Characterization of neurotrophic activity in the silicone-chamber model for nerve regeneration.


:In the present study, the authors reevaluated the temporal course and properties of neurotrophic activities present in the fluid accumulating in the silicone-chamber model for nerve regeneration. The fluid collected from silicone chambers was tested in four different dissociated neuronal cell cultures. Furthermore, the activity of the chamber fluid was examined, using a cell blot technique. There was one major peak of neurotrophic activity and this activity peaked early, about 3 to 6 hr after nerve injury. Results also indicate that the chamber fluid contains at least two types of neurotrophic activities, namely nerve growth factor and ciliary neurotrophic factor.


J Reconstr Microsurg


Danielsen N,Varon S




Has Abstract


1995-05-01 00:00:00












  • Successful reinnervation of the penis using an autogenous vein conduit.

    abstract::Injury to the dorsal sensory nerve of the penis following penile prosthesis insertion is extremely rare. The authors report on a patient with insensitivity involving the right penile shaft and glans secondary to entrapment and fibrosis of the dorsal cutaneous nerve of the penis, following penile prosthesis insertion. ...

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  • Decellularized Nerves for Upper Limb Nerve Reconstruction: A Systematic Review of Functional Outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This is a systematic review for evaluating the evidence for functional outcomes after decellularized nerve use in clinical setting. Decellularized nerves are allografts whose antigenic components have been removed, leaving only a scaffold that promotes the full regeneration of axons. METHODS:Literature rese...

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  • Female urethral reconstruction using a tubed rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap.

    abstract::We describe the novel use of a rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap for reconstruction of the female urethra following an oncological pelvic resection. Reconstruction of the female urethra from the bladder neck to external urethral orifice was successfully performed, avoiding the need for a urostomy. To our knowledge, t...

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  • Diagnostic accuracy of three sensory tests for diagnosis of sensory disturbances.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Clinical diagnosis of sensory disturbances is extremely challenging, partly because the utility of sensory tests is questionable. Transection of C7 nerve root provides an objective assessment model to determine the diagnostic accuracy of sensory tests. The purpose of this study was to investigate the diagnos...

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  • Epidural anesthesia during lower extremity free tissue transfer.

    abstract::A continuous epidural bupivacaine infusion was used for anesthesia in 20 patients who underwent lower extremity free tissue transfer. In 60 percent of the patients, general anesthesia supplementation with nitrous oxide was used for comfort during prolonged lying on the operating table. In all cases, this technique pro...

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  • Patient Safety in Microvascular Plastic Surgery.

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  • Migration of schwann cells in peripheral-nerve regeneration.

    abstract::Schwann cells play a central role in peripheral-nerve regeneration, in which it has been shown that the addition of exogenous Schwann cells enhances the temporal and spatial sequence of events observed in regeneration. In this study, the authors investigated the fate of exogenous cells in this process by using fluores...

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  • Z-plasty and microvascular anastomosis.

    abstract::An experimental study in rats was designed to determine the effects of z-plasty on the patency of microvascular anastomosis. Eighty Sprague-Dawley rats of mixed sex were divided into two groups. In all animals, the left carotid arteries were used. In the first group (n = 40), a single z-plasty was done at the anterior...

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  • The arterialized antebrachial skin flap for hand reconstruction.

    abstract::The authors present 20 microvascular flaps based on arteriovenous perfusion, harvested from the distal anterior forearm, and configured in three different designs. Indications were small palmar, dorsal, and commissural defects, when other conventional procedures were not available; problematic cases of open reduction ...

