Assimilation: asymmetry between brightness and darkness?


:A pincushion formed by four arcs on a gray background looks darker when the arcs are black, and lighter when the arcs are white. Yet, a matching-experiment shows that this difference is relative. Whereas the apparently darker pincushion requires a matching luminance that is lower than the background luminance (i.e. assimilation), the apparently lighter pincushion curiously is also matched to a darker-than-background value (i.e. simultaneous contrast). A change-over in direction of a higher luminance occurs only at the lowest contrast. The size of the decrement required for matching the brightness of the pincushions increases with increasing contrast of the inducing stimulus, as well as with viewing distance. Assimilation is found also in the domain of color, however, only when the luminance of the colored inducers is below that of the background. Analogous asymmetries in the perception of darkness and lightness are discussed.


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De Weert CM,Spillmann L




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  • Illusory, motion, and luminance-defined contours interact in the human visual system.

    abstract::Psychophysical studies of interactions between contours defined by different image attributes report that luminance-defined and illusory contours show little if any interaction. Because the contours defined by these attributes may vary in perceptual saliency, we employed the tilt aftereffect (TAE) and a cross-adaptati...

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  • Memory and incidental learning for visual frozen noise sequences.

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  • Effects of pictorially-defined surfaces on visual search.

    abstract::Three experiments of visual search for a cube (for a square pillar in Experiment 3) with an odd conjunction of orientation of faces and color (a cube with a red top face and a green right face among cubes with a green top face and a red right face, for example) showed that the search is made more efficient by arrangin...

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  • Strabismic amblyopia affects relational but not featural and Gestalt processing of faces.

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  • Linear and rotation motion aftereffects as a function of inspection duration.

    abstract::Subjects rated the strength of linear and rotary motion aftereffects (MAEs) on an eleven point scale. Inspection durations ranged from 30 to 180 sec in 30 sec steps. In Expt 1, trials using a single inspection duration were spaced at least 22 hr apart to minimize the possibility of interactions between adapting stimul...

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  • Neural synergy in visual grouping: when good continuation meets common fate.

    abstract::A modified version of the 'path finder' display consisting of many small oriented Gabor patches was used to study the joint contributions of spatial and temporal structures to shape perception. A two-interval forced-choice procedure measured detectability of curved 'paths' defined by orientation ('good continuation') ...

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  • Modulation sensitivity of ganglion cells in peripheral retina of macaque.

    abstract::There is ample psychophysical evidence that flicker is more salient in the peripheral than the central visual field, but the physiological basis of this eccentricity-dependant change is unclear. Here, we compared responsivity to temporal modulation of ganglion cells in central and peripheral primate retina. Above 30 H...

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  • Visual resolution limits in human albinism.

    abstract::The effects of the involuntary ocular oscillations on visual resolution was examined in 22 albinos and 11 idiopaths with congenital nystagmus. The idiopaths showed a linear relationship between the proportion of the slow phase spent at low velocities (less than or equal to deg/sec) and the log of the minimum angle of ...

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  • The spatial window of the perceptual template and endogenous attention.

    abstract::One primary function of spatial attention is to exclude external noise [e.g., Psychol. Sci. 11(2) (2000) 139], especially in the region of the target stimulus [J. Vis. 2(4) (2000) 312]. What is not known is the spatial profile of external noise exclusion in the vicinity of the target and how this depends upon attentio...

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  • Effect of 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate on ERG OFF-response after glycinergic and GABAergic blockade.

    abstract::Superfusion with 200 microM 2-amino-4-phosphonobutyrate (APB) of dark and chromatically adapted frog eyecups caused marked potentiation of the ERG OFF-response (d-wave). Blockade of the glycinergic synapses by strychnine did not change this effect at all. Blockade of the GABAergic synapses by picrotoxin slightly dimin...

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  • The Necker cube--an ambiguous figure disambiguated in early visual processing.

    abstract::How can our percept spontaneously change while the observed object stays unchanged? This happens with ambiguous figures, like the Necker cube. Explanations favor either bottom-up factors in early visual processing, or top-down factors near awareness. The EEG has a high temporal resolution, so event related potentials ...

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  • Inactivation of the Basigin gene impairs normal retinal development and maturation.

    abstract::5A11/Basigin is an immunoglobulin-like glycoprotein expressed on the surface of Müller cells, the apical and basal surfaces of the retinal pigmented epithelium, and photoreceptor cell bodies and their inner segments. Disruption of the 5A11/Basigin gene in the mouse results in photoreceptor degeneration and a correspon...

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  • Luminance change generates apparent movement: implications for models of directional specificity in the human visual system.

    abstract::Two alternative schemes have been proposed for coding the local direction of stimulus motion in the visual image. The "sequence discrimination" scheme (e.g. Barlow H.B. and Levick W. R., J. Physiol., Lond. 178, 477-504, 1965) uses sequential change in stimulus position over time to infer movement direction; the "spati...

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  • The decay and interruption of interactions between search mechanisms.

    abstract::The attentional mechanisms in the brain responsible for fast pop-out search and slower difficult search have been shown to interact. Even if pop-out search is interrupted, by the addition of extra distractors to an initially simple search display, the partial computations calculated by the mechanisms responsible for p...

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  • Binocular capture: the effects of spatial frequency and contrast polarity of the monocular target.

    abstract::The influence of binocular disparate targets on the perceived visual direction of adjacent monocular targets has been termed "binocular capture". The magnitude of capture increases significantly with increasing vertical separation between monocular targets. This study sets out to elucidate the interaction between spat...

