Wavelength dependence of light-induced phase shifts and period changes in hamsters.


:The wavelength dependence of three different circadian responses to light was compared in Syrian hamsters: phase advances and phase delays induced by 15-min light pulses at CT18 (circadian time 18) and CT13, respectively, and changes in free-running period under different levels of constant illumination (LL) intensity. Fluorescent lamps with transmission maxima at 436, 514, and 658 nm were used for delivering blue, green, and red light, respectively. White fluorescent light was also used in the LL portion of the study. The magnitude of each circadian response was plotted as a function of light intensity expressed in photons cm-2 s-1, and intensity-response relationships for the different wavelengths were quantified by fitting the data with a 4-parameter sigmoidal function using a least-squares curve-fitting routine. For each response type, the curves for the different wavelengths were identical but displaced along the horizontal axis [i.e., the functions differed only in the intensity (sigma) required for producing a half-maximal response]. The values of sigma for green and blue light were similar, while that for red light was several times greater. These results indicate that a single class of photoreceptors with peak sensitivity in the blue-green region mediates light-induced phase advances, phase delays, and changes in the period of the hamster circadian pacemaker.


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  • The effect of triacylglycerol chain length on food intake in domestic fowl.

    abstract::Triacylglycerols of varying chain lengths were tested for their effects on food intake in fasted Single-Comb White Leghorn cockerels 9-12 weeks of age. Tributyrin, tricaprylin, triolein, or saline were intubated intragastrically or infused intrahepatically. All triacylglycerol administrations were in 10 ml volumes wit...

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  • Rats exposed to traumatic stress bury unfamiliar objects--a novel measure of hyper-vigilance in PTSD models?

    abstract::Electric shocks lead to lasting behavioral deficits in rodents, and as such are often used to model post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the laboratory. Here we show that a single exposure of rats to 3 mA-strong shocks results in a marked social avoidance that lasts at least 28 days; moreover, the response intensi...

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  • Gastric compliance in bulimia nervosa.

    abstract::Bulimia nervosa (BN) is a psychiatric illness characterized by eating binges followed by inappropriate behavioral attempts to compensate for the binges, usually vomiting or laxative abuse. Patients with BN have disturbances in the development of satiety during a meal as well as disturbances in functions of the upper g...

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  • Altered sensitivity to NMDA following developmental lead exposure in rats.

    abstract::Early Pb exposure is known to disrupt the development of the hippocampus and result in deficits in learning and memory capacities and altered seizure susceptibility. The excitatory amino acid, NMDA, is found in high concentrations in the hippocampus and has been implicated in learning and memory functions and seizure ...

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  • c-Fos expression in supramammillary and medial mammillary nuclei following spatial reference and working memory tasks.

    abstract::To investigate brain substrates of spatial memory, neuronal expression of c-Fos protein was studied. Two groups of rats were trained in two spatial memory tasks in the Morris water maze, where the rats have to apply a reference memory rule or a working memory rule. In addition to the experimental groups, two control g...

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  • Differences in intestinal microbial metabolites in laying hens with high and low levels of repetitive feather-pecking behavior.

    abstract::Feather pecking in laying hens is a serious behavioral problem and is often associated with feather eating. There is some evidence that ingested feathers affect gut function. The aim of the present study was to explore whether differences in intestinal microbial metabolites in laying hens with high and low levels of r...

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  • Meal-engendered circadian-ensuing activity in rats.

    abstract::Large meals scheduled at greater-than-circadian periods (such as T = 31 h) tend to elicit enhanced activity approximately 24 h subsequent to receipt. These studies characterized the process responsible for this meal-engendered "circadian ensuing activity" (meal CEA). Female Sprague-Dawley rats were housed in stations ...

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  • Influence of the estrous cycle, ovariectomy and estradiol replacement upon the acquisition of conditioned avoidance responses in rats.

    abstract::The changes in the acquisition of conditioned avoidance responses (CARs) and the performance of some spontaneous behaviors were examined across the estrous cycle of female rats. CARs were facilitated during diestrus, impaired at proestrus and practically abolished at estrus and metestrus. Motor activity and head shaki...

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  • Testosterone and disinhibited personality in healthy males.

    abstract::The relationship among testosterone (T), free testosterone (FT), bioavailable testosterone (BT) and personality were studied in a sample of 105 healthy males (26.71±9.68years old). The possible effects of age and other hormones, such as luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), sex hormone binding ...

