Cognitive screening examinations for silent cerebral infarcts in sickle cell disease.


OBJECTIVE:In children with sickle cell disease (SCD), silent cerebral infarcts are the most frequent cause of neurologic injury. We determined the sensitivity and specificity of selective neurocognitive measures when separating children with silent cerebral infarcts and SCD from sibling controls. Additionally, we tested the validity of the same cognitive measures to identify patients with overt strokes. METHODS:We examined performance on a neuropsychologic battery containing measures of attention/executive, spatial, language, memory, and motor functioning for seven children with SCD and silent cerebral infarct, 21 children with SCD and overt stroke, and 17 normal siblings. Diagnosis of cerebral infarct was based on results of MRI. RESULTS:Measures from the attention and executive domains were the most useful for identifying children with silent cerebral infarct. The Test of Variables of Attention was the most robust measure and yielded a sensitivity rate of 86% and a specificity rate of 81%. This measure also showed a sensitivity rate of 95% in identifying overt stroke. CONCLUSIONS:Brief cognitive screening measures, if properly constructed, may be an effective means of identifying children with silent cerebral infarct. Future prospective studies should be pursued to assess the utility of cognitive screening for silent cerebral infarcts in SCD.






DeBaun MR,Schatz J,Siegel MJ,Koby M,Craft S,Resar L,Chu JY,Launius G,Dadash-Zadeh M,Lee RB,Noetzel M




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  • Recent bacterial and viral infection is a risk factor for cerebrovascular ischemia: clinical and biochemical studies.

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  • Practical considerations in the use of apomorphine injectable.

    abstract::This manuscript provides a practical summary of guidelines for institution of apomorphine subcutaneous injectable therapy, including patient education, pre-treatment issues, dosage titration and side-effect care. The timing of each injection is crucial if an impending "off" period is to be averted. Patients need to be...


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