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  • M- and L-cones in early infancy: III. Comparison of genotypic and phenotypic markers of color vision in infants and adults.

    abstract::Genetic analyses were performed on five male children (approximately 3 years), two suspect color-normals and three suspects for congenital color vision deficiencies. These classifications were based on visually-evoked potential (VEP) responses to M- and L-cone-isolating stimuli obtained in a previous study when each s...

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  • Capture of the visual direction of monocular objects by adjacent binocular objects.

    abstract::Investigations of binocular visual direction have concentrated mainly on stationary objects. Eye positions were generally not measured and binocular fixation was assumed to be perfect. During the viewing of stationary objects, vergence errors are not negligible but small. During the viewing of moving objects, however,...

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    authors: Erkelens CJ,Van EE R

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  • Temporal summation in the achromat.

    abstract::We investigated temporal summation of the rods in a complete achromat, who lacks cone vision. Critical duration (tc) was estimated both at the achromat's preferred area of fixation and at an area 12 deg laterally in the nasal visual field. Comparable tc determinations were made in a normal trichromat. At background lu...

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  • Orthogonal adaptation improves orientation discrimination.

    abstract::We investigated the effect of adaptation on orientation discrimination using two experienced observers, then replicated the main effects using a total of 50 naïve subjects. Orientation discrimination around vertical improved after adaptation to either horizontal or vertical gratings, but was impaired by adaptation at ...

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  • Pupillary escape intensified by large pupillary size.

    abstract::Pupil responses to light are greatly influenced by initial pupil size. Small pupils, operating under photopic conditions, show tonic responses to step increases of light and high gains; thus the pupil is a good regulator of light. Large pupils, operating under mesopic or scotopic conditions show phasic responses, "pup...

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  • Correlation of vision loss with tactile-evoked V1 responses in retinitis pigmentosa.

    abstract::Neuroimaging studies have shown that the visual cortex of visually impaired humans is active during tactile tasks. We sought to determine if this cross-modal activation in the primary visual cortex is correlated with vision loss in individuals with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an inherited degenerative photoreceptor dis...

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  • The temporal course of recovery from brief (sub-second) adaptations to spatial contrast.

    abstract::Visual adaptation is a critical and ubiquitous mechanism that occurs for any stimulus feature and involves a continuous adjustment of the neuronal contrast gain. These adjustments prevent our visual system from dropping in sensitivity for the prevailing ranges of stimulus features that are processed at a given time. I...

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    authors: Pavan A,Marotti RB,Campana G

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  • A wide-angle gradient index optical model of the crystalline lens and eye of the rainbow trout.

    abstract::Trout lens external shape and internal refractive index gradient structure were measured and used to construct an optical lens model that predicts by ray tracing the average longitudinal spherical and chromatic aberration, focal length and image quality. The nearly spherical shape of the lens was measured from photogr...

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  • Activation of retinal ganglion cells in wild-type and rd1 mice through electrical stimulation of the retinal neural network.

    abstract::We compared the thresholds and response properties of extracellularly recorded retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) in wild-type and rd1 mouse retinas to electrical stimulation of the retinal neural network. Retinas were stimulated in vitro with biphasic current pulses (1 ms/phase) applied with a 400-microm diameter, subreti...

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  • Color vision polymorphism and its photopigment basis in a callitrichid monkey (Saguinus fuscicollis).

    abstract::The color vision of five saddle-backed tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis) was studied. Behavioral tests of color discrimination and spectral sensitivity indicate that this species has a color vision polymorphism. Individual monkeys have either dichromatic or trichromatic color vision. Measurements of the spectral sensiti...

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  • Effects of longitudinal chromatic aberration on accommodation and emmetropization.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Less accommodation was found when human subjects read in blue (peak at about 440 nm) than when they read in red light (above 600 nm; [Kroger & Binder, British Journal of Ophthalmology 84 (2000) 890]). On the other hand, emmetropization in chickens did not appear to compensate for the chromatic defocus (385 nm v...

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  • Modeling the dynamics of light adaptation: the merging of two traditions.

    abstract::Light adaptation has been studied using both aperiodic and periodic stimuli. Two well-documented phenomena are described: the background-onset effect (from an aperiodic-stimulus tradition) and high-temporal-frequency linearity (from the periodic-stimulus tradition). These phenomena have been explained within two diffe...

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  • Light-induced binding of proteins to rhabdomeric membranes in the retina of crayfish (Procambarus clarkii).

    abstract::Light-induced protein interaction as part of the process of visual transduction in arthropods with rhabdomeric photoreceptors was investigated biochemically by using crayfish retina. Two kinds of retinal buffer soluble proteins (one of 40 kDa and the other of 46 kDa) were found to bind to the irradiated rhabdomeric me...

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  • Habituation-like effects cause a significant decrease in response in MRI neuroactivation during visual stimulation.

    abstract::A wide range of rest/stimulus cycle durations (40-360 sec) is reported to have been used by various groups for MRI neuroactivation studies of the visual cortex. In this paper we demonstrate a clear habituation-like response for longer cycle durations which results in a halving of apparent activation between cycle dura...

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  • Are there separate first-order and second-order mechanisms for orientation discrimination?

    abstract::In a series of experiments we compared orientation discrimination performance for Gabor stimuli in which the stimulus profile was either matched to the receptive field profile of single V1 simple cells ('simple'), or in which the carrier and envelope orientations were different ('tigertails'). In the first Experiment,...

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    authors: Morgan MJ,Mason AJ,Baldassi S

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