Enzyme catalysed tandem reactions.


:To transfer to the laboratory, the excellent efficiency shown by enzymes in Nature, biocatalysis, had to mimic several synthetic strategies used by the living organisms. Biosynthetic pathways are examples of tandem catalysis and may be assimilated in the biocatalysis field for the use of isolated multi-enzyme systems in the homogeneous phase. The concurrent action of several enzymes that work sequentially presents extraordinary advantages from the synthetic point of view, since it permits a reversible process to become irreversible, to shift the equilibrium reaction in such a way that enantiopure compounds can be obtained from prochiral or racemic substrates, reduce or eliminate problems due to product inhibition or prevent the shortage of substrates by dilution or degradation in the bulk media, etc. In this review we want to illustrate the developments of recent studies involving in vitro multi-enzyme reactions for the synthesis of different classes of organic compounds.


Curr Opin Chem Biol


Oroz-Guinea I,García-Junceda E




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  • Marine bioinorganic materials: mussels pumping iron.

    abstract::The oceans are filled with an amazing variety of biological materials including the glues and cements of mussels, barnacles, tube worms, algae, and starfish. Recent studies on mussel adhesive are providing increasing evidence for a unique mechanism of material generation involving iron-induced protein oxidation and cr...

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  • The joys of in vitro selection: chemically dressing oligonucleotides to satiate protein targets.

    abstract::Oligonucleotide in vitro selection provides surprisingly specific aptamers to protein targets. Synthetic chemistries for modifying nucleotides have been developed to enhance aptamer binding affinity. The diversity of nucleosides amenable to either triphosphate synthesis or phosphoramidite activation is now sufficientl...

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  • Quantitative chemical imaging with stimulated Raman scattering microscopy.

    abstract::Chemical imaging plays an increasingly important role in studying heterogeneous biological systems. It combines molecular spectroscopy with high-resolution spatial information to create quantitative images of molecular distributions. Here I summarize recent progress in technical developments and biological application...

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  • Chemotherapeutic potential of phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

    abstract::The application of molecular cloning has revealed the phenomenal diversity and complexity of the phosphodiesterase isoenzyme family. Thus, more than 30 human phosphodiesterases are now known; all are apparently necessary for the seemingly simple task of hydrolysing the 3'-ester bond of either cyclic adenosine monophos...

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  • Parallel and combinatorial approaches for synthesis of ligands.

    abstract::Although new detection screening methods must still be developed, the actual main limitation in combinatorial chemistry seems to be the diversity of ligands that can be generated in terms of real structural and chemical diversity. Thus, there is a strong interest for the development of different strategies for the par...

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  • One from column A and two from column B: the benefits of phage display in molecular-recognition studies.

    abstract::Recent uses of phage-displayed combinatorial peptide and cDNA libraries have proven invaluable in mapping protein-protein interactions, protein-drug interactions, and the generation of 'molecular therapeutics'. This article reviews some of the findings of the past year and points out some of the pros and cons of phage...

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  • Protein-polymer conjugates: synthetic approaches by controlled radical polymerizations and interesting applications.

    abstract::Protein-polymer conjugates are of interest to researchers in diverse fields. Attachment of polymers to proteins results in improved pharmacokinetics, which is important in medicine. From an engineering standpoint, conjugates are exciting because they exhibit properties of both the biomolecules and synthetic polymers. ...

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  • Enzymes from extremophiles.

    abstract::The industrial application of enzymes that can withstand harsh conditions has greatly increased over the past decade. This is mainly a result of the discovery of novel enzymes from extremophilic microorganisms. Recent advances in the study of extremozymes point to the acceleration of this trend. In particular, enzymes...

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  • High-valent metal-oxo intermediates in energy demanding processes: from dioxygen reduction to water splitting.

    abstract::Four-electron reduction of dioxygen to water and splitting of water to dioxygen are extremely important processes in the context of attaining clean renewable energy sources. High-valent metal-oxo cores are proposed as reactive intermediates in these vital processes, although they have only been isolated in extremely r...

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  • Chemical approaches to transcriptional regulation.

    abstract::Given the correlation between many human diseases and mis-regulated transcription, there is a growing need for molecules that can inhibit or mimic key interactions between transcriptional activators and their binding partners. Because transcriptional activators typically participate in many different protein-protein b...

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    authors: Majmudar CY,Mapp AK

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  • Proteins, air and water: reporter genes for ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::A long-standing goal of molecular imaging is to visualize cellular function within the context of living animals, necessitating the development of reporter genes compatible with deeply penetrant imaging modalities such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Until recently, no reporter genes for ultrasound...

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    authors: Lu GJ,Farhadi A,Mukherjee A,Shapiro MG

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  • NMR structure determination of proteins and protein complexes larger than 20 kDa.

    abstract::Recent advances in multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methodology to obtain 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments, interproton distance and torsion angle restraints, and restraints that characterize long-range order, coupled with new methods of structure refinement and novel methods for reducing linewidths, h...

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  • The blind men and the filament: Understanding structures and functions of microbial nanowires.

    abstract::Extracellular electron transfer via filamentous protein appendages called 'microbial nanowires' has long been studied in Geobacter and other bacteria because of their crucial role in globally-important environmental processes and their applications for bioenergy, biofuels, and bioelectronics. Thousands of papers thoug...

