Evaluating facial paralysis. Expensive diagnostic tests are often unnecessary.


:In most cases, the cause of facial paralysis can be determined on the basis of the clinical evaluation, and expensive diagnostic tests can be avoided. Because Bell's palsy is not always the cause, physicians need to be able to identify critical findings on history and physical examination that indicate an alternative diagnosis. Once identified, these findings can lead to a specific and directed evaluation.


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  • Thromboembolism during pregnancy. Risks, challenges, and recommendations.

    abstract::Pregnancy is an important risk factor for venous thrombosis, and venous thromboembolism is a leading cause of preventable death in pregnancy. Diagnosis of venous thromboembolism is complicated in that the symptoms of dyspnea and lower extremity edema are relatively common complaints of pregnant patients. Physicians sh...

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  • Thromboembolism after hip surgery. Comparison of screening methods.

    abstract::Venous thromboembolism is a serious and, often, asymptomatic complication of hip surgery. A reliable screening test is needed to detect thrombi early to prevent death from pulmonary emboli. Noninvasive screening tests were ineffective in our study of 453 patients. We recommend early use of ventilation/perfusion lung s...

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  • Macrolide and fluoroquinolone mediated cardiac arrhythmias: clinical considerations and comprehensive review.

    abstract::While there is evidence for cardiac arrhythmias associated with macrolide and fluoroquinolone antibiotics, there is still debate among health care providers as to whether this risk of arrhythmia is overstated. A joint panel of the US Food and Drug Administration suggested that macrolide and fluoroquinolone labels need...

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  • What to do when you discover testicular cancer. Helping patients overcome fear and choose treatment.

    abstract::As one patient put it after hearing his treatment options for a stage I testicular tumor, "If you're gonna have cancer, this is about as easy a road as you get." With recognition of the importance of orchiectomy, development of the nerve-sparing lymph node dissection procedure, and availability of modern chemotherapy ...

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    authors: Sonpavde G,Einhorn LH

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  • The solitary pulmonary nodule. An aggressive workup.

    abstract::The solitary pulmonary nodule observed on chest films should be pursued aggressively, usually by means of tissue study, since the clinical and roentgenographic characteristics of the nodule are often misleading and do not permit a reliable diagnosis. A decision to follow a patient without definitive tissue study shoul...

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    authors: Meyer TJ

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  • Primary health care in the People's Republic of China.

    abstract::In scarcely more than 30 years, the People's Republic of China has progressed from limited health care available only to a privileged few to a countrywide system providing basic services to one fifth of the world's population. The author gives his impressions of the current situation, based on a recent visit. :There ...

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    authors: Taylor RB

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  • Suicide prevention in primary care. Careful questioning, prompt treatment can save lives.

    abstract::Suicide is a major public health problem in the United States. Psychiatric disorders that feature or lead to suicidal ideation may be overlooked in the primary care setting because patients are reluctant to broach the subject. In this article, Dr Hamilton describes how physicians can open a dialogue with patients so t...

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  • Allergic disease in children. Guide to diagnosis and treatment.

    abstract::Allergy is responsible for many problems in the pediatric age-group. At times the most difficult job for the physician is to determine if the patient is indeed allergic and, if so, to what. Allergy skin testing remains the first choice for diagnostic study. Treatment consists of avoiding the offending allergen if poss...

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    authors: Hein EW,Kishore R

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  • Endocrinologic causes of peripheral neuropathy. Pins and needles in a stocking-and-glove pattern and other symptoms.

    abstract::In the Western world, diabetes is the biggest cause of peripheral neuropathy, usually distal symmetric polyneuropathy but some times another polyneuropathy or a focal neuropathy. In addition, hypothyroidism and acromegaly can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other sensory complaints. A complete blood cell count, nerve...

