Multiple wall in-folds sub-divide single segments during capillary regression in hyperoxic acute lung injury.


:The present study provides further insight into the structural processes that remodel pulmonary capillaries in the injured adult lung. Early in hyperoxia acute lung injury (HALI), many sub-dividing segments are present throughout the capillary network before segment occlusion and loss predominate and capillary density decreases later in the period. A second segment sub-division triggered in regenerating capillaries after air breathing (post-HALI) demonstrates a similar mechanism of organization at a time of contrasting change in the capillary density. As we have previously reported, the process of segment sub-division includes in-folding of the endothelial-epithelial surface (alveolar-capillary membrane) to form inter-luminal structures (ILSs) and loops, with loop separation increasing segment number. Unexpectedly, the findings support remodeling of the capillary density by wall in-folding in acute lung injury, demonstrating a similar mechanism in capillary regression as well as in regeneration in the adult lung.


Ultrastruct Pathol


Jones RC,Capen DE




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2014-05-01 00:00:00












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