Inhibitory effect of Multiglycosidorum tripterygii on coronary arteriosclerosis after heart transplantation.


BACKGROUND:Graft coronary arteriosclerosis (GCA) is the major limiting factor for long-term survival after heart transplantation. In this study, we investigated the effect of Multiglycosidorum tripterygii (MT) on GCA and platelet-derived growth factor A (PDGF-A) mRNA expression of transplanted hearts. METHODS:Two groups of Lewis rats (n=7/group) underwent heterotopic heart transplantation from Wistar-King donors and were treated with either cyclosporine (CsA;10 mg/kg/day) or MT (30 mg/kg/ day). Histological evaluations of rejection and coronary arteriosclerosis, as well as Northern blot analysis on graft PDGF-A mRNA expression were made 60 days after transplantation. RESULTS:Morphometric results indicated no significant difference in rejection between the CsA- and MT-treated groups. However, the extent of GCA in the MT-treated group was significantly less than that seen in the CsA-treated group (P<0.01). The expression of PDGF-A mRNA of cardiac allograft was also significantly suppressed in the MT-treated group when compared with the CsA-treated group (P<0.01). CONCLUSION:MT is superior to CsA in preventing graft coronary arteriosclerosis, and this efficacy is probably associated with the depressed expression of graft PDGF-A mRNA in the MT-treated group.






Hachida M,Zhang XL,Lu H,Hoshi H,Koyanagi H




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1998-06-15 00:00:00












  • Acute nephrotoxicity of tacrolimus and sirolimus in renal isografts: differential intragraft expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 and alpha-smooth muscle actin.

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  • CCR5, RANTES and CX3CR1 polymorphisms: possible genetic links with acute heart rejection.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The inflammation response is modulated by the elaborated chemokine-chemokine receptor system, which also plays an important role in the development of acute rejection (AR). In this study, we hypothesized that functional genetic variants of some of these modulatory proteins might influence the outcome of AR. ...


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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Globalization and migration patterns have increased the number of donors from countries with high incidence rates of tuberculosis (TB) in low incidence countries, with the subsequent increase in risk of TB transmission to the recipients. METHODS:Retrospective cohort study, including all actual deceased dono...


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    abstract:BACKGROUND:The benefit of conversion from mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) to enteric-coated mycophenolate sodium (EC-MPS) in terms of gastrointestinal symptom burden has been evaluated previously using patient-reported outcomes. However, data are lacking concerning the sustained effect of conversion over time, and the pote...


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  • Escaping from rejection.

    abstract::Since the earliest days of transplantation, immunobiologists have sought means to prevent recognition and rejection of foreign tissue. The goal of these strategies is the retention of recipient immune function while selectively avoiding graft injury. Although considerable theoretical and technical problems remain, an ...


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  • Correction of decreased guanylate cyclase activity in diabetic rats by pancreatic islet transplantation.

    abstract::We have previously demonstrated that streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats have decreased guanylate cyclase (EC activity in liver and other tissues which was returned to normal by the administration of exogenous insulin. Since successful pancreatic islet transplants have been shown to lower basal hepatic gluco...


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