Effects of (+)-8',8',8'-trifluoroabscisic acid on alpha-amylase expression and sugar accumulation in rice cells.


:The effects of (+)-8',8',8'-trifluoroabscisic acid (trifluoro-ABA) on alpha-amylase expression were studied in rice embryoless half-seeds, scutella, and suspension-cultured cells derived from the embryo, and the effects of the analog on sugar accumulation were also studied in scutella and suspension-cultured cells. Treatment with (+)-trifluoro-ABA strongly inhibited the gibberellic acid-inducible expression of alpha-amylase I-1 encoded by RAmy1A in the aleurone layers of embryoless half-seeds at the levels of transcription, protein synthesis, and enzyme activity. It was also found that (+)-trifluoro-ABA stimulated (i) the uptake of glucose from the incubation medium and (ii) the synthesis of sucrose in scutellar tissues and suspension-cultured cells of rice. The biological activity of (+)-trifluoro-ABA was found to be more potent and persistent than that of natural ABA. We further examined the effects of trifluoro-ABA on the expression of alpha-amylase I-1 in scutellar tissues and suspension-cultured cells. It was found that (+)-trifluoro-ABA did not inhibit the formation of alpha-amylase I-1 in the absence of external glucose. However, glucose and (+)-trifluoro-ABA cooperatively suppressed the formation of alpha-amylase I-1. Judging from these results, we conclude that the regulatory mechanism for the expression of alpha-amylase I-1 in the scutellar epithelium is distinguishable from that operating in the aleurone layer.






Kashem MA,Hori H,Itoh K,Hayakawa T,Todoroki Y,Hirai N,Ohigashi H,Mitsui T




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  • Functional testing of a PF02458 homologue of putative rice arabinoxylan feruloyl transferase genes in Brachypodium distachyon.

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    abstract::1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase (ACS) catalyzes the rate-limiting step in ethylene biosynthesis during ripening. ACS isozymes are regulated both transcriptionally and post-translationally. However, in banana, an important climacteric fruit, little is known about post-translational regulation of ACS. Her...


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  • Expression of callose synthase genes and its connection with Npr1 signaling pathway during pathogen infection.

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    abstract::The aquaporin NtAQP1 from Nicotiana tabacum L. is insensitive to heavy-metal ions. In addition to water, the transport of urea or glycerol is facilitated by this plasma-membrane-located water channel. Northern hybridization and whole-mount in situ hybridization revealed a high steady-state level of NtAQP1-RNA in roots...


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  • Glutamine synthetase in the chloroplasts of Vicia faba.

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  • The novel gene CpEdi-9 from the resurrection plant C. plantagineum encodes a hydrophilic protein and is expressed in mature seeds as well as in response to dehydration in leaf phloem tissues.

    abstract::The resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum Hochst. is used as an experimental system to investigate desiccation tolerance in higher plants. A search for genes activated during early stages of dehydration identified the gene CpEdi-9, which is expressed in mature seeds and in response to dehydration in the phloem...


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  • The nutritional status of the apical meristem of Lactuca sativa as affected by NaCl salinization: An electron-probe microanalytic study.

    abstract::A volume of tissue of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) plants extending 2 mm basipetally from the apical meristem and including leaf primordia and young expanding leaves was surveyed using electron-probe microanalysis (EPMA) on both frozen-hydrated and freeze-dried samples. This analysis was carried out either 2 or 5 d fol...


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  • [Metabolism of γ-aminobutyrate in Agaricus bisporus Lge. : II: γ-aminobutyrate: γ-ketoglutarate aminotransferase].

    abstract::Transamination between γ-aminobutyrate and α-ketoglutarate provides a pathway for the utilization of γ-aminobutyrate in fruit-bodies of Agaricus bisporus Lge. This reaction leads to the formation of succinic semialdehyde, a metabolic intermediate in the metabolism of γ-aminobutyrate to succinate in the cell. γ-aminobu...


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  • Chemical and immunological similarities between the phloem proteins of three genera of the Cucurbitaceae.

    abstract::Phloem exudates from Cucurbita, Cucumis, and Citrullus were gelled by oxidative formation of disulphide bridges between the phloem filaments. Gellation could be inhibited by dithiothreitol or iodoacetamide and did not require the presence of the phloem lectin. Each exudate contained a dimeric lectin of similar relativ...


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  • Photoprotection of green plants: a mechanism of ultra-fast thermal energy dissipation in desiccated lichens.

    abstract::In order to survive sunlight in the absence of water, desiccation-tolerant green plants need to be protected against photooxidation. During drying of the chlorolichen Cladonia rangiformis and the cyanolichen Peltigera neckeri, chlorophyll fluorescence decreased and stable light-dependent charge separation in reaction ...


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  • Lateral movement out of the sieve tubes and its effect on the (14)C translocation profile in Helianthus seedlings.

