Enzyme catalysed tandem reactions.


:To transfer to the laboratory, the excellent efficiency shown by enzymes in Nature, biocatalysis, had to mimic several synthetic strategies used by the living organisms. Biosynthetic pathways are examples of tandem catalysis and may be assimilated in the biocatalysis field for the use of isolated multi-enzyme systems in the homogeneous phase. The concurrent action of several enzymes that work sequentially presents extraordinary advantages from the synthetic point of view, since it permits a reversible process to become irreversible, to shift the equilibrium reaction in such a way that enantiopure compounds can be obtained from prochiral or racemic substrates, reduce or eliminate problems due to product inhibition or prevent the shortage of substrates by dilution or degradation in the bulk media, etc. In this review we want to illustrate the developments of recent studies involving in vitro multi-enzyme reactions for the synthesis of different classes of organic compounds.


Curr Opin Chem Biol


Oroz-Guinea I,García-Junceda E




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  • New methods in combinatorial chemistry-robotics and parallel synthesis.

    abstract::Technological advances in the automation of parallel synthesis are following the model set by the semiconductor industry: miniaturization, increasing speed, lower costs. Recent work includes preparation of high-density reaction blocks, development of ink-jet dispensing to polypropylene sheets and synthesis inside cust...

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  • Encapsulins: microbial nanocompartments with applications in biomedicine, nanobiotechnology and materials science.

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  • Stimulus responsive elastin biopolymers: Applications in medicine and biotechnology.

    abstract::Elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs) are artificial polypeptides, derived from Val-Pro-Gly-Xaa-Gly (VPGXG) pentapeptide repeats found in human tropoelastin, that reversibly coacervate above a critical temperature. Genetically encodable ELPs are monodisperse, stimuli responsive, and biocompatible, properties that make them...

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  • Epigenetic regulation by endogenous metabolite pharmacology.

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  • Applications of NMR in drug discovery.

    abstract::NMR, already some 50 years old, has long been an invaluable analytical method in industry for verification of chemical synthesis and compound characterisation. The range of molecular information accessible through NMR, however, offers a far larger horizon of applications. Of these, ligand screening by NMR has emerged ...

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  • Contemporary strategies for the stabilization of peptides in the alpha-helical conformation.

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  • Large-scale genotyping by mass spectrometry: experience, advances and obstacles.

    abstract::Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping has become a key technology for genetic studies. In recent years, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) time-of-flight mass spectrometry has emerged as a very powerful method for SNP genotyping. Here, we discuss our experience in implementing a high-through...

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  • Evolutionary optimisation of enzymes.

    abstract::Aside from the demonstration that individual molecular traits of enzymes can be evolutionarily optimised, the discovery that several traits can be simultaneously optimised is a major advance. The first observations of the effects of evolutionary optimisation at the structural level, through X-ray crystallography, rein...

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  • Peptide arrays: towards routine implementation.

    abstract::Peptide arrays have attracted wide interest as tools for discovering biochemical interactions. Because many protein binding and enzyme activities are directed towards peptides, the preparation of arrays having hundreds to thousands of immobilized peptides offers an unprecedented opportunity for identifying interaction...

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  • The discovery of catalytically active peptides through combinatorial chemistry.

    abstract::In recent years, ogliopeptides have enjoyed ever increasing interest in two areas: first, approaches to biomimetic enzyme-like activity; and second, as metal-free catalysts for enantioselective transformations of synthetic interest. The discovery and optimization of peptides for these purposes has often used the metho...

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  • Helical peptide and protein design.

    abstract::The design of dimeric coiled-coils has ultimately led to novel applications, such as self-replicating peptide systems, whereas the structural features of the less common trimeric coiled-coil continue to be elucidated. Novel topologies have been discovered in designed proteins, as exemplified by the right-handed tetram...

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  • Di-iron-tyrosyl radical ribonucleotide reductases.

    abstract::New insights have been gained into the formation of the di-iron tyrosyl radical cofactor, which is essential for nucleotide reduction in the class I ribonucleotide reductases. Recent advances include Insight into the function of the tyrosyl radical in initiation of nucleotide reduction. ...

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  • Cross-reactivity in antibody microarrays and multiplexed sandwich assays: shedding light on the dark side of multiplexing.

    abstract::Immunoassays are indispensable for research and clinical analysis, and following the emergence of the omics paradigm, multiplexing of immunoassays is more needed than ever. Cross-reactivity (CR) in multiplexed immunoassays has been unexpectedly difficult to mitigate, preventing scaling up of multiplexing, limiting ass...

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  • Doing more than just the structure-structural genomics in kinase drug discovery.

    abstract::Structural genomics (SG) has significantly increased the number of novel protein structures of targets with medical relevance. In the protein kinase area, SG has contributed >50% of all novel kinases structures during the past three years and determined more than 30 novel catalytic domain structures. Many of the relea...

