A comparison of temporal integration in children with a specific reading disability and normal readers.


:Previous research has suggested that whereas some techniques show that subjects with a specific reading disability (SRD) have greater visible persistence than controls, a temporal integration of form technique does not. It has been suggested that the failure of the temporal integration task to show a difference results from the spatial separation between stimuli used in the technique. In this study SRD and control subjects were compared on a new version of a temporal integration task, under two conditions varying the spatial separation of elements in the display. It was predicted that there would be no difference between groups when spatial separation was large, but that the SRD subjects would show greater visible persistence at small separations. Neither prediction was confirmed, denying previous explanations of why the temporal integration task does not discriminate between groups. Analysis of errors showed that the result was not due to inattention nor to a general deficit on the part of the SRD subjects.


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Vision research


Hogben JH,Rodino IS,Clark CD,Pratt C




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1995-07-01 00:00:00














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