In vivo infectivity of liver extracts after resolution of hepadnaviral infection following therapy associating DNA vaccine and cytokine genes.


:DNA-based vaccination appears of promise for chronic hepatitis B immunotherapy, although there is an urgent need to increase its efficacy. In this preclinical study, we evaluated the therapeutic benefit of cytokine (IL-2, IFN-γ) genes co-delivery with DNA vaccine targeting hepadnaviral proteins in the chronic duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) infection model. Then, we investigated the persistence of replication-competent virus in the livers of apparently resolved animals. DHBV carriers received four injections of plasmids encoding DHBV envelope and core alone or co-delivered with duck IL-2 (DuIL-2) or duck IFN-γ (DuIFN-γ) plasmids. After long-term (8 months) follow-up, viral covalently closed circular (ccc) DNA was analysed in duck necropsy liver samples. Liver homogenates were also tested for in vivo infectivity in neonatal ducklings. Co-delivery of DuIFN-γ resulted in significantly lower mean viremia starting from week 21. Viral cccDNA was undetectable by conventional methods in the livers of 25% and 57% of animals co-immunized with DuIL-2 and DuIFN-γ, respectively. Interestingly, inoculation of liver homogenates from 7 such apparently resolved animals, exhibiting cccDNA undetectable in Southern blotting and DHBV expression undetectable or restricted to few hepatocytes, revealed that three liver homogenates transmitted high-titre viremia (3-5×10(10) vge/mL) to naïve animals. In conclusion, our results indicate that IFN-γ gene co-delivery considerably enhances immunotherapeutic efficacy of DNA vaccine targeting hepadnaviral proteins. Importantly, we also showed that livers exhibiting only minute amounts of hepadnaviral cccDNA could induce extremely high-titre infection, highlighting the caution that should be taken in occult hepatitis B patients to prevent HBV transmission in liver transplantation context.


J Viral Hepat


Saade F,Buronfosse T,Guerret S,Pradat P,Chevallier M,Zoulim F,Jamard C,Cova L




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  • The large form of ADAR 1 is responsible for enhanced hepatitis delta virus RNA editing in interferon-alpha-stimulated host cells.

    abstract::Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) RNA editing controls the formation of hepatitis-delta-antigen-S and -L and therefore indirectly regulates HDV replication. Editing is thought to be catalysed by the adenosine deaminase acting on RNA1 (ADAR1) of which two different forms exist, interferon (IFN)-alpha-inducible ADAR1-L and co...

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  • Modelling hepatitis C virus kinetics during treatment with pegylated interferon alpha-2b: errors in the estimation of viral kinetic parameters.

    abstract::Neumann et al. [1] developed a widely used model for the analysis of hepatitis C virus (HCV) dynamics after the initiation of interferon therapy that assumes the effectiveness of therapy in blocking virion production, epsilon, is constant. However, with pegylated interferon alpha-2b (PEG-IFN) given weekly, there are s...

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