Dipeptide transport in barley mesophyll vacuoles.


:The transport of [14C]glycyl-glycine (Gly-Gly) across the tonoplast of isolated barley vacuoles has been characterized. Uptake of the dipeptide Gly-Gly into barley mesophyll vacuoles was strongly increased by the addition of ATP, while Mg2+ inhibited the ATP-dependent fluxes. Inhibition of the vacuolar proton pump by bafilomycin or dissipation of the delta pH had no effect on the ATP-dependent Gly-Gly uptake. Only the non-hydrolysable ATP analogue 5'-adenylylimidodiphosphate could partially substitute for ATP; ADP, GTP and UTP had no effect. Transport of Gly-Gly was saturable exhibiting an apparent Km of 49 +/- 5 mM. Uptake was inhibited by the sulphydryl reagents N-ethylmaleimide and p-chloromercuribenzenesulphonic acid. When present at 30 mM, various dipeptides as well as tri-glycine inhibited Gly-Gly (10 mM) uptake by 30-50%, whereas 5 mM phenylalanine was able to inhibit Gly-Gly uptake almost completely. Comparison with published data suggests that Gly-Gly is transferred across the tonoplast by the same system as several amino acids and inorganic ions.






Jamaï A,Gaillard C,Delrot S,Martinoia E




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1995-01-01 00:00:00














  • A comparative study of the responsivity of Sinapis alba L. seedlings to pulsed and continuous irradiation.

    abstract::Anthocyanin formation in 36h dark grown Sinapis alba L. seedlings and inhibition of hypocotyl elongation in 36h and 54h dark grown and 54h and 7 day light grown seedlings in response to continuous red light could be substituted for by hourly 5 min light pulses where the total fluence over the irradiation period is the...


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  • Appearance and disappearance of proteins in the shoot apical meristem of Sinapis alba in transition to flowering.

    abstract::Vegetative plants of Sinapis alba L. grown under short days were induced to flower by exposure to one long day or continuous long days. Irrespective of the number of long days, the first flower primordia were initiated by the shoot apical meristem 60 h after the start of the inductive treatment. An indirect histoimmun...


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  • Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.: a potential halophyte for the degradation of toxic textile dye, Green HE4B.

    abstract::Sesuvium portulacastrum is a common halophyte growing well in adverse surroundings and is exploited mainly for the environmental protection including phytoremediation, desalination and stabilization of contaminated soil. In the present investigation, attempts have been made on the decolorization of a toxic textile dye...


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  • Sugar concentrations along and across the Ricinus communis L. hypocotyl measured by single cell sampling analysis.

    abstract::Single cell sap sampling and analysis were used to measure the longitudinal and radial distribution of sucrose, glucose and fructose in the apical cell division zone and in the basal, elongated zone of the Ricinus hypocotyl. Sucrose and hexose increased in concentration from the apex to the base of the seedling axis. ...


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  • Characterization of three heat-shock-protein genes and their developmental regulation during somatic embryogenesis in white spruce [Picea glauca (Moench) Voss].

    abstract::Three cDNAs (PgEMB22, 27 and 29) predicted to encode low-molecular-weight (LMW) heat-shock proteins (HSPs) were cloned and characterized from white spruce [Picea glauca (Moench) Voss] somatic embryo tissues by differentially screening a cotyledonary embryo cDNA library. Clone PgEMB22 is predicted to encode a putative ...


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  • Identification and deletion analysis of the promoter of the pepper SAR8.2 gene activated by bacterial infection and abiotic stresses.

    abstract::The pepper SAR8.2 gene, CASAR82A, was locally and systemically induced in pepper plants which had been infected by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria or by Pseudomonas fluorescens. The DNA 1,283 bp sequence upstream of the CASAR82A gene was assessed with regard to the activity of the CASAR82A promoter fused to the...


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  • Regulation by sulfhydryl groups of glyceollin accumulation in soybean hypocotyls.

    abstract::Hypocotyls of 5-d-old etiolated soybean seedlings (Glycine max (L.) Merr. cv. Altona) were treated with (a) dithiothreitol (DTT) or one of the sulfhydryl-binding reagents N-ethylmaleimide (NEM), p-hydroxymercuribenzoate (PMB) und p-chloromercuribenzene sulfonic acid (PMBS), (b) one of the sulfhydryl reagents in combin...


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  • Role of apoplast acidification by the H(+) pump : Effect on the sensitivity to pH and CO2 of iron reduction by roots of Brassica napus L.

    abstract::We have studied the mechanism of the response to iron deficiency in rape (Brassica napus L.), taking into account our previous results: net H(+) extrusion maintains a pH shift between the root apoplast and the solution, and the magnitude of the pH shift decreases as the buffering power in the solution increases. The f...


