NMR relaxometric investigation on human methemoglobin and fluoromethemoglobin. An improved quantitative in vitro assay of human methemoglobin.


:Longitudinal water proton relaxation rates of methemoglobin solutions show a strong dependence on temperature and pH. The increase of the relaxation rates with temperature is associated with shortened exchange lifetime of the coordinated water molecule. An accurate measurement of the relaxation rate of methemoglobin solutions thus requires careful control of the experimental temperature. This observation prompted the authors to look for an improved version of the relaxometric in vitro determination of methemoglobin. The method is based on transforming methemoglobin into the corresponding fluoromethemoglobin derivative, which shows both a higher relaxivity and a negligible dependence on temperature. The proposed method has been found to be in good agreement with data from spectrophotometric assays.


Magn Reson Med


Aime S,Fasano M,Paoletti S,Arnelli A,Ascenzi P




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1995-06-01 00:00:00












  • Per-subject characterization of bolus width in pulsed arterial spin labeling using bolus turbo sampling.

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  • Investigation of human cervical and upper thoracic spinal cord motion: implications for imaging spinal cord structure and function.

    abstract::Spinal cord (SC) motion is thought to be the dominant source of error in current diffusion and spinal functional MRI (fMRI) methods. However, until now, such motion has not been well characterized in three dimensions. While previous studies have predominantly examined motion in the superior/inferior (S/I) direction, t...

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  • DREAM--a novel approach for robust, ultrafast, multislice B₁ mapping.

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  • On the overestimation of early wall thickening at the carotid bulb by black blood MRI, with implications for coronary and vulnerable plaque imaging.

    abstract::Black blood MRI is an attractive tool for monitoring normal and pathological wall thickening; however, limited spatial resolutions can conspire with complex vascular geometries to distort the appearance of the wall in ways hitherto unclear. To elucidate this, a thin-walled cylinder model was developed to predict the c...

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  • SLIP, a lipid suppression technique to improve image contrast in inflow angiography.

    abstract::In rapidly acquired gradient echo images, lipid regions usually appear as areas of high signal intensity. In 2D inflow angiograms processed by the maximum intensity projection algorithm, this high lipid signal may prevent angiographic visualization of some blood vessels. We present a new approach to suppress the lipid...

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  • Multi-angle ratiometric approach to measure chemical exchange in amide proton transfer imaging.

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  • Hyperpolarized 13C NMR detects rapid drug-induced changes in cardiac metabolism.

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  • Single-shot localized echo-planar imaging (STEAM-EPI) at 4.7 tesla.

    abstract::The resolution and homogeneity limitations of echo-planar imaging (EPI) are overcome by zoom imaging of an easily shimmed localized volume. Use of the stimulated echo enables single-shot localization. In vivo 0.5-mm resolution EPI images of selected regions of a cat brain at 4.7 T are presented. ...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging suffers from physiological noise, such as artifacts caused by motion or system instabilities. Therefore, there is a need for robust diffusion parameter estimation techniques. In the past, several techniques have been proposed, including RESTORE and iRESTORE (Chang e...

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  • Susceptibility mapping in the human brain using threshold-based k-space division.

    abstract::A method for calculating quantitative three-dimensional susceptibility maps from field measurements acquired using gradient echo imaging at high field is presented. This method is based on division of the three-dimensional Fourier transforms of high-pass-filtered field maps by a simple function that is the Fourier tra...

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  • Towards elimination of the dark-rim artifact in first-pass myocardial perfusion MRI: removing Gibbs ringing effects using optimized radial imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Subendocardial dark-rim artifacts (DRAs) remain a major concern in first-pass perfusion (FPP) myocardial MRI and may lower the diagnostic accuracy for detection of ischemia. A major source of DRAs is the "Gibbs ringing" effect. We propose an optimized radial acquisition strategy aimed at eliminating ringing-ind...

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  • Free-breathing cine MRI.

    abstract::Standard MRI cine exams for the study of cardiac function are segmented over several heartbeats and thus require a breath-hold to minimize breathing motion artifacts, which is a current limitation of this approach. The purpose of this study was to develop a method for the measurement and correction of respiratory moti...

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  • Concentrations of human cardiac phosphorus metabolites determined by SLOOP 31P NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::Human cardiac 31P nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectra are usually quantified in relative terms, i.e., the ratio of metabolite signals is calculated. If 31P NMR spectroscopy of the heart is to emerge as a clinically relevant diagnostic modality, reliable quantification of absolute concentrations of 31P metabolites...

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  • Cationized ferritin as a magnetic resonance imaging probe to detect microstructural changes in a rat model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The goal of this work was to detect disease-related microstructural changes to the liver using magnetic resonance imaging. Chronic liver disease can cause microstructural changes in the liver that reduce plasma access to the perisinusoidal space--the site of exchange between the blood plasma and the hepatic par...

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  • Quantitative proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the human cervical spinal cord at 3 Tesla.

    abstract::Cervical spinal cord spectroscopy has the potential to add metabolic information to spinal cord MRI and improve the clinical evaluation and research investigation of spinal cord diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and intraspinal tumors. However, in vivo proton MR spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) of the spinal cord is di...

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  • Perfusion-weighted imaging of interictal hypoperfusion in temporal lobe epilepsy using FAIR-HASTE: comparison with H(2)(15)O PET measurements.

    abstract::To detect perfusion abnormalities in areas of high magnetic susceptibility in the brain, an arterial spin-labeling MRI technique utilizing flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery (FAIR) and half-Fourier single shot turbo spin-echo (HASTE) for spin preparation and image acquisition, respectively, was developed. I...

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  • Dysprosium-bearing red cells as potential transverse relaxation agents for MRI.

    abstract::The cytosol of intact human red blood cells was loaded with 28.1 +/- 3.4 mM of dysprosium DTPA-BMA using a hypoosmotic technique. When loaded cells were diluted with saline and control cells to give an average dysprosium concentration of 3.3 +/- 0.5 mM, the transverse relaxation rate constants R(*)(2) and R(2) increas...

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  • Murine orthostatic response during prolonged vertical studies: effect on cerebral blood flow measured by arterial spin-labeled MRI.

    abstract::High-field MRI scanners are, in principle, well suited for mouse studies; however, many high-field magnets employ a vertical design that may influence the physiological state of the rodent. The purpose of this study was to investigate the orthostatic response of cerebral blood flow (CBF) in mice during a prolonged MR ...

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    authors: Foley LM,Hitchens TK,Kochanek PM,Melick JA,Jackson EK,Ho C

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  • T1 rho relaxation and its application to MR histology.

    abstract::The application of T1 rho an an alternative contrast parameter in high-field magnetic resonance histology (MRH) has been investigated. Spectroscopic measurements of T1 rho were performed on 5.75% agar and 1.0 mM MnCI2 phantoms at 9.4 T to validate the accuracy of the imaging measurements. Image studies were performed ...

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  • Electrocardiogram acquisition during MR examinations for patient monitoring and sequence triggering.

    abstract::We have developed a method for measuring the electrocardiogram (ECG) continuously during MR examinations. In contrast to ECG acquisition by wires, our new method is to amplify and convert the ECG into an optical signal directly above the patient's heart. The optical signal is transmitted out of the magnet bore by opti...

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