Gastrodin production from p-2-hydroxybenzyl alcohol through biotransformation by cultured cells of Aspergillus foetidus and Penicillium cyclopium.


:The objective of this work was to take advantage of the resting cells of suitable fungus as an in vitro model to prepare gastrodin from p-2-hydroxybenzyl alcohol (HBA), which mainly exists in the metabolites of the plant Gastrodia elata Blume. The one-step biotransformation of HBA into gastrodin was examined with the filamentous fungi cells of Aspergillus foetidus and Penicillium cyclopium AS 3.4513 in this study. The fundamental conditions of biotransformation were screened and compared for both fungi. P. cyclopium AS 3.4513 had better gastrodin-producing capability than A. foetidus through one-step bioconversion. The highest yield of gastrodin was 36 mg/L for A. foetidus ZU-G1 and 65 mg/L for P. cyclopium AS 3.4513 under the respective development condition during 6 days of biotransformation. The comparative results show that P. cyclopium AS 3.4513 reveals great potential to form gastrodin using HBA as the precursor. The products catalyzed by the resting cells of P. cyclopium AS 3.4513 were identified through NMR and ESI-MS. Current results can be applied not only to the chemical synthesis processes that may involve the hydroxylation reaction but also to the industrial production. The selected fungus is the potential biocatalyst for HBA glucosylation.


Fan L,Dong Y,Xu T,Zhang H,Chen Q




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