The use of customized spreadsheets in radiation therapy.


:A number of radiation-therapy-related uses based on a commercially available spreadsheet program have been developed at our facility. The graphics and display capabilities inherent in these spreadsheet programs allow for concise visual results. The spreadsheets are used as an independent check for several types of radiation therapy dose calculations. External beam--a spreadsheet will verify the monitor units (MU) or time required to deliver a prescribed dose to a point on an isodose line as calculated by a commercial treatment planning system. Calibration--spreadsheet programs have been developed to perform the calculations necessary for the output calibration of cobalt and high-energy photon and electron beams according to the TG-21 protocol. The user must indicate which beam, electrometer, chamber, phantom material, temperature, pressure and depth of measurement that apply. Radiosurgery--the MU per arc is calculated based on the following: the average depth per arc as obtained from a commercial radiosurgery program, the collimator size, and the prescription dose. TBI--The patient's width is entered into the spreadsheet program, which then calculates the MU needed to deliver a prescribed dose to the midline.


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Balog JP,Sibata CH,Podgorsak MB,Shin KH




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  • Factors affecting in vivo measurement precision and accuracy of 109Cd K x-ray fluorescence measurements.

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  • The validation of tomotherapy dose calculations in low-density lung media.

    abstract::The dose-calculation accuracy of the tomotherapy Hi-Art II(R) (Tomotherapy, Inc., Madison, WI) treatment planning system (TPS) in the presence of low-density lung media was investigated. In this evaluation, a custom-designed heterogeneous phantom mimicking the mediastinum geometry was used. Gammex LN300 and balsa wood...

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  • Determination of mean ionization potential using magnetic resonance imaging for the reduction of proton beam range uncertainties: theory and application.

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  • Leakage of the Siemens 160 MLC multileaf collimator on a dual energy linear accelerator.

    abstract::Multileaf collimators (MLCs) have been in clinical use for many years and meanwhile are commonly used to deliver intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) beams. For this purpose it is important to know their dosimetric properties precisely, one of them being inter- and intraleaf leakage. The Siemens 160 MLC features a ...

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  • Additional factors for the estimation of mean glandular breast dose using the UK mammography dosimetry protocol.

    abstract::The UK and European protocols for mammographic dosimetry use conversion factors that relate incident air kerma to the mean glandular dose (MGD) within the breast. The conversion factors currently used were obtained by computer simulation of a model breast with a composition of 50% adipose and 50% glandular tissues by ...

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  • A compact and high sensitivity positron detector using dual-layer thin GSO scintillators for a small animal PET blood sampling system.

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  • The measurement of silicon in a lung phantom--a comparison of two nuclear reactions for in vivo activation analysis.

    abstract::The amount of silica in the human lung may be estimated by measurement of silicon using in vivo neutron activation analysis. A pulsed, fast neutron beam, produced with a 2 MV Van de Graaff generator using the 2H + 2H reaction, was used to irradiate a Si-doped chest phantom in order to determine minimum detection limit...

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  • Comparative behaviour of the dynamically penalized likelihood algorithm in inverse radiation therapy planning.

    abstract::This paper presents a description of tests carried out to compare the behaviour of five algorithms in inverse radiation therapy planning: (1) The Dynamically Penalized Likelihood (DPL), an algorithm based on statistical estimation theory; (2) an accelerated version of the same algorithm: (3) a new fast adaptive simula...

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  • List-mode-based reconstruction for respiratory motion correction in PET using non-rigid body transformations.

    abstract::Respiratory motion in emission tomography leads to reduced image quality. Developed correction methodology has been concentrating on the use of respiratory synchronized acquisitions leading to gated frames. Such frames, however, are of low signal-to-noise ratio as a result of containing reduced statistics. In this wor...

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  • Separating components of variation in measurement series using maximum likelihood estimation. Application to patient position data in radiotherapy.

    abstract::Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) is presented as a statistical tool to evaluate the contribution of measurement error to any measurement series where the same quantity is measured using different independent methods. The technique was tested against artificial data sets; generated for values of underlying variation...

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  • K x-ray fluorescence measurements of bone lead concentration: the analysis of low-level data.

    abstract::K line x-ray fluorescence (KXRF) measurements of bone lead have emerged as a promising new biological marker of internal lead dose in epidemiological studies. Some disagreements exist, however, over the analysis of data at low levels of bone lead concentration. In this study, we performed 30 serial measurements on eac...

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  • Distance-driven projection and backprojection in three dimensions.

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  • Influence of beam characteristics and detector size in negative-pion dose studies.

    abstract::Dose calculations were performed for a tissue phantom irradiated by uniform circular beams of negative pions with an assumed gaussian momentum distribution. The mean momentum of the pions was varied from 104.4 to 171.5 MeV/c (mean range 5-20 cm in unit-density tissue) and the momentum spread from 0 to 5% of the mean. ...

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  • Pre- and post-natal exposure of children to EMF generated by domestic induction cookers.

    abstract::Induction cookers are a type of cooking appliance that uses an intermediate-frequency magnetic field to heat the cooking vessel. The magnetic flux density produced by an induction cooker during operation was measured according to the EN 62233 standard, and the measured values were below the limits set in the standard....

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  • An automated, fast and accurate registration method to link stranded seeds in permanent prostate implants.

    abstract::The geometry of a permanent prostate implant varies over time. Seeds can migrate and edema of the prostate affects the position of seeds. Seed movements directly influence dosimetry which relates to treatment quality. We present a method that tracks all individual seeds over time allowing quantification of seed moveme...

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  • Comparison of risk of radiogenic second cancer following photon and proton craniospinal irradiation for a pediatric medulloblastoma patient.

    abstract::Pediatric patients who received radiation therapy are at risk of developing side effects such as radiogenic second cancer. We compared proton and photon therapies in terms of the predicted risk of second cancers for a 4 year old medulloblastoma patient receiving craniospinal irradiation (CSI). Two CSI treatment plans ...

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  • Radionuclides and carrier molecules for therapy.

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  • Study of the PTW microLion chamber temperature dependence.

    abstract::The use of liquid ionization chambers in radiotherapy has grown during the past few years. While for air ionization chambers the k(TP) correction for air mass density due to pressure and temperature variations is well known, less work has been done on the case of liquid ionization chambers, where there is still the ne...

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  • Direct 4D reconstruction of parametric images incorporating anato-functional joint entropy.

    abstract::We developed an anatomy-guided 4D closed-form algorithm to directly reconstruct parametric images from projection data for (nearly) irreversible tracers. Conventional methods consist of individually reconstructing 2D/3D PET data, followed by graphical analysis on the sequence of reconstructed image frames. The propose...

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  • A hybrid scatter correction for 3D PET based on an estimation of the distribution of unscattered coincidences: implementation on the ECAT EXACT HR+.

    abstract::We implemented a hybrid scatter-correction method for 3D PET that combines two scatter-correction methods in a complementary way. The implemented scheme uses a method based on the discrimination of the energy of events (the estimation of trues method (ETM)) and an auxiliary method (the single scatter simulation method...

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  • Measurement of calcium in sections of a human skeleton using a reactor spectrum-in vivo activation analysis technique.

    abstract::Factors influencing the precision of measuring changes in the calcium content of sections of bone, including vertebrae, using reactor neutrons for partial body in vivo activation analysis have been examined and quantified. These factors include (a) the choice of incidient neutron spectrum, (b) the uniformity of activa...

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