Re-modelling of venous thrombosis.


:Venous thromboembolism is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in modern societies. The entirety of events involved in venous thrombus formation and resolution remains to be elucidated. Temporal relation between the initial cellular insult, thrombus formation and resolution is critical for instituting a prompt treatment. This paper analyses the current basic knowledge and the events involved in venous re-modelling after an episode of venous thrombosis.






Malgor RD,Labropoulos N




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  • Preoperative determination of anatomic variations of the small saphenous vein for varicose vein surgery by three-dimensional computed tomography venography.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To define the anatomical variations of small saphenous vein (SSV) for varicose vein (VV) surgery by three-dimensional computed tomography venography (3D-CTV) and to analyse the impact of this preoperative evaluation on surgical outcomes. METHODS:A total of 120 consecutive limbs with SSV insufficiency having ...


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  • Compression therapy for venous disease.

    abstract::For centuries, compression therapy has been utilized to treat venous disease. To date it remains the mainstay of therapy, particularly in more severe forms such as venous ulceration. In addition to mechanisms of benefit, we discuss the evidence behind compression therapy, particularly hosiery, in various forms of veno...


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    authors: Attaran RR,Ochoa Chaar CI

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  • Venous filling time using air-plethysmography correlates highly with great saphenous vein reflux time using duplex.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Venous filling time (VFT90) is the time taken to reach 90% of the venous volume in the calf. It is recorded by air-plethysmography (APG(®)) and is assumed to measure global venous reflux duration. However, this has never been confirmed by duplex. The aim of the study was to compare VFT on APG to venous reflu...


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    authors: Lattimer CR,Azzam M,Kalodiki E,Geroulakos G

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  • The treatment of upper extremities deep vein thrombosis related to thoracic outlet syndrome with direct oral anticoagulants.

    abstract::Venous thoracic outlet syndrome (VTOS) is a manifestation of venous symptoms that occurs when the subclavian vein is compressed and it may present clinically with acute venous thrombosis of the axillo-subclavian vein. Evidence for the optimal approach to the management of this condition is sparse and actually anticoag...


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  • Results of endovenous ClosureFast treatment for varicose veins in an outpatient setting.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Endovenous methods are increasingly used to treat varicose veins. We evaluated the outcome of patients treated with the new radiofrequency ablation (RFA)-ClosureFast catheter in an outpatient setting. METHOD:Retrospective analysis of postinterventional duplex ultrasound (DUS), complication rate and quality o...


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  • Physiochemical properties and reproducibility of air-based sodium tetradecyl sulphate foam using the Tessari method.

    abstract::Objectives The objectives were to examine the density, bubble size distribution and durability of sodium tetradecyl sulphate foam and the consistency of production of foam by a number of different operators using the Tessari method. Methods 1% and 3% sodium tetradecyl sulphate sclerosant foam was produced by an experi...


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  • Epidemiology and risk factors for varicose veins among older people: cross-sectional population study in the UK.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There are many hypotheses concerning risk factors for the development of varicose veins based mostly on pathophysiological plausibility. Population studies have been carried out mostly on the middle aged with relatively few on elderly populations. OBJECTIVES:To investigate epidemiological risk factors for v...


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  • Is there a continuing role for traditional surgery?

    abstract::Despite recent NICE guidance there remains a definite role for surgery in the management of varicose veins. A lot of the available evidence that has driven the transformation of care towards endovenous treatments is of good quality yet published by enthusiasts. No endovenous studies have reported long term results as ...


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    authors: Coughlin PA,Berridge DC

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  • Comparison of the effects of endovenous laser ablation at 1470 nm versus 1940 nm and different energy densities.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate histological and immunohistochemical changes in the great saphenous vein after endovenous laser ablation at two different wavelengths (1470 vs. 1940 nm) and linear endovenous energy density values (50 vs. 100 J/cm). METHOD:Segments were obtained from the conventional eversion removal of great sa...


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    authors: de Araujo WJB,Timi JRR,Kotze LR,Vieira da Costa CR

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  • Venous leg symptoms in patients with varicocele: A multicenter assessment study (VEIN-TURKEY study).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study is to evaluate chronic venous disease symptoms by using the Venous Insufficiency Epidemiological and Economic Study-Quality of Life/Symptoms (VEINES-QoL/Sym) questionnaire in varicocele patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS:The study was designed as a prospective, case controlled study and con...


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    authors: Ozturk S,Akbaba KT,Kılıc S,Cıcek T,Peskırcıoglu L,Tandogan I,Gurlek A,Aydemır O,Ilerı M,Yetkın E

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  • Pain in the aftermath of minimal invasive treatment for unilateral incompetence of the great saphenous vein.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Assessment of postprocedural pain after minimal invasive treatment of unilateral incompetence of the great saphenous vein. METHODS:A total of 85 patients treated with endovenous laser ablation (1470 nm) in combination with foam sclerotherapy and evulsions reported postprocedural pain on a visual analogue sc...


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    authors: Bossart S,Amsler F,Romer-Schenk G,Duchini S,Willenberg T

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  • Bioimpedance spectroscopy and volumetry in the immediate/short-term monitoring of intensive complex decongestive treatment of lymphedema.

    abstract:AIMS:To assess (a) immediate/short-term outcomes of intensive complex decongestive treatment of lower limb lymphedema, by means of bioimpedance spectroscopy and tape measurement-based volumetry, and (b) correlation between these two methods. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Cohort study on patients affected by unilateral primary ...


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    authors: Cavezzi A,Urso SU,Paccasassi S,Mosti G,Campana F,Colucci R

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  • Sclerotherapy of varicose veins in patients with documented thrombophilia: a prospective controlled randomized study of 105 cases.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to assess thrombotic complications following sclerotherapy in thrombophilic patients in combination with thromboprophylaxis, in two randomized arms using low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) or warfarin. Patients and methods This study received approval from the Ethics Committee. A t...


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    authors: Hamel-Desnos CM,Gillet JL,Desnos PR,Allaert FA

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  • Predicting superficial venous incompetence with strain gauge plethysmography.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:With currently available effective interventional methods to treat superficial venous insufficiency, it becomes particularly important to have a simple and reliable method to evaluate the location and severity of venous reflux. To date, there are few studies that evaluated plethysmography with and without to...


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    authors: Skeik N,Kalsi H,Wysokinski WE,Heaser TV,Wennberg PW

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  • Impact on physician workload and revenue following the creation of a specialty vein clinic within an academic vascular practice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the impact of creating a new specialty vein clinic within an academic-based vascular practice on clinical volume, physician workload and financial parameters. METHODS:All patients evaluated and treated for varicose vein related problems within an academic vascular surgery practice were identified...


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    authors: Passman MA,Dattilo JB,Guzman RJ,Naslund TC

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  • The efficiency of O-(beta-hydroxyethyl)-rutosides in reducing the incidence of superficial venous insufficiency in patients with calf muscle pump dysfunction.

    abstract::Objective We aimed to evaluate the efficiency of O-(beta-Hydroxyethyl)-rutosides (Oxerutin) in reducing the incidence of venous system disease among patients with calf muscle pump dysfunction secondary to immobilization due to lower-limb fractures. Methods A total of 60 patients with lower-limb fractures and immobiliz...


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  • Cross-sectional study on heredity and venous disorders: the end of the dominant maternal heredity dogma?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the heredity factor of the chronic venous disorders and odds ratio linked to maternal or paternal heredity. METHODS:Cross-sectional epidemiological