Caffeine raises blood pressure at work.


OBJECTIVE:The study investigated the effects of moderate doses of caffeine on ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate during workday activities. METHODS:Healthy, nonsmoking, habitual coffee drinkers (N = 21) received daily doses of 100 mg and 500 mg of caffeine on 2 days in a crossover design. Treatment order was random and counterbalanced, and administration was double-blind. Ambulatory monitoring was conducted for 6 to 9 hours during normal workday activities and diary entries were completed at each measurement. Ambulatory data were analyzed for the effects of caffeine dose, controlling for variations in posture, physical activity, and perceived stress. RESULTS:The average workday blood pressure and heart rate were significantly higher when the higher dose of caffeine was consumed. Controlling for other factors, dose-related differences were 4 mm Hg for systolic and 3 mm Hg for diastolic blood pressure, and were 3 bpm for heart rate. CONCLUSIONS:Results support earlier evidence that caffeine raises blood pressure at work, and demonstrate that these pressor effects are independent of changes in posture, physical activity, or stress. Daily blood pressure increases associated with caffeine consumption could increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, caffeine consumption effects might confound ambulatory investigations of the cardiovascular effects of other psychosocial, personality, or health-behavior factors.


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Lane JD,Phillips-Bute BG,Pieper CF




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  • Psychiatric Disorders, Morbidity, and Mortality: Tracing Mechanistic Pathways to Accelerated Aging.

    abstract::A meta-analysis published in this issue of Psychosomatic Medicine provides convincing evidence that certain psychiatric populations have shorter telomeres than nonpsychiatric controls, in accord with the strong evidence linking psychiatric disorders with premature mortality. After addressing the clinical significance ...

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  • Compliance with saliva sampling protocols: electronic monitoring reveals invalid cortisol daytime profiles in noncompliant subjects.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Ambulatory saliva collections for subsequent analysis of free cortisol levels are now frequently applied to measure adrenocortical activity in healthy subjects and patient populations. Despite the prime importance of accurate timing of saliva collection outside the laboratory, no data are available on the com...

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  • Asian-American deaths near the Harvest Moon Festival.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Reexamine the claim that elderly Chinese-American women are able to prolong their lives until after the celebration of the Harvest Moon Festival. METHODS:See if independent 1985 to 2000 data for Chinese-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-Americans replicate results that were reported using 1960 to 1984 data for Chine...

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  • Brain Structure and Response to Emotional Stimuli as Related to Gut Microbial Profiles in Healthy Women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Brain-gut-microbiota interactions may play an important role in human health and behavior. Although rodent models have demonstrated effects of the gut microbiota on emotional, nociceptive, and social behaviors, there is little translational human evidence to date. In this study, we identify brain and behavior...

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