Jejunal absorption and metabolism of R/S-verapamil in humans.


PURPOSE:The purpose of this human intestinal perfusion study was to investigate the transport and metabolism of R/S-verapamil in the human jejunum (in vivo). METHODS:A regional single-pass perfusion of the jejunum was performed using a Loc-I-Gut perfusion tube in 12 healthy volunteers. Each perfusion lasted for 200 min and was divided into two periods each of 100 min. The inlet concentrations of verapamil were 4.0 and 40 mg/l in period one and two, respectively. RESULTS:The effective jejunal permeability (Peff) of both R- and S-verapamil increased (p < 0.05) when the inlet concentration was increased consistent with saturation of an efflux mechanism. However, both R- and S-verapamil had high intestinal Peff, consistent with complete absorption. The Peff of antipyrine also increased, but there was no difference in the Peff for D-glucose in the two periods. The appearance of R/S-norverapamil in the intestinal perfusate leaving the jejunal segment was non-linear, presumably due to saturation of the CYP3A4 metabolism. CONCLUSIONS:The increased Peff in parallel with increased entering drug concentration is most likely due to saturable efflux by P-glycoprotein(s) in the human intestine.


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Pharmaceutical research


Sandström R,Karlsson A,Knutson L,Lennernäs H




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  • Swelling and dissolution kinetics during peptide release from erodible anionic gel beads.

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    abstract::The fluxes of nitroglycerine (NG) through human abdominal epidermis from different individuals were measured in vitro at 32°C. The mean NG flux for the entire group was 16.9 µg/cm(2) × hr, with a standard deviation of 47.7%. There are no significant differences in the means and the variances of NG fluxes between males...

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    abstract::A new enteric-coated formulation of sodium ursodeoxycholate was prepared and administered to man. The barrier film disintegrates and releases the drug only at pH > or = 5.5. The sodium salt of glycoursodeoxycholate was also prepared and encapsulated like ursodeoxycholate. Serum levels of ursodeoxycholate and glycourso...

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  • Tumor Microenvironment Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Prodrug Micelles for Improved Cancer Therapy.

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  • A semi-mechanistic gastric emptying model for the population pharmacokinetic analysis of orally administered acetaminophen in critically ill patients.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a semi-mechanistic population pharmacokinetic model based on gastric emptying function for acetaminophen plasma concentration in critically ill patients tolerant and intolerant to enteral nutrition before and after prokinetic therapy. METHODS:Acetaminophen plasma concentrations were available from a...

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  • Controlled delivery systems for proteins based on poly(lactic/glycolic acid) microspheres.

    abstract::This paper describes an investigation of the use of poly(lactic/glycolic acid) polymers for long-term delivery of high molecular weight, water-soluble proteins. Poly(lactic/glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres, containing (fluorescein isothiocyanate)-labeled bovine serum albumin and (fluorescein isothiocyanate)-labeled ...

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  • Pharmaceutical equivalence by design for generic drugs: modified-release products.

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    abstract::We studied the effects of two verapamil analogs, anipamil and ronipamil, in traumatic shock. Noble-Collip drum trauma produced a shock state characterized by an eight-fold increase in plasma cathepsin D activity, a 13-fold increase in the rate of plasma myocardial depressant factor (MDF) accumulation, and a survival t...

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  • Osmotic-driven release kinetics of bioactive therapeutic proteins from a biodegradable elastomer are linear, constant, similar, and adjustable.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of the study is to determine whether a biodegradable elastomeric device that uses an osmotic pressure delivery mechanism can release different therapeutic proteins at a nearly constant rate in nanomolar concentrations with high bioactivity, given the same formulation conditions. Vascular endothelial gro...

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  • Dependence of dissolution rate on surface area: is a simple linear relationship valid for co-compressed drug mixtures?

    abstract::A quantitative analysis of the dependence of dissolution rate on the relative surface area occupied by two non-interacting drug mixtures from co-compressed slabs is described. The results from the experimental dissolution rates of each component from naproxen/phenytoin co-compressed slabs under laminar flow conditions...

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  • Involvement of indoxyl sulfate in renal and central nervous system toxicities during cisplatin-induced acute renal failure.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of the present study was to explore the involvement of indoxyl sulfate (IS) in nephrotoxicity and central nervous system (CNS) toxicity in cisplatin (CDDP)-treated rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Renal function was evaluated by serum creatinine and BUN levels. The IS levels in the serum, brain and kidn...

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  • Antiangiogenic effect of bile acid acylated heparin derivative.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Chemically modified heparin-DOCA was prepared and found to have markedly lower anticoagulant activity than heparin. In the present study, we elucidated the antiangiogenic and antitumoral activities of heparin-DOCA derivative. METHODS:To evaluate the antiangiogenic and antitumoral effects of heparin-DOCA, capil...

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  • Challenging the Relevance of Unbound Tissue-to-Blood Partition Coefficient (Kpuu) on Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To examine the theoretical/practical utility of the liver-to-blood partition coefficient (Kpuu) for predicting drug-drug interactions (DDIs), and compare the Kpuu-approach to the extended clearance concept AUCR-approach. METHODS:The Kpuu relationship was derived from first principles. Theoretical simulations i...

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