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  • Detection and identification of protein citrullination in complex biological systems.

    abstract::Protein citrullination is a post-translational modification of arginine that is catalyzed by the Protein Arginine Deiminase (PAD) family of enzymes. Aberrantly increased citrullination is associated with a host of inflammatory diseases and cancer and PAD inhibitors have shown remarkable efficacy in a range of diseases...

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  • Contemporary mass spectrometry for the direct detection of enzyme intermediates.

    abstract::The field of enzymology has long used small-molecule mass spectrometry. However, the direct interrogation of covalent and non-covalent intermediates by large-molecule mass spectrometry of enzymes or large peptide substrates is illuminating an increasingly diverse array of chemistries used in nature. Recent advances no...

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  • NMR structure determination of proteins and protein complexes larger than 20 kDa.

    abstract::Recent advances in multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methodology to obtain 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments, interproton distance and torsion angle restraints, and restraints that characterize long-range order, coupled with new methods of structure refinement and novel methods for reducing linewidths, h...

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  • Biomarker discovery from the plasma proteome using multidimensional fractionation proteomics.

    abstract::Because biomarkers are typically low in abundance, the crucial step of biomarker discovery is to efficiently separate clinically relevant sets of proteins that might define disease stages and/or predict disease development. It is anticipated that a multi-dimensional fractionation system (MDFS) will provide an efficien...

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  • Fatty acid desaturation: variations on an oxidative theme.

    abstract::Significant progress in our understanding of the mechanism of fatty acid desaturation has been achieved. The site of initial oxidation has been determined for several membrane-bound desaturases and a common cryptoregiochemical theme has been revealed. The results of several studies, including a detailed analysis of a ...

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  • Expanding room for tetrazine ligations in the in vivo chemistry toolbox.

    abstract::There is tremendous interest in developing and refining methods to predictably perform chemical reactions within the framework of living systems. Here we review recent advances in applying tetrazine cycloadditions to live cell and in vivo chemistry. We highlight new syntheses of the tetrazine and dienophile precursors...

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  • Mechanisms employed by cellulase systems to gain access through the complex architecture of lignocellulosic substrates.

    abstract::To improve the deconstruction of biomass, the most abundant terrestrial source of carbon polymers, en route to renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials more knowledge is needed into the mechanistic interplay between thermochemical pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis. In this review we highlight recent progress in a...

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    authors: Donohoe BS,Resch MG

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  • Chemotherapeutic potential of phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

    abstract::The application of molecular cloning has revealed the phenomenal diversity and complexity of the phosphodiesterase isoenzyme family. Thus, more than 30 human phosphodiesterases are now known; all are apparently necessary for the seemingly simple task of hydrolysing the 3'-ester bond of either cyclic adenosine monophos...

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  • Natural products as catalysts for innovation: a pharmaceutical industry perspective.

    abstract::Natural products are evolutionarily designed and chemically distinct from most synthetic library molecules. In addition to their role as drugs, they are successfully used as molecular probes to identify disease relevant targets. Novel natural products are still routinely discovered from traditional sources through cul...

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  • Function of genetically encoded pyrrolysine in corrinoid-dependent methylamine methyltransferases.

    abstract::Methanogenesis from trimethylamine, dimethylamine or monomethylamine is initiated by a series of corrinoid-dependent methyltransferases. The non-homologous genes encoding the full-length methyltransferases each possess an in-frame UAG (amber) codon that does not terminate translation. The amber codon is decoded by a d...

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  • Marine bioinorganic materials: mussels pumping iron.

    abstract::The oceans are filled with an amazing variety of biological materials including the glues and cements of mussels, barnacles, tube worms, algae, and starfish. Recent studies on mussel adhesive are providing increasing evidence for a unique mechanism of material generation involving iron-induced protein oxidation and cr...

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  • Structure-directed combinatorial library design.

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  • Vanadium haloperoxidases.

    abstract::The nature of the oxidized halogen intermediate in vanadium bromoperoxidase has recently been shown to depend on the nature of the organic substrate. For example, in the presence of indoles, vanadium bromoperoxidase does not release a freely diffusible oxidized halogen intermediate (such as HOBr+/-BR2+/-Br3-). Regiose...

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  • Acylating drugs: redesigning natural covalent inhibitors.

    abstract::Structural modification of naturally occurring beta-lactams and beta-lactones is a highly effective strategy for generating drugs for treating bacterial infections, cancer, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. These drugs acylate catalytic amino acids (serine, threonine, or cysteine) in enzyme targets such as penicillin-bindi...

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  • Mechanistic advances in plant natural product enzymes.

    abstract::The biosynthetic pathways of plant natural products offer an abundance of knowledge to scientists in many fields. Synthetic chemists can be inspired by the synthetic strategies that nature uses to construct these compounds. Chemical and biological engineers are working to reprogram these biosynthetic pathways to more ...

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