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  • Rhizobial symbiosis modifies root hydraulic properties in bean plants under non-stressed and salinity-stressed conditions.

    abstract:MAIN CONCLUSION:Rhizobial symbiosis improved the water status of bean plants under salinity-stress conditions, in part by increasing their osmotic root water flow. One of the main problems for agriculture worldwide is the increasing salinization of farming lands. The use of soil beneficial microorganisms stands up as a...


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    authors: Franzini VI,Azcón R,Ruiz-Lozano JM,Aroca R

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  • Iron deficiency-mediated stress regulation of four subgroup Ib BHLH genes in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::Networks of transcription factors control physiological, developmental and environmental responses. Root iron acquisition responses are controlled by the essential bHLH protein FIT. Recently, two group Ib BHLH genes were reported to be iron deficiency-regulated. Here, we studied expression patterns of these two group ...


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  • Porphyra nereocystis: A dual-daylength seaweed.

    abstract::Conchospores from the perennial conchocelis phase of the annual, epiphytic, marine red alga Porphyra nereocystis Anderson, which in nature lives on the large annual kelp Nereocystis luetkeana (Mertens) Postels et Ruprecht, are released in culture only in response to a short-day photoperiod treatment followed by a long...


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  • Isolation and characterization of an ubiquitin extension protein gene (JcUEP) promoter from Jatropha curcas.

    abstract:MAIN CONCLUSION:The JcUEP promoter is active constitutively in the bio-fuel plant Jatropha curcas , and is an alternative to the widely used CaMV35S promoter for driving constitutive overexpression of transgenes in Jatropha. Well-characterized promoters are required for transgenic breeding of Jatropha curcas, a biofuel...


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  • The ethylene-, jasmonate-, abscisic acid- and NaCl-responsive tomato transcription factor JERF1 modulates expression of GCC box-containing genes and salt tolerance in tobacco.

    abstract::Ethylene responsive factors (ERFs) are important plant-specific transcription factors, some of which have been demonstrated to interact with the ethylene-responsive GCC box and the dehydration-responsive element (DRE); however, data on the roles of ERF proteins in connection with various signaling pathways are limited...


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    authors: Zhang H,Huang Z,Xie B,Chen Q,Tian X,Zhang X,Zhang H,Lu X,Huang D,Huang R

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  • HRA2pl peptide: a fusion inhibitor for human metapneumovirus produced in tobacco plants by transient transformation.

    abstract:MAIN CONCLUSION:The HRA2pl peptide expressed by transient transformation in N. tabacum plants is capable of inhibiting the binding of the human metapneumovirus to HEp-2 cells at the fusion stage. Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is an agent responsible for acute respiratory infections that mainly affects children under 3 y...


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  • The regulation of K(+) influx in excised barley roots : Relationships between K(+) influx and electrochemical potential differences.

    abstract::The electrochemical potential differences [Formula: see text] for potassium, between excised barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) roots and external media containing 0.05 mM KCl+0.5 mM CaSO4, were determined over a 4-h period during which initially low-K(+) roots accumulated K(+) by pretreatment in 50 mM KCl plus 0.5 mM CaCl2....


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  • 1-N-naphthylphthalamic acid and 2,3,5-triiodobenzoic acid : In-vitro binding to particulate cell fractions and action on auxin transport in corn coleoptiles.

    abstract::Auxin transport in corn coleoptile sections was inhibited by 2,3,5-triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA) as well as by 1-N-naphthylphthalamic acid (NPA); this inhibition was effected within 1 min of application.A particulate cell fraction-presumably plasma-membrane vesicles-specifically binds NPA and properties of these binding ...


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  • Kinetics of intracellular redistribution of phytochrome in Avena coleoptiles after its photoconversion to the active, far-red-absorbing form.

    abstract::The kinetics of the intracellular redistribution of phytochrome (sequestering) in Avena sativa L. coleoptiles following a brief, saturating actinic pulse of red (R) light have been determined. Immunocytochemical labelling of phytochrome with monoclonal antibodies showed that at 22°C sequestering can occur within 1-2 s...


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  • Origin of seed shattering in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

    abstract::A critical evolutionary step during rice domestication was the elimination of seed shattering. Wild rice disperses seeds freely at maturity to guarantee the propagation, while cultivated rice retains seeds on the straws to make easy harvest and decrease the loss of production. The molecular basis for this key event du...


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  • Glycollate formation during the photoassimilation of acetate by Chlorella.

    abstract::When (3)H-(14)C-acetate was supplied to Chlorella pyrenoidosa in the light, glycollic acid became rapidly labelled with tritium and (14)C. The [Formula: see text]ratio of glycollate was 10, whilst the ratio was 4 in the acetate added. Both (3)H and (14)C from acetate were present in glycollate before they were present...