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    authors: Perkins AT,Morgenlander JC

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  • Pediatric poisoning the first 30 minutes.

    abstract::Two distinct subpopulations in the pediatric age-group are particularly at risk for poisoning, and the substances likely to be ingested by each group differ. The method of critical care given here incorporates consideration of specific types of poisoning into an overall plan of general diagnostic and therapeutic measu...

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    authors: Driggers DA

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  • Fertility and cancer therapy.

    abstract::With increased survival of increasing numbers of cancer patients as a result of therapy, the consequences, early and late, of the therapies must be realized. It is the treating physician's duty to preserve as much reproductive potential as possible for patients, consistent with adequate care. With radiotherapy this me...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Maguire LC

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  • Skin signs of systemic disease. When the problem is more than skin-deep.

    abstract::The cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases are diverse. In some cases, they are the first signs of an underlying disorder, such as Cowden's disease, dermatomyositis, and Lyme disease. Sister Mary Joseph's nodule (metastatic involvement of the umbilicus) is an ominous sign of internal malignant disease. Drug-ind...

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    authors: Holmes CE,Massa MC

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  • Pitfalls in diagnosis of Lyme disease. What you need to know about serologic testing.

    abstract::Lyme disease can be difficult to recognize because not all patients have erythema migrans or other classic symptoms. Therefore, laboratory testing has become an important aid to clinical diagnosis. But the story doesn't end there-serologic testing presents another set of problems and concerns. Drs. Still and Ryan expl...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Still MM,Ryan ME

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  • Clinical workup of fatty liver for the primary care provider.

    abstract::Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is quickly emerging as a global epidemic in parallel with the rise in obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. NAFLD, once seen simply as a passive consequence of the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS), has been found to interact with other features of MetS to exacerbate insulin resistance, ...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Jensen T,Wieland A,Cree-Green M,Nadeau K,Sullivan S

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  • Common variable immunodeficiency, immune thrombocytopenia, rituximab and splenectomy: important considerations.

    abstract::Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is readily considered in patients presenting with recurrent sino-pulmonary infections, however this disease has a broad range of clinical manifestations and diagnosis can be delayed by several years. We present the case of a 44-year-old postpartum female who presented with nause...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Arays R,Goyal S,Jordan KM

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  • Effect of early weight loss on type 2 diabetes mellitus after 2 years of gastric banding.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) is an established bariatric surgical procedure that produces meaningful weight loss and improvements in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 30 kg/m2. This study examined the effect of LAGB on T2DM status in severely obese p...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,多中心研究


    authors: Edelman S,Bhoyrul S,Billy H,Cornell C,Okerson T

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  • Infectious diarrhea. Which culprit? What strategy?

    abstract::The patient with diarrhea is generally looking for prompt relief, not a prolonged diagnostic workup. In many cases effective treatment can be initiated after careful review of the clinical symptoms and of the patient's recent travel or other activities. Stool examination, sigmoidoscopy, or other studies may be necessa...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Farmer RG

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  • Hand dermatitis. The perennial scourge.

    abstract::Hand eczema continues to bedevil both patients and physicians. While appropriate and judicious intervention minimizes aggravation, discomfort, and inconvenience, recurrences are frequent. Treatment with corticosteroids is often effective for irritant dermatitis. Efforts to avoid the irritant, protect the hands, and us...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Landow K

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  • Asthma management. The case for aiming at control rather than merely relief.

    abstract::Asthma is a common and eminently treatable disease. Most asthma patients are initially seen by primary care physicians, who are likely to have a significant part in management. Research has provided physicians with a better understanding of the pathophysiologic basis of asthma and new antiasthma agents. Guidelines hav...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Keenan JM

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  • The dementia syndromes. Distinguishing their clinical differences.

    abstract::Dementia is one of the most devastating illnesses that affect the elderly. The progressive decline in memory, judgment, intellectual function, and adaptive ability places an immense burden on families, healthcare providers, and communities. Because advancing age is the leading risk factor for most types of dementia, t...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: O'Brien ME

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  • Clinical and economic outcomes in respiratory tract infections: The impact of bacterial resistance.

