Development of new criteria for cortical bone histomorphometry in femoral neck: intra- and inter-observer reproducibility.


:Histomorphometry is commonly applied to study bone remodeling. Histological definitions of cortical bone boundaries have not been consistent. In this study, new criteria for specific definition of the transitional zone between the cortical and cancellous bone in the femoral neck were developed. The intra- and inter-observer reproducibility of this method was determined by quantitative histomorphometry and areal overlapping analysis. The undecalcified histological sections of femoral neck specimens (n = 6; from men aged 17-59 years) were processed and scanned to acquire histological images of complete bone sections. Specific criteria were applied to define histological boundaries. "Absolute cortex area" consisted of pure cortical bone tissue only, and was defined mainly based on the size of composite canals and their distance to an additional "guide" boundary (so-called "preliminary cortex boundary," the clear demarcation line of density between compact cortex and sparse trabeculae). Endocortical bone area was defined by recognizing characteristic endocortical structures adjacent to the preliminary cortical boundary. The present results suggested moderate to high reproducibility for low-magnification parameters (e.g., cortical bone area). The coefficient of variation (CV %) ranged from 0.02 to 5.61 in the intra-observer study and from 0.09 to 16.41 in the inter-observer study. However, the intra-observer reproducibility of some high-magnification parameters (e.g., osteoid perimeter/endocortical perimeter) was lower (CV %, 0.33-87.9). The overlapping of three histological areas in repeated analyses revealed highest intra- and inter-observer reproducibility for the absolute cortex area. This study provides specific criteria for the definition of histological boundaries for femoral neck bone specimens, which may aid more precise cortical bone histomorphometry.


J Bone Miner Metab


Tong XY,Malo M,Tamminen IS,Isaksson H,Jurvelin JS,Kröger H




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2015-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Effects of sciatic neurectomy on the femur in growing rats: application of peripheral quantitative computed tomography and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

    abstract::The effects of unilateral sciatic neurectomy (USN) on the development of the femur were studied in 15 growing Wistar-derived rats (age, 5 weeks). The rats were divided into four groups: USN-operated group (right femur), USN-nonoperated group (left femur), sham-operated group (right femur), and sham-nonoperated group (...

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  • Diagnostic criteria for primary osteoporosis: year 2012 revision.

    abstract::In 1995, the Japanese Society for Bone and Mineral Metabolism (now the Japanese Society for Bone and Mineral Research) established the Osteoporosis Diagnostic Criteria Review Committee. Following discussion held at the 13th scientific meeting of the Society in 1996, the Committee, with the consensus of its members, pr...

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