Measurement of patient entrance surface dose rates for fluoroscopic x-ray units.


:Measurements of patient entrance surface dose rate provide valuable data for interpreting results from dose-area product studies on fluoroscopic x-ray equipment. Methods for measurement of entrance surface dose rate with backscatter and incident dose rate without backscatter have been investigated. Entrance surface dose rate is measured with an ionization chamber in contact with a tissue-equivalent phantom. Backscattered radiation contributes 27-45% to the measurement and is affected by field size and chamber position. Incident dose rate measured using a copper phantom provides an alternative approach. Consistent relationships between thicknesses of Perspex and copper giving similar incident dose rates under automatic gain control have been established for different tube potentials with and without a grid. This allows measurements of incident dose rate made using copper to be linked to corresponding thicknesses of tissue-equivalent material. Since only a few millimetres of copper are required, contributions from backscatter can be minimized and transport of phantoms is simplified. Incident dose can be related to dose-area product and entrance surface dose derived using backscatter factors. Such measurements play a valuable role in interpreting patient dose data and recommending options to reduce patient dose.


Phys Med Biol


Martin CJ




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  • Calculation of water equivalent ratios for various materials at proton energies ranging 10-500 MeV using MCNP, FLUKA, and GEANT4 Monte Carlo codes.

    abstract::Dosimetry of proton beams is generally evaluated in liquid water, or alternatively in solid phantoms via water equivalent ratios (WER). WER is defined as the ratio of proton range in liquid water to that in a phantom of certain material. Presently, WER is not available in the literature neither for a wide range of ene...

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  • Dosimetry for the MRI accelerator: the impact of a magnetic field on the response of a Farmer NE2571 ionization chamber.

    abstract::The UMC Utrecht is constructing a 1.5 T MRI scanner integrated with a linear accelerator (Lagendijk et al 2008 Radiother. Oncol. 86 25-9). The goal of this device is to facilitate soft-tissue contrast based image-guided radiotherapy, in order to escalate the dose to the tumour while sparing surrounding normal tissues....

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  • Optimization-based image reconstruction with artifact reduction in C-arm CBCT.

    abstract::We investigate an optimization-based reconstruction, with an emphasis on image-artifact reduction, from data collected in C-arm cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) employed in image-guided interventional procedures. In the study, an image to be reconstructed is formulated as a solution to a convex optimization progra...

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  • Self-adaptive ultrasonic beam amplifiers: application to transcostal shock wave therapy.

    abstract::Ultrasound shock wave therapy is increasingly used for non-invasive surgery. It requires the focusing of very high pressure amplitude in precisely controlled focal spots. In transcostal therapy of the heart or the liver, the high impedance mismatch between the bones and surrounding tissues gives rise to strong aberrat...

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  • A preclinical simulated dataset of S-values and investigation of the impact of rescaled organ masses using the MOBY phantom.

    abstract::Nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, although well established, are still rapidly evolving, by exploiting animal models, aiming to define precise dosimetry in molecular imaging protocols. The purpose of the present study was to create a dataset based on the MOBY phantom for the calculation of organ-to-organ S-value...

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