    abstract::Drug acquisition cost is an important component in the analysis of economic and clinical outcomes in the treatment of respiratory tract infections (RTIs). However, bacterial resistance has emerged as a crucial variable that must also be considered. Drug-resistant infections result in more expensive drug therapy, longe...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Rapp RP

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  • Pulmonary thromboembolism. 1. Current concepts in pathogenesis and diagnosis.

    abstract::Thrombosis results from the dynamic interaction of venous stasis, hypercoagulability, and endothelial injury. Protection against thrombosis may be lost if there is deficiency of any of the factors that mediate platelet deaggregation, block fibrin deposition, or initiate fibrinolysis. A thrombus lodged in the pulmonary...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Giudice JC,Komansky HJ,Gordon R

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  • Resource use and costs in high-risk symptomatic peripheral artery disease patients with diabetes and prior acute coronary syndrome: a retrospective analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:As the prevalence of peripheral artery disease (PAD) increases there is growing concern about the associated healthcare burden. This burden has not been well-characterized in high-risk patients with concurrent diabetes and/or acute coronary syndrome (ACS). The objective of this analysis was to assess comorbi...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Reed Chase M,Friedman HS,Navaratnam P,Heithoff K,Simpson RJ Jr

    更新日期:2016-01-01 00:00:00

  • Serologic markers: impact on early diagnosis and disease stratification in inflammatory bowel disease.

    abstract::Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is difficult to diagnose, and differentiating between ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) can be challenging. Overlapping symptoms of UC and CD often delay diagnosis, despite availability of endoscopic, radiologic, and histologic tools. This delay in diagnosis is quite com...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Arai R

    更新日期:2010-07-01 00:00:00

  • A practical approach to disorders of hemostasis.

    abstract::Simple screening tests are available to detect abnormalities in the plasma coagulation system and platelet function. Prothrombin time reflects the integrity of the extrinsic system, while activated partial thromboplastin time indicates whether the intrinsic system is intact. Thrombin clotting time is a measure of the ...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Horwitz CA

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  • Progressive congestive heart failure. Ways to approach office management.

    abstract::Treatment of congestive heart failure depends on the cause, precipitating factors, and symptoms of the disease in each patient. Dr Kahn outlines the use of the three main types of pharmacologic agents given for heart failure--diuretics, vasodilators, and digoxin. He describes a stepwise regimen, whereby agents are add...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kahn JK

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  • Wound healing. Helping a natural process.

    abstract::Wound healing calls for little outside interference. All the physician need do is ensure that the wound is clean and debrided and decide whether closure by suture or by granulation tissue formation is indicated. Suture repair should be delayed if the wound is heavily contaminated. Use of skin tapes or of constant-pres...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Fernandez A,Finley JM

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  • Farm injuries. How can the family farm be made a safer place?

    abstract::Farming is a dangerous life-style and occupation for children and adults. Dangerous situations are taken in stride and considered part of life on a family farm. Regulatory and educational programs and funding have been minimal in the United States. Physicians have been a major force in accident-prevention efforts in o...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Sterner S

    更新日期:1991-08-01 00:00:00

  • Early detection and management of COPD. What you can do to reduce the impact of this disabling disease.

    abstract::Primary care physicians play a pivotal role in the early identification of patients with COPD. Early diagnosis, along with aggressive intervention, is the only way that the increasing morbidity and mortality of COPD can be reversed. Any patient with a history of smoking should undergo evaluation for the possibility of...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Doherty DE

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  • Cataracts. Lifting the clouds on an age-old problem.

    abstract::Cataracts are the most common treatable form of reduced vision in older adults. Although the incidence of cataracts is high after age 65, careful history taking and clinical examination are essential to establish the diagnosis. Cataract surgery is medically indicated when the view to the retina is obscured or lens-ind...

    journal_title:Postgraduate medicine

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    authors: Trudo EW,Stark WJ

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