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  • Individual housing from rearing modifies the performance of young rats on the elevated plus-maze apparatus.

    abstract::Previous studies from our laboratory have demonstrated that male and female rats exhibit a differential pattern of behavior in the elevated plus-maze as a function of age. In the present study, the influence of individual housing conditions on young animals treated with one of two classical anxioselective drugs, diaze...

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    authors: Da Silva NL,Ferreira VM,Carobrez Ade P,Morato GS

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  • Repeated cocaine treatment activates flank marking in adolescent female hamsters.

    abstract::Cocaine abuse during adolescence represents a significant health risk due to the potential for both acute and long-term negative physical and psychological sequelae, including increased aggressive behavior. This study examined the effect of adolescent cocaine treatment on flank marking (i.e., a stereotypic motor behav...

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  • Effects of medial septal lesions on an operant go/no-go delayed response alternation task in rats.

    abstract::Previous work in our laboratory has found that whereas medial septal lesions impaired an operant left-right delayed alternation task in rats, the lesion also facilitated the performance of rats on a cued go/no-go discrimination task with a delay between the cue and the required response. These findings suggested to us...

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  • The effect of active hypohydration on cognitive function: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract::Hypohydration is generally considered to have a negative effect on cognitive function, despite several studies reporting comparable findings between hydration states. Recommendations to avoid moderate dehydration (≥ 2% loss in body mass) are commonly made to athletes, on the provision that this deficit may impair opti...

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    authors: Goodman SPJ,Moreland AT,Marino FE

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  • Water adulteration with citric acid: effects on drinking and responsivity to regulatory challenges.

    abstract::Rats with permanent access to a water supply adulterated with citric acid (CA) displayed persistent reductions in fluid intake and fluid/food ratios; and at appropriate concentrations of CA, they also exhibited lowered body weights and drinking deficits after fluid deprivation and after hypertonic NaCl injections. Unl...

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  • The effects of restraint stress on intake of preferred and nonpreferred solutions in rodents.

    abstract::In these experiments we determined whether stress influenced intake of different flavored test solutions or only those that were preferred. In a series of studies, rats or hamsters were exposed to acute (1 h) or repeated (3 h/day for 3 days) restraint stress immediately followed by access to one of four tastants (sacc...

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  • Temporal organization: A novel mechanism of hormonal control of male-typical sexual behavior in vertebrates.

    abstract::In vertebrates, male-typical sexual behavior (MSB) is largely controlled by gonadal androgens, however, the mechanism of this control is believed to vary among species. During immediate activation MSB is tightly correlated with circulating levels of androgens, while the organization of MSB by a hormonal event at a spe...

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  • Communal nesting exerts epigenetic influences on affective and social behaviors in rats selectively bred for an infantile trait.

    abstract::Communal nesting (CN) is a mouse model of early social enrichment during pregnancy and lactation. In this study, a rat model of CN was developed to determine if CN exerts an epigenetic effect in rats selectively bred for an infantile affective trait (high and low rates of ultrasonic distress calls). High and Low offsp...

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  • High risk no gain-metabolic performance of hatchery reared Atlantic salmon smolts, effects of nest emergence time, hypoxia avoidance behaviour and size.

    abstract::When animals are reared for conservational releases it is paramount to avoid reducing genetic and phenotypic variation over time. This requires an understanding of how diverging behavioural and physiological traits affect performance both in captivity and after release. In Atlantic salmon, emergence time from the spaw...

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    authors: Rosengren M,Thörnqvist PO,Johnsson JI,Sandblom E,Winberg S,Sundell K

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  • Viewing and sectioning the rat's optic nerve using cheap retractors.

    abstract::A technique for sectioning the optic nerve in rats is described which permits direct viewing of the nerve during surgery. The technique results in no damage to the front of the eye. A procedure for constructing cheap, effective retractors is described. ...

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    authors: Asdourian D,Chiodo LA,Dark JG

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  • Home cage behavior of rhesus monkeys with long-term deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids.

    abstract::In an observational study with a blind observer, rhesus monkeys deficient in omega-3 (omega-3 or n-3) fatty acids initiated more bouts of stereotyped behavior in their home cages than monkeys fed a matched control diet abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. Locomotion bouts were also more frequent in deficient monkeys, but ...

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    authors: Reisbick S,Neuringer M,Hasnain R,Connor WE

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  • Long-term recordings from afferent taste fibers.

    abstract::The receptor cells of taste buds have a life span of about 10 days but it is not known if response characteristics of these receptors alter during the turnover cycle. To examine taste cell responses over time, a micromachined polyimide sieve electrode array was implanted between the cut ends of the rat chorda tympani ...

