Evaluation of renal transplants with ultrasound.


:Ultrasound scanning is useful in evaluating renal transplants: it is atraumatic, independent of renal function, and well suited for analyzing such common complications as lymphocele, abscess, hydronephrosis, and hematoma. When there is uncertainty as to the nature of a paranephric mass, ultrasonically guided percutaneous aspiration is definitive. Ultrasound can also detect the acute increase in renal volume associated with rejection and may prove to be a valuable adjunct in the early diagnosis of this problem.






Bartrum RJ Jr,Smith EH,D'Orsi CJ,Tilney NL,Dantono J


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  • Achilles tendon: US diagnosis of pathologic conditions. Work in progress.

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  • White matter anisotropy in childhood medulloblastoma survivors: association with neurotoxicity risk factors.

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  • Circular esophageal myotomy simulating a pulmonary or mediastinal pseudocyst.

    abstract::Circular esophageal myotomy of the upper pouch in infants with esophageal atresia is an effective means of reducing anastomotic tension. This report describes two patients who developed marked postoperative dilatation of the proximal esophagus at the myotomy site. On radiographs, the dilated, air-filled esophagus simu...


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    abstract::A 2-year-old girl with cyanotic congenital heart disease needed to undergo gastrostomy. To avoid the use of general anesthesia, a percutaneous gastrostomy was performed as an interventional radiologic procedure with the patient under sedation and with the use of local anesthesia. The placement of a nasogastrocutaneous...


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  • Pulsatile tinnitus and the vascular tympanic membrane: CT, MR, and angiographic findings.

    abstract::The radiologic studies of 107 patients with pulsatile tinnitus or a vascular retrotympanic mass were retrospectively reviewed. Of the 100 patients with pulsatile tinnitus, 25 had objective tinnitus. A vascular tympanic membrane was present in 37 cases (35%). Normal vascular variants were present in 23 patients (21%). ...


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  • Cervical carcinoma: optimized local staging with intravaginal contrast-enhanced MR imaging--preliminary results.

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  • Computed tomography in primary reticulum cell sarcoma of the brain.

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  • US of the painful hip in childhood: diagnostic value of cartilage thickening and muscle atrophy in the detection of Perthes disease.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the combined use of several ultrasonographic (US) criteria in the detection of Perthes disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS:In a prospective study, 144 consecutive children with a painful hip underwent US. The thicknesses of the (a) anterior recess of the joint capsule, (b) cartilage of the femoral head,...


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  • Pulmonary perfusion and xenon gas exchange in rats: MR imaging with intravenous injection of hyperpolarized 129Xe.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop and demonstrate a method for regional evaluation of pulmonary perfusion and gas exchange based on intravenous injection of hyperpolarized xenon 129 ((129)Xe) and subsequent magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the gas-phase (129)Xe emerging in the alveolar airspaces. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Five Fischer...


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