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  • Nanoscale controlled self-assembled monolayers and quantum dots.

    abstract::Self-assembled monolayer (SAM) and fluorescent quantum dots (QDs) share common ground as emerging tools for nanoscale observation of biological interactions. SAMs provide excellent means of controlling the surface characteristics through individually tailored and engineered building blocks. SAMs on various surfaces ha...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Shin SK,Yoon HJ,Jung YJ,Park JW

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  • Enzyme catalysed deracemisation and dynamic kinetic resolution reactions.

    abstract::New catalysts and reaction conditions have been developed for the dynamic kinetic resolution or deracemisation of racemic mixtures of chiral compounds. Specific functional groups that lend themselves particularly well to this approach include chiral secondary alcohols, alpha-amino acids, amines and carboxylic acids. A...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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  • Context and complexity: the next big thing in synthetic glycobiology.

    abstract::Complex glycans participate in many essential life processes. Studies of glycan-mediated biological events have traditionally employed structurally defined fragments of the more elaborate natural molecules. However, it is now clear that this approach may sometimes be insufficient and this realization has prompted a de...

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    authors: Lowary TL

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  • Link of impaired metal ion homeostasis to mitochondrial dysfunction in neurons.

    abstract::Manganese, iron, copper, and zinc are observed to play essential roles in mitochondria. The overload and depletion of metal ions in mitochondria under pathological conditions, however, could disturb mitochondrial compartments and functions leading to cell death. In this review, we mainly summarize how impaired metal i...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Nam E,Han J,Suh JM,Yi Y,Lim MH

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  • Boundaries for an RNA world.

    abstract::Before large, specific peptides could be made, in an RNA world our ancestors may have used an RNA-like molecule for both catalysis and information storage. Taken together, RNA activities suggest RNA could have performed most of the essential informational functions of an ancient organism (i.e. those functions most sim...

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  • Oligosaccharyl transferase: gatekeeper to the secretory pathway.

    abstract::Oligosaccharyl transferase is part of the macromolecular machinery that processes nascent proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum. The enzyme is highly conserved, catalyzes the initial step in the biosynthesis of N-linked glycoproteins and acts as a 'gatekeeper' for the secretory pathway. As more proteins associated wit...

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  • Peptide membranes in chemical evolution.

    abstract::Simple surfactants achieve remarkable long-range order in aqueous environments. This organizing potential is seen most dramatically in biological membranes where phospholipid assemblies both define cell boundaries and provide a ubiquitous structural scaffold for controlling cellular chemistry. Here we consider simple ...

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  • Recent advances in lipid separations and structural elucidation using mass spectrometry combined with ion mobility spectrometry, ion-molecule reactions and fragmentation approaches.

    abstract::Lipids are a vital class of molecules that play important and varied roles in biological processes, however, fully understanding these roles is extremely difficult due to the immense number and diversity of possible lipid species. While recent advances in chromatography and high resolution mass spectrometry have great...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Zheng X,Smith RD,Baker ES

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  • Bacterial adhesins: structural studies reveal chaperone function and pilus biogenesis.

    abstract::During the past year, remarkable progress has been made in understanding how periplasmic chaperones fold and protect protein modules that are destined for assembly into adhesive pili in Gram-negative bacteria. The first two three-dimensional structures of complexes of periplasmic chaperones with substrate pilus subuni...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Knight SD,Berglund J,Choudhury D

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  • Functional protein microarrays: ripe for discovery.

    abstract::The manufacture and use of protein microarrays with correctly folded and functional content presents significant challenges. Despite this, the feasibility and utility of such undertakings are now clear, and exciting progress has recently been demonstrated in the areas of content generation, printing strategies and pro...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Predki PF

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  • Chemical biology on PINs and NeeDLes.

    abstract::Systematic studies of the organization of biochemical networks that make up the living cell can be defined by studying the organization and dynamics of protein interaction networks (PINs). Here, we describe recent conceptual and experimental advances that can achieve this aim and how chemical perturbations of interact...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Campbell-Valois FX,Michnick S

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  • Coupled motions in enzyme catalysis.

    abstract::Recently, the hypothesis that protein motions are involved in enzymatic turnover has gained significant attention. We review cases where there is evidence that protein motions are rate-limiting in the overall catalytic cycle and examine experimental and theoretical evidence for how such motions enhance the probability...

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    authors: Nashine VC,Hammes-Schiffer S,Benkovic SJ

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  • High-throughput platforms for metabolomics.

    abstract::Mass spectrometry has become a choice method for broad-spectrum metabolite analysis in both fundamental and applied research. This can range from comprehensive analysis achieved through time-consuming chromatography to the rapid analysis of a few target metabolites without chromatography. In this review article, we hi...

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  • Structure-directed combinatorial library design.

    abstract::In recent years pharmaceutical companies have utilized structure-based drug design and combinatorial library design techniques to speed up their drug discovery efforts. Both approaches are routinely used in the lead discovery and lead optimization stages of the drug discovery process. Fragment-based drug design, a new...

    journal_title:Current opinion in chemical biology

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    authors: Zhou JZ

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  • Synthetic approaches towards structurally diverse gamma-butyrolactone natural-product-like compounds.

    abstract::Natural products containing a gamma-butyrolactone ring are abundant in nature; however, few general synthetic approaches to their stereoselective synthesis with broad structural variety are known. In this article, recent developments towards mono- and polycyclic gamma-butyrolactone natural products and analogs are dis...

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    authors: Seitz M,Reiser O

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  • Quantitative microscopy based on single-molecule fluorescence.

    abstract::Quantitative microscopy is needed to understand reactions or phenomena carried out by biological molecules such as enzymes, receptors, and membrane-localized proteins. Counting the biomolecules of interest in single organelles or cellular compartments is critical in these approaches. In this brief perspective, we focu...

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  • Activation of dihydrogen without transition metals.

    abstract::The metal-free hydrogenase from methanogenic archaea (Hmd) is a unique enzyme: it catalyzes the reaction of its substrate, methenyl-tetrahydromethanopterin, with molecular hydrogen without the aid of a transition metal. In other words, Hmd is currently the only example of a purely organic hydrogenation catalyst. Recen...

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    authors: Berkessel A

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