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    authors: Merrett MJ,Goulding KH

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  • Tolerance of Borya nitida, a poikilohydrous angiosperm, to heat, cold and high-light stress in the hydrated state.

    abstract::Borya nitida Labill., a plant able to colonize rock outcrops and shallow sands in areas of high incident solar radiation in Western Australia, was examined for its tolerance to extremes of temperature, and to intense visible radiation. Stress injury to the leaves from heat, chilling or photoinhibitory light was follow...


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    authors: Hetherington SE,Smillie RM

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  • A barley gene (rsh1) encoding a ribonuclease S-like homologue specifically expressed in young light-grown leaves.

    abstract::A group of frequent cDNA clones from a young-leaf cDNA library was found to code for a homologue of S-ribonucleases (S-RNases) involved in gametophytic incompatibility and the so-called S-like RNases active in flowers and in vegetative tissues. The derived amino acid sequence starts with a signal peptide and has a 27-...


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  • The simulation model of growth and cell divisions for the root apex with an apical cell in application to Azolla pinnata.

    abstract::In contrast to seed plants, the roots of most ferns have a single apical cell which is the ultimate source of all cells in the root. The apical cell has a tetrahedral shape and divides asymmetrically. The root cap derives from the distal division face, while merophytes derived from three proximal division faces contri...


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  • Tolerances of wild potato species from different altitudes to cold and heat.

    abstract::The ability of wild potatoes (Solanum spp.) to adapt to potentially stressful environmental temperatures was investigated by measuring the cold and heat tolerances of plants grown near sea-level in Lima following collection of tubers from plants growing naturally at altitudes ranging from 450 to 4,200 m. Relative cold...


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  • Microcallus growth from maize protoplasts.

    abstract::Maize (Zea mays L.) protoplasts obtained from Type I and Type II calli from several genotypes were shown to be capable of synthesizing cell walls and forming small clusters of cells. The medium used also supported cluster formation from protoplasts obtained from root tips. The effects of various additions to the mediu...


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  • MKRN expression pattern during embryonic and post-embryonic organogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L. var. Nipponbare).

    abstract::Rice MKRN is a member of the makorin RING finger protein gene (MKRN) family, which encodes a protein with a characteristic array of zinc-finger motifs conserved in various eukaryotes. Using non-radioactive in situ hybridization, we investigated the spatio-temporal gene expression pattern of rice MKRN during embryogene...


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  • Late-formed metaphloem sieve-elements in Zea mays L.

    abstract::Late-formed metaphloem sieve-elements in the vascular bundles of the leaf and pedicels of Zea differ from the typical sieve elements by having thicker cell walls and larger, elongate plastids. The plastids contain a quasi-crystalline structure which is different from that observed in the spherical plastids of sieve el...


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  • Hydrogen evolution by several algae.

    abstract::Out of 33 strains of unicellular algae examined, H2 evolution was observed only in species of Chlamydomonas, Chlorella and Scenedesmus. While the photoevolution of H2 by these algae was generally stimulated both by an organic substrate and by the uncoupler CCCP(1), response to DCMU varied. On the basis of the response...


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  • The endogenous gibberellins of vegetative and reproductive tissue of G2 peas.

    abstract::The gibberellins (GAs) of both vegetative (leaves and stems) and reproductive (pods and seeds) tissue of the G2 strain of peas Pisum sativum L. were characterized in purified extracts by a combination of sequential silicic-acid partition column chromatography, and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Gibberellins A19...


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  • Cytosolic cycles regulate the turnover of sucrose in heterotrophic cell-suspension cultures of Chenopodium rubrum L.

    abstract::We have investigated whether sucrose accumulation in heterotrophic cell-suspension cultures of Chenopodium rubrum L. is regulated by a cycle in which sucrose is simultaneously synthesised and degraded. Net sucrose accumulation was measured by monitoring the sucrose content, unidirectional synthesis was monitored by su...


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    authors: Dancer J,Hatzfeld WD,Stitt M

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  • Biochemical reactions of different tissues of potato (Solanum tuberosum) to zoospores or elicitors from Phytophthora infestans : Accumulation of sesquiterpenoid phytoalexins.

    abstract::The time courses of sesquiterpenoid phytoalexin accumulation were examined in compatible and incompatible interactions of leaves and tubers from five different R genotypes of potato (Solanum tuberosum) with corresponding pathotypes of Phytophthora infestans, as well as in non-host interactions of all five potato culti...


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    authors: Rohwer F,Fritzemeier KH,Scheel D,Hahlbrock K

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