MS analysis and molecular characterization of Botrytis cinerea protease Prot-2. Use in bioactive peptides production.


:Prot-2 protease previously purified to homogeneity from Botrytis cinerea showed potentiality to be used in detergency and for production of bioactive peptides. To extend the characterization of Prot-2 protease, antifungal and antibacterial assays were performed in vitro using protein hydrolysates prepared from muscle of mackerel (Scomber scomborus) treated with this enzyme. The most active hydrolysate (degree of hydrolysis of 8 %) exhibited inhibition effect towards bacteria and phytopathogenic fungi, demonstrating that Prot-2 proteolysis generated bioactive peptides. Biochemical and molecular characterization of the purified Prot-2, by SDS-PAGE/Tryptic in gel-digestion and LC-MS/MS analysis, was investigated. The peptide amino acid sequence alignment search in database revealed a moderate homology between the determined amino acid sequence of Prot-2 protease and the known fungal trypsin/chymotrypsin in particular from Glomerella, Metarhizium and Streptomyces. From peptide sequence data obtained by mass spectrometry and sequences homologies, primers were defined and a cDNA fragment of 786 bp was amplified by RT-PCR. The cDNA nucleotide sequence analysis revealed an open reading frame coding for 262 amino acid residues. The deduced amino acid sequence of Prot-2 showed moderate identity with trypsin of Glomerella graminicola (74 %) and with chymotrypsin from Metarhizium anisopliae (71 %). Prot-2 exhibited a Ser protease homology and showed in addition the specific His motif of trypsin/chymotrypsin family.


Abidi F,Aissaoui N,Gaudin JC,Chobert JM,Haertlé T,Marzouki MN




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  • An O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase from Leucaena leucocephala is a cysteine synthase but not a mimosine synthase.

    abstract::In plants, the final step of cysteine formation is catalyzed by O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase (OAS-TL). The purpose of this study was to isolate and characterize an OAS-TL from the tree legume Leucaena leucocephala (leucaena). Leucaena contains a toxic, nonprotein amino acid, mimosine, which is also formed by an OAS-TL...

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