant materials: An in vivo human study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to examine the microbial composition of early (after 3 days, D3) and mature biofilms (after 31 days, D31) on materials typically used in implant/abutment buildups. Implant/abutment materials with different surface roughness values (Ra ) were compared to detect differences in the qua...

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  • Comparative evaluation of casting retention using the ITI solid abutment with six cements.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to test the retention of metal copings fabricated to fit on the one-groove, one flat-sided solid titanium abutment using six different cements. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Ten hollow screw 3.8 mm ITI implants were mounted in acrylic resin blocks. A solid titanium abutment was placed o...

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  • The anterior loop of the inferior alveolar nerve: prevalence, measurement of its length and a recommendation for interforaminal implant installation based on cone beam CT imaging.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Interforaminal implant surgery requires anatomical knowledge of the area and adequate information on the location of the various landmarks of significance such as the mental foramen, the anterior loop of the inferior alveolar nerve and the mandibular incisive canal. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a ...

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  • Clinical outcome of autogenous bone blocks or guided bone regeneration with e-PTFE membranes for the reconstruction of narrow edentulous ridges.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to analyse the clinical outcome of two different surgical methods for the reconstruction of narrow edentulous ridges before implant installation: guided bone regeneration with e-PTFE membranes and autologous bone chips or grafting of autologous bone blocks without e-PTFE membranes. Thirty par...

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  • Protease activities in peri-implant sulcus fluid from patients with permucosal osseointegrated dental implants. Correlation with clinical parameters.

    abstract::The 15 patients included in this study each had 2-6 permucosal Branemark osseointegrated implants that had functioned successfully for 18 months or more. They were given a full oral examination which included measurements of probing depth and gingival, bleeding and plaque indices around the implants. Marginal bone red...

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  • A five-year life-table analysis on wide neck ITI implants with prosthetic evaluation and radiographic analysis: results from a private practice.

    abstract::This paper reports a 5-year life-table analysis on wide neck (WN) ITI implants placed in a private practice. In 212 patients, 263 implants were placed in the posterior region; 97% rehabilitated the molar area. Implants in the mandible and in the maxilla were 61.2% and 38.8%, respectively; the mean implant length was 9...

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