Scapular taping in the treatment of anterior shoulder impingement.


:The purpose of this case report is to describe how taping designed to promote proximal scapular stability was used in conjunction with other physical therapy interventions to manage a patient with anterior shoulder impingement. The taping technique is described in detail. The evaluation and treatment of a patient with an 8-month history of shoulder pain are described as an example of when this type of taping procedure may be indicated. This case report demonstrates that a patient was able to return to all of his regular overhead sports activities without pain following scapular taping used in combination with a home exercise program. Presumably, the improved resting position of the scapula corrected faulty scapulothoracic joint movements.


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  • Participation in Physical Play and Leisure in Children With Motor Impairments: Mixed-Methods Study to Generate Evidence for Developing an Intervention.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Participation in physical play/leisure (PPP) is an important therapy goal of children with motor impairments. Evidence for interventions promoting PPP in these children is scarce. The first step is to identify modifiable, clinically meaningful predictors of PPP for targeting by interventions. OBJECTIVE:The ...

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