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  • Resurfacing weight bearing areas of the heel. The role of the dorsalis pedis innervated free tissue transfer.

    abstract::Five cases of chronic ulceration following skin graft resurfacing of the weight bearing surface of the heel are presented. All were managed with debridement and coverage with a free innervated dorsalis pedis tissue transfer. The technical refinements that have contributed to the reliability of the flap include careful...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Duncan MJ,Zuker RM,Manktelow RT

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  • Catheter-Based Computed Tomography Angiography in Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Mapping of Chinese Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: During reconstructive surgery, anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap harvest is challenging due to variation and uncertainty in perforator distribution. We performed a pilot study to identify the predictive value of catheter-based computed tomography angiography (C-CTA) and traditional CTA (T-CTA) in ALT perforato...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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  • Operative Time and Flap Failure in Unilateral and Bilateral Free Flap Breast Reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: There is an increasing trend toward bilateral breast reconstruction. Using the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) database, we sought to understand the association between unilateral and bilateral free flap breast reconstruction and operative time and flap failure. METHODS: We selected a...

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  • The ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral vessels: review of the anatomy and its utilization as recipient vessel for free-flap reconstruction of the hip region.

    abstract::The ascending branch of the lateral circumflex artery may be of potential value as an alternative recipient vessel in the free-flap transfer to hip region. The anatomy of the ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral vessels has been reviewed with regards to size, location, and length and on the basis of prev...

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  • Protective effects of monoclonal antibody to intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in venous ischemia-reperfusion injury: experimental study in rats.

    abstract::Flaps with venous occlusion have a decreased survival rate compared with arterial occlusion. It seems that several factors are involved in the etiology of total venous occlusion, including free radicals, edema, thrombosis, and reperfusion injury. In the present study, the authors evaluated the blockage of polymorphonu...

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    authors: Demirseren ME,Sarici M,Gokrem S,Yenidunya S

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  • Decrease of Thrombosis in Microsurgical Anastomoses: The Use of Intraoperative Pure Intraluminal Unfractionated Heparin.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Unfractionated heparin has anticoagulant properties by catalyzing antithrombin III, which inactivates coagulation enzymes. Used in microsurgery, it would prevent the occurrence of thrombosis during microsurgical anastomoses. The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of intraoperative irrigation o...

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  • Comparative study between acute intraoperative arterial elongation and the use of the interpositional vein graft for arterial reconstruction.

    abstract::This study compares the acute intraoperative arterial elongation technique with the interposition vein-graft method for the closure of small arterial gaps that cannot be repaired by undermining alone. Ten conditioned female mongrel dogs were divided into two groups: a vein graft interposition group and an acute expans...

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  • Nerve graft prefabrication: preliminary study.

    abstract::This study aimed to produce prefabricated nerve graft as effective as autologous nerve graft without donor site morbidity for repairing segmental nerve defects. Thirty rats were used and were separated into three groups. In the first group, vein graft excised from jugular vein was sutured to make a bridge between epin...

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  • Vessel-wall recovery after diode laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis: clinical and histologic analysis on long-term follow-up.

    abstract::The authors recently reported an experimental study on diode laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis (LAMA) in the femoral arteries and veins of rats. Good success rates and very promising histologic results obtained in this preliminary phase suggested an extension of the investigation with a larger number of rats an...

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  • Microsurgical reconstruction during the early puerperium.

    abstract::A transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous free flap was electively performed for reconstructing the cutaneous cover in a patient during the early puerperium (12 hr after delivery). This flap was chosen because of the natural expansion achieved by pregnancy, and because it would cover the entire area to be reconst...

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    authors: Iglesias M,Butrón P,Granados R

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  • Short-term response of a skeletal growth plate to heterotopic microvascular transfer.

    abstract::The capacity of the epiphyseal growth cartilage from the dog fibula to retain its growth potential after heterotopic transfer to a distal radial defect was investigated and compared to orthotopically transferred controls. Autoradiographs of the physes cultured in 3H-thymidine indicated continued proliferation of the g...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Nettelblad H,Randolph MA,Weiland AJ

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  • Modified classification and single-stage microsurgical repair of posttraumatic infected massive bone defects in lower extremities.

    abstract::Posttraumatic infected massive bone defects in lower extremities are difficult to repair because they frequently exhibit massive bone and/or soft tissue defects, serious bone infection, and excessive scar proliferation. This study aimed to determine whether these defects could be classified and repaired at a single st...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Yang YF,Xu ZH,Zhang GM,Wang JW,Hu SW,Hou ZQ,Xu DC

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  • Osteomyocutaneous Free Fibula Flap Prevents Osteoradionecrosis and Osteomyelitis in Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is one of the most severe complications of free fibula reconstruction after radiotherapy. The gold standard treatment of osteomyelitis involves extensive debridement, antibiotics, and sufficiently vascularized muscle flap coverage for better circulation. Therefore, we hypothesized t...