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    authors: Shimatani Y,Nikles SA,Najafi K,Bradley RM

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  • Reproductive suppression in subordinate female highveld mole-rats (Cryptomys hottentotus pretoriae): no role for endogenous opioid peptides.

    abstract::The influence of endogenous opioid peptides (EOPs) on plasma luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in subordinate female highveld mole-rats (Cryptomys hottentotus pretoriae) was investigated to elucidate the physiological mechanisms responsible for inhibiting their gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and/or LH release. Th...

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    authors: Du Toit L,Bennett NC,Gutjahr GH,Coen CW

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  • Pontine and thalamic influences on fluid rewards: I. Operant responding for sucrose and corn oil.

    abstract::The reward strength of orosensory sucrose and corn oil was measured using fixed and progressive ratio operant schedules. Because the orosensory effects of the stimuli were of interest, Experiment 1 compared operant responses for sucrose in sham and real feeding rats. The results demonstrated that rats would work for s...

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    authors: Liang NC,Freet CS,Grigson PS,Norgren R

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  • Prolyl-leucyl-glycinamide shares some effects with oxytocin but decreases oxytocin levels.

    abstract::Oxytocin treatment in rats induces long-lasting antistress and growth promoting effects. This study investigated whether prolyl-leucyl-glycinamide (PLG) (the c-terminal tripeptide of oxytocin) or tocinoic acid (the ring structure of oxytocin) could induce some of these effects in male rats. For this purpose, PLG (2 or...

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    authors: Petersson M,Uvnäs-Moberg K

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  • Seasonal and environmental influences upon the diurnal heart-rate pattern in wild rabbits living under seminatural conditions.

    abstract::Diurnal patterns in the heart-rates (HR) of 16 wild European rabbits have been studied, based on more than 1200 days of radiotelemetrical HR recordings. HR shows a distinct diurnal rhythm which is closely coupled to the diurnal pattern of activity for free ranging animals. The rabbits' activity phase, accompanied by h...

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    authors: Eisermann K

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  • Emotional reactivity in mice, a case of nongenetic heredity?

    abstract::Nongenetic heredity cases have been described in man, as well as in animals, and relationships between parents and offspring seem to play an important role in this transmission. In mice, mothering type could be nongenetically heritable by a latent learning close to mechanism. As mothering style clearly influences emot...

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    authors: Calatayud F,Belzung C

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  • Hyperbaric effects on sensorimotor reactivity studied with acoustic startle in the rat.

    abstract::In three experiments, startle responses to brief intense tone-bursts (30 msec, 110 dB, 6000 Hz) and single pulse (0.1 msec) stimulation of the cochlear nucleus and the nucleus reticularis pontis caudalis are studied under high pressures of heliox (from 0 bar to 50 bars) in the rat. For each rat (N = 12), mean amplitud...

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    authors: David JM,Risso JJ,Weiss M,Brue F,Pellet J

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  • Endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway mediates isoflurane-induced neuroapoptosis and cognitive impairments in aged rats.

    abstract::Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is increasingly being recognized as an important clinical syndrome. Although it has been documented that volatile anesthetics induce neuronal apoptosis and cognitive deficits in several aged animal models, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Endoplasmic reticul...

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    authors: Ge HW,Hu WW,Ma LL,Kong FJ

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  • A positioning fixture for L-shaped rotating undercutting microknives.

    abstract::A simple, inexpensive device which controls the insertion, positioning and withdrawal of cortical undercutting microkinives is described. The device aids the "rolling" insertion of an L-shaped microknife which produces a minimum amount of overlying tissue damage while it holds the knife steady during undercutting and ...

    journal_title:Physiology & behavior

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    authors: Kubos KL,Kummel J,Moran TH,Sanberg PR,Bolduc PL,Robinson RG

    更新日期:1983-11-01 00:00:00

  • Flavor-nutrient learning is less rapid with fat than with carbohydrate in rats.

    abstract::Flavor-nutrient learning occurs when the post-ingestive consequences of a food are associated with its flavor. As a signal of the food's energy density, flavor-nutrient associations have the potential to contribute to the regulation of meal size. While all calorie sources (fat, carbohydrate, protein, ethanol) can supp...

    journal_title:Physiology & behavior

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    authors: Revelle CH,Warwick ZS

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