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  • Soluble and microsomal glutatione S-transferase activities in pea seedlings (Pisum sativum L.).

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  • Decarboxylation and transport of auxin in segments of sunflower and cabbage roots.

    abstract::The movement of (14)C from indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) (14)C has been examined in 5 mm root segments of dark-grown seedlings of Helianthus annuus and Brassica oleracea. Contaminants from distilled water, phosphate buffer and the razor-blade cutter increase the decarboxylation of IAA-(14)C, and cutting of root segments ...


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  • The ethylene receptor regulates Typha angustifolia leaf aerenchyma morphogenesis and cell fate.

    abstract:MAIN CONCLUSION:Ethylene receptor is crucial for PCD and aerenchyma formation in Typha angustifolia leaves. Not only does it receive and deliver the ethylene signal, but it probably can determine the cell fate during aerenchyma morphogenesis, which is due to the receptor expression quantity. Aquatic plant oxygen delive...


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  • A single gene inherited trait confers metabolic resistance to chlorsulfuron in grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor).

    abstract:MAIN CONCLUSION:This study confirms a high level of metabolic resistance to the herbicide chlorsulfuron, inherited by a single dominant gene in a sorghum genotype (GL-1). Chlorsulfuron, an acetolactate synthase (ALS)-inhibitor, effectively controls post-emergence grass and broadleaf weeds but is not registered for use ...


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  • Control of ion absorption by phytochrome.

    abstract::Phosphate absorption by segments excised from hypocotyls of Phaseolus aureus Roxb. was inhibited by either continuous or short-term illumination with red light. Maximal inhibition was observed at pH 6.5. Illumination with 800 erg cm(-2) s(-1) of red light for 5 min was sufficient to obtain maximal inhibition. The effe...


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  • Porphyra nereocystis: A dual-daylength seaweed.

    abstract::Conchospores from the perennial conchocelis phase of the annual, epiphytic, marine red alga Porphyra nereocystis Anderson, which in nature lives on the large annual kelp Nereocystis luetkeana (Mertens) Postels et Ruprecht, are released in culture only in response to a short-day photoperiod treatment followed by a long...


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  • Regulation of stipule development by COCHLEATA and STIPULE-REDUCED genes in pea Pisum sativum.

    abstract::Pisum sativum L., the garden pea crop plant, is serving as the unique model for genetic analyses of morphogenetic development of stipule, the lateral organ formed on either side of the junction of leafblade petiole and stem at nodes. The stipule reduced (st) and cochleata (coch) stipule mutations and afila (af), tendr...


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  • The life of phi: the development of phi thickenings in roots of the orchids of the genus Miltoniopsis.

    abstract::Phi thickenings, bands of secondary wall thickenings that reinforce the primary wall of root cortical cells in a wide range of species, are described for the first time in the epiphytic orchid Miltoniopsis. As with phi thickenings found in other plants, the phi thickenings in Miltoniopsis contain highly aligned cellul...


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  • Two forms of NADP-dependent malic enzyme in expanding maize leaves.

    abstract::Etiolated maize leaves (Zea mays L.) contain a major isozyme of NADP-dependent malic enzyme (L-malate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating, EC having an isoelectric point of 5.28±0.03, a Km (L-malate) 0.3-0.6 mM at pH 7.45; a broad pH optimum around pH 6.9 under the conditions of assay; a molecular weight of 280,0...


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  • The effects of temperature and IAA concentration on the latent period for IAA-induced rapid growth of Avena coleoptile segments.

    abstract::Indoleacetic acid buffered at pH 7.0 induces a high growth rate in Avena coleoptile segments after a latent period, the duration of which is dependent upon both IAA concentration and temperature. A minimum latent period of 7.3 min is observed at 25° C with 10(-3) M IAA in phosphate buffer at pH 7.0.In contrast, 5×10(-...


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  • Floral visitation and reproductive traits of Stamenoid petals, a naturally occurring floral homeotic variant of Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae).

    abstract::Homeotic changes played a considerable role during the evolution of flowers, but how floral homeotic mutants initially survive in nature has remained enigmatic. To better understand the evolutionary potential of floral homeotic mutants, we established as a model system Stamenoid petals (Spe), a natural variant of Caps...


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  • Nitrogenase activity, amino acid pool patterns and amination in blue-green algae.

    abstract::The free amino acid pools in the nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae Anabaena cylindrica, A. flos-aquae and Westiellopsis prolifica contain a variety of amino acids with aspartic acid, glutamic acid and the amide glutamine being present in much higher concentrations than the others. This pattern is characteristic of that...


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  • Proteomic and functional analyses of Nelumbo nucifera annexins involved in seed thermotolerance and germination vigor.

    abstract::Annexins are multifunctional proteins characterized by their capacity to bind calcium ions and negatively charged lipids. Although there is increasing evidence implicating their importance in plant stress responses, their functions in seeds remain to be further studied. In this study, we identified a heat-induced anne...


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