Efficacy of free flaps for pediatric trauma patients in an adult trauma center.


:Although many trauma centers are primarily "adult-oriented," the presentation of unusual life- or limb-threatening wounds in children occasionally have mandated urgent microvascular tissue transfer for salvage. For these rare instances, should a microsurgical team accustomed to dealing with adult trauma patients even attempt to meet such a specialized challenge? A retrospective analysis of all free flaps performed by the author's team in trauma patients from 1984 to 1993, revealed only 10 pediatric patients who had had 11 separate free flaps. Their ultimate success rate was 90.9 percent--statistically the same rate (87.0 percent) as for 93 adult free flaps. The majority of these pediatric flaps were for urgent coverage of the lower extremity and they were all successful, eliminating any need for traditional pedicled flaps during the same time period. Improvement in technical expertise and judgment seemed to be more important factors than actual chronological age in determining free-flap success in general, and in children in particular. Therefore, free flaps in the pediatric population can be appropriately performed in an adult trauma center.


J Reconstr Microsurg


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  • Sensory reconstruction in sensate radial forearm flap transfer.

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    abstract::The objective of this article is to discuss the significance of predicting the injury degree of the thoracodorsal nerve by intraoperative electrophysiological examination in the C7 nerve root transfer for brachial plexus injury. Each trunk of the brachial plexus followed by each bundle of C7 was stimulated before the ...

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  • Anatomic imaging of abdominal perforator flaps without ionizing radiation: seeing is believing with magnetic resonance imaging angiography.

    abstract::The tremendous variability of the inferior epigastric arterial system makes accurate imaging of the vasculature of the anterior abdominal wall an essential component of optimal perforator selection. Preoperative imaging of the abdominal vasculature allows for preoperative perforator selection, resulting in improved op...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND: Investigating correlations between clinical, instrumental, and genetic features of primary lymphedema (PL) with the aim to facilitate the diagnosis, the staging, and the management of this subgroup of patients. METHODS: A prospective observational study was conducted from September 2016 to May 2018, includ...

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  • Decrease of Thrombosis in Microsurgical Anastomoses: The Use of Intraoperative Pure Intraluminal Unfractionated Heparin.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Unfractionated heparin has anticoagulant properties by catalyzing antithrombin III, which inactivates coagulation enzymes. Used in microsurgery, it would prevent the occurrence of thrombosis during microsurgical anastomoses. The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of intraoperative irrigation o...

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  • Nerve repair at different angles of attachment: experiment in rats.

    abstract::Sixteen rats underwent two procedures to test the efficacy of oblique vs. transverse nerve repair. On the left, the peroneal nerve was transected at an oblique angle (30-degree) with subsequent oblique end-to-end repair performed. On the right, the peroneal nerve was transected at a transverse angle (90-degree) with s...

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  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation: Outcomes in Treating Chronic Pain Secondary to Extremity Amputation and Phantom Limb Syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Secondary to vascular disease, oncological resection, or devastating trauma, lower extremity amputations are performed globally at a yearly rate exceeding 1 million patients. Three-quarters of these patients will develop chronic pain or phantom pain, which presents a functional limitation for prosthetic use...

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  • Reporting Practices on Immunosuppression and Rejection Management in Face Transplantation: A Systematic Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Face transplantation is a demanding operation requiring complex planning and expert technical performance. While the documentation of successes of the first transplants is impressive, there are lacunae in reporting of institutional protocols for other critical operation components, namely, immunosuppression...

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  • Occasions for multiple flaps in lower-limb reconstructions: once is sometimes not enough.

    abstract::A retrospective review of 11 patients with complex and massive lower-limb defects requiring multiple transfers and/or regional muscle flaps for closure, found that microvascular transfers achieved final wound closure, either alone or in concert with local flaps, in all but one case. A local flap alone was not sufficie...

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