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  • The treatment of peripheral nerve injuries using irradiated allografts and temporary host immunosuppression (in a rat model).

    abstract::Irradiation of allografts prior to transplantation and host immunosuppression with cyclosporin-A were studied separately and in combination as means of lessening the rejection of transplanted peripheral nerve tissue. Lewis and Brown Norway rats were used in the animal model, as they differ at both major and minor hist...

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    authors: Easterling KJ,Trumble TE

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  • Ring avulsion injuries: microsurgical management.

    abstract::Microsurgical treatment of ring avulsion injuries is often difficult, due to widespread intimal damage of the digital vascular bundles. Thirty-one patients with such injuries in varying degrees were treated during the period 1986 to 1992: of these, 15 underwent microsurgical revascularization. In addition to the tradi...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Adani R,Castagnetti C,Busa R,Caroli A

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  • Volumetric changes in the transferred flap after anterior craniofacial reconstruction.

    abstract::The goal of craniofacial reconstruction is not only life-saving but also facial aesthetics. From this viewpoint the authors evaluated the facial symmetry of patients after craniofacial reconstruction. The subjects were seven patients reconstructed after craniofacial resections. Their CT or MR images were evaluated jus...

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    authors: Sarukawa S,Okazaki M,Asato H,Koshima I

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  • Forequarter amputation wound coverage with an ipsilateral, lymphedematous, circumferential forearm fasciocutaneous free flap in patients undergoing palliative shoulder-girdle tumor resection.

    abstract::Closure of massive soft-tissue defects in patients undergoing forequarter amputation for shoulder-girdle tumors may present a daunting challenge. This report describes two patients whose forequarter amputations were closed using ipsilateral, lymphedematous, circumferential forearm fasciocutaneous free flaps. ...

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  • Indocyanine Green Lymphography, Lymphoscintigraphy, and Genetic Analysis in Nonsyndromic Primary Lymphedema: The Distal Dermal Backflow Grading System and the Print Sign.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Investigating correlations between clinical, instrumental, and genetic features of primary lymphedema (PL) with the aim to facilitate the diagnosis, the staging, and the management of this subgroup of patients. METHODS: A prospective observational study was conducted from September 2016 to May 2018, includ...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Mangialardi ML,Lorenzano V,Pagliara D,Visconti G,Gentileschi S,Salgarello M

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  • Post-traumatic distal nerve entrapment syndrome.

    abstract::Eleven patients with paralysis of muscle groups in the upper or lower extremity were clinically diagnosed after previous proximal direct trauma to the corresponding peripheral nerves, without complete nerve disruption. Patients were seen within an average of 8 months after trauma (minimum 3 months and maximum 2 years ...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Nassif T,Steiger E

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  • Vascularized bone allografts: an experimental study in dogs.

    abstract::This study attempted to re-establish vascularization to canine allograft bone by means of the introduction of a pedicle in the medullary canal with a capillary network. The experiment showed basically that the introduction of arteries and veins with a capillary network into the medullary canal of an allograft femur pr...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Carneiro R,Malinin T

    更新日期:1991-04-01 00:00:00

  • Reliability of Various Predictors for Preoperative Diagnosis of Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Lesions with Shoulder and/or Elbow Paresis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: The distinction between supraclavicular and infraclavicular acute brachial plexus injuries (BPIs) could be challenging in cases of combined shoulder and elbow paresis. The reliability of several preoperative predictors was investigated to avoid unnecessary dissection, prolonged operation time, increased pos...

    journal_title:Journal of reconstructive microsurgery

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    authors: Qiu SS,Chang TN,Lu JC,Chuang DC

    更新日期:2020-07-01 00:00:00