Metabolic bypass of the tricarboxylic acid cycle during lipid mobilization in germinating oilseeds. Regulation Of nad+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase versus fumarase


:Biosynthesis of sucrose from triacylglycerol requires the bypass of the CO2-evolving reactions of the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle. The regulation of the TCA cycle bypass during lipid mobilization was examined. Lipid mobilization in Brassica napus was initiated shortly after imbibition of the seed and proceeded until 2 d postimbibition, as measured by in vivo [1-14C]acetate feeding to whole seedlings. The activity of NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase (a decarboxylative enzyme) was not detected until 2 d postimbibition. RNA-blot analysis of B. napus seedlings demonstrated that the mRNA for NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase was present in dry seeds and that its level increased through the 4 d of the experiment. This suggested that NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase activity was regulated by posttranscriptional mechanisms during early seedling development but was controlled by mRNA level after the 2nd or 3rd d. The activity of fumarase (a component of the nonbypassed section of the TCA cycle) was low but detectable in B. napus seedlings at 12 h postimbibition, coincident with germination, and increased for the next 4 d. RNA-blot analysis suggested that fumarase activity was regulated primarily by the level of its mRNA during germination and early seedling development. It is concluded that posttranscriptional regulation of NAD+-isocitrate dehydrogenase activity is one mechanism of restricting carbon flux through the decarboxylative section of the TCA cycle during lipid mobilization in germinating oilseeds.


Plant Physiol


Plant physiology


Falk KL,Behal RH,Xiang C,Oliver DJ




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  • Regulation of the Photosynthesis Rhythm in Euglena gracilis: I. Carbonic Anhydrase and Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Do Not Regulate the Photosynthesis Rhythm.

    abstract::A circadian rhythm of O(2) evolution has been found in Euglena gracilis, Klebs strain Z. The rhythm persists for at least 5 days in constant dim light and temperature, but damps out in constant bright light. The phase of this rhythm can be shifted by a pulse of bright light and the period length is not changed over a ...

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    abstract::An experimental chemical N-[2-(2-oxo-1-imidazolidinyl)ethyl]-N'-phenylurea (EDU), is an effective protectant against acute and chronic foliar injury due to ozone (0(3)) when sprayed on intact leaves or supplied to the plants through soil application. An 0(3)-sensitive snap bean cultivar (Phaseolus vulgaris L. ;Bush Bl...

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    abstract::A mutant of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) with reduced abscisic acid (ABA) production (sitiens) exhibits increased resistance to the necrotrophic fungus Botrytis cinerea. This resistance is correlated with a rapid and strong hydrogen peroxide-driven cell wall fortification response in epidermis cells that is absent in...

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  • Photosynthetic Decline from High Temperature Stress during Maturation of Wheat : II. Interaction with Source and Sink Processes.

    abstract::High temperature stress reduces grain growth in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by altering source activity and sink capacity. The impact of stress on source and sink interactions in two wheat cultivars of differing source thermotolerance was monitored by analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence transients, Fv (variable fluo...

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  • The enhancement of phototropin-induced phototropic curvature in Arabidopsis occurs via a photoreversible phytochrome A-dependent modulation of auxin responsiveness.

    abstract::The induction of phototropism in etiolated (dark-grown) seedlings exposed to an unidirectional pulse or extended irradiation with low fluence rate blue light (BL) requires the action of the phototropin (nph1) BL receptor. Although cryptochromes and phytochromes are not required for phototropic induction, these photore...

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  • Increased ratio of electron transport to net assimilation rate supports elevated isoprenoid emission rate in eucalypts under drought.

    abstract::Plants undergoing heat and low-CO2 stresses emit large amounts of volatile isoprenoids compared with those in stress-free conditions. One hypothesis posits that the balance between reducing power availability and its use in carbon assimilation determines constitutive isoprenoid emission rates in plants and potentially...

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  • Differential induction of plant volatile biosynthesis in the lima bean by early and late intermediates of the octadecanoid-signaling pathway.

    abstract::Plants are able to respond to herbivore damage with de novo biosynthesis of an herbivore-characteristic blend of volatiles. The signal transduction initiating volatile biosynthesis may involve the activation of the octadecanoid pathway, as exemplified by the transient increase of endogenous jasmonic acid (JA) in leave...

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