Measurement of patient entrance surface dose rates for fluoroscopic x-ray units.


:Measurements of patient entrance surface dose rate provide valuable data for interpreting results from dose-area product studies on fluoroscopic x-ray equipment. Methods for measurement of entrance surface dose rate with backscatter and incident dose rate without backscatter have been investigated. Entrance surface dose rate is measured with an ionization chamber in contact with a tissue-equivalent phantom. Backscattered radiation contributes 27-45% to the measurement and is affected by field size and chamber position. Incident dose rate measured using a copper phantom provides an alternative approach. Consistent relationships between thicknesses of Perspex and copper giving similar incident dose rates under automatic gain control have been established for different tube potentials with and without a grid. This allows measurements of incident dose rate made using copper to be linked to corresponding thicknesses of tissue-equivalent material. Since only a few millimetres of copper are required, contributions from backscatter can be minimized and transport of phantoms is simplified. Incident dose can be related to dose-area product and entrance surface dose derived using backscatter factors. Such measurements play a valuable role in interpreting patient dose data and recommending options to reduce patient dose.


Phys Med Biol


Martin CJ




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1995-05-01 00:00:00












  • PDT dose dosimetry for Photofrin-mediated pleural photodynamic therapy (pPDT).

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  • Modified sector-integration method for predicting the output factors of electron beams including extended source to surface distance.

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  • An age-dependent series of eye models for radiation dosimetry.

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  • Adaptive anisotropic diffusion filtering of Monte Carlo dose distributions.

    abstract::The Monte Carlo method is the most accurate method for radiotherapy dose calculations, if used correctly. However, any Monte Carlo dose calculation is burdened with statistical noise. In this paper, denoising of Monte Carlo dose distributions with a three-dimensional adaptive anisotropic diffusion method was investiga...

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  • Computational errors of the induced electric field in voxelized and tetrahedral anatomical head models exposed to spatially uniform and localized magnetic fields.

    abstract::At low and intermediate frequencies, the strength of the induced electric field is used as dosimetric quantity for human protection in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines. To compute the induced electric field, numerical methods based on anatomically realistic voxel mo...

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  • Automatic generation of time resolved motion vector fields of coronary arteries and 4D surface extraction using rotational x-ray angiography.

    abstract::Rotational coronary angiography provides a multitude of x-ray projections of the contrast agent enhanced coronary arteries along a given trajectory with parallel ECG recording. These data can be used to derive motion information of the coronary arteries including vessel displacement and pulsation. In this paper, a ful...

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  • Dosimetric consequences of tumour motion due to respiration for a scanned proton beam.

    abstract::A method for simulating spot-scanned delivery to a moving tumour was developed which uses patient-specific image and plan data. The magnitude of interplay effects was investigated for two patient cases under different fractionation and respiratory motion variation scenarios. The use of volumetric rescanning for motion...

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  • Threshold-driven optimization for reference-based auto-planning.

    abstract::We study threshold-driven optimization methodology for automatically generating a treatment plan that is motivated by a reference DVH for IMRT treatment planning. We present a framework for threshold-driven optimization for reference-based auto-planning (TORA). Commonly used voxel-based quadratic penalties have two co...

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  • Mechanical analysis of an axially symmetric cylindrical phantom with a spherical heterogeneity for MR elastography.

    abstract::Cylindrical homogenous phantoms for magnetic resonance (MR) elastography in biomedical research provide one way to validate an imaging systems performance, but the simplified geometry and boundary conditions can cloak complexity arising at tissue interfaces. In an effort to develop a more realistic gel tissue phantom ...

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  • Sensitivity study of the microdosimetric kinetic model parameters for carbon ion radiotherapy.

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  • Kernel-based curve-fitting method with spatial regularization for generation of parametric images in dynamic PET.

    abstract::Due to high levels of noise in pixel-wise time-activity curves, the indirect method that generates kinetic parametric images from dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) images often results in poor parametric image quality. We have demonstrated that the quality of parametric images can be improved by denoising dyn...

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  • Optimization of the accuracy of retention and washout measurements of 99mTc-Sestamibi from breast tumours using an anthropomorphic phantom.

    abstract::Quantifying the retention or washout of (99m)Tc-Sestamibi (MIBI) in breast tumours in vivo may provide a basis for predicting the chemotherapy response. The aim of this study is to investigate the variations and limitations of the different methods used to quantify these parameters. A phantom was developed that allowe...

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  • Comparing the effectiveness and efficiency of various gating approaches for PBS proton therapy of pancreatic cancer using 4D-MRI datasets.

    abstract::Abdominal organ motion may lead to considerable uncertainties in pencil-beam scanning (PBS) proton therapy of pancreatic cancer. Beam gating, where irradiation only occurs in certain breathing phases in which the gating conditions are fulfilled, may be an option to reduce the interplay effect between tumor motion and ...

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  • Calibration and analysis of a multimodal micro-CT and structured light imaging system for the evaluation of excised breast tissue.

    abstract::A multimodal micro-computed tomography (CT) and multi-spectral structured light imaging (SLI) system is introduced and systematically analyzed to test its feasibility to aid in margin delineation during breast conserving surgery (BCS). Phantom analysis of the micro-CT yielded a signal-to-noise ratio of 34, a contrast ...

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  • Comparison of two respiration monitoring systems for 4D imaging with a Siemens CT using a new dynamic breathing phantom.

    abstract::Four-dimensional computed tomography (4D-CT) requires breathing information from the patient, and for this, several systems are available. Testing of these systems, under realistic conditions, requires a phantom with a moving target and an expandable outer contour. An anthropomorphic phantom was developed to simulate ...

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  • Molybdenum target specifications for cyclotron production of 99mTc based on patient dose estimates.

    abstract::In response to the recognized fragility of reactor-produced (99)Mo supply, direct production of (99m)Tc via (100)Mo(p,2n)(99m)Tc reaction using medical cyclotrons has been investigated. However, due to the existence of other Molybdenum (Mo) isotopes in the target, in parallel with (99m)Tc, other technetium (Tc) radioa...

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