Three-year root caries incidence and risk modeling in older adults in North Carolina.


OBJECTIVES:The purposes of this study were to describe the incidence of root caries and to identify its risk factors in a representative sample of older adults. METHODS:Root caries incidence was estimated and multivariate risk assessment models were developed to identify predictors for root caries in a three-year follow-up study of 234 black and 218 white noninstitutionalized adults aged 65 and older residing in North Carolina. RESULTS:During the observation period, 29 percent of blacks developed root caries, compared to 39 percent of whites (P < .05). The mean net DFS increment per person was 0.55 +/- 0.13 root surfaces for blacks vs 0.80 +/- 0.21 for whites (P > .32). Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that blacks wearing a partial denture, having some root fragments, having an average gingival recession > or = 2 mm, and being free of P. intermedia were at greater risk for developing new root caries. The model for whites showed that retired people with their most severe gingival recession > or = 4 mm, an average probing pocket depth > or = 2 mm, and taking antihistamines were more likely to develop new lesions. CONCLUSIONS:These findings suggest that older blacks had less risk of root caries than whites, and in both groups indicators of poor periodontal status increased the risk of root caries.


J Public Health Dent


Lawrence HP,Hunt RJ,Beck JD




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1995-04-01 00:00:00












  • Workforce diversity in dentistry - current status and future challenges.

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  • ADA dental product evaluation: case history.

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  • Use of the consolidated framework for implementation research to assess determinants of silver diamine fluoride implementation in safety net dental clinics.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:In the United States, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a relatively new, quick, and low-cost method for arresting dental caries. This study's purpose was to identify determinants of the implementation of an SDF protocol for pediatric patients in three safety net clinics to inform future efforts to implement ...

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    abstract::This paper presents a review of the literature on glass ionomer cements used as fissure sealants. An objective assessment of the presently available scientific literature on the use of glass ionomer materials as pit and fissure sealants is not encouraging in terms of retention, but appears somewhat more positive for c...

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  • Characteristics of publicly insured children with high dental expenses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dental coverage is provided for all children with Medicaid in Washington State. The goal of this study was to illuminate the characteristics of a sample of Medicaid-enrolled children with high dental expenses. METHODS:Dental care utilization data for a 33-month period were obtained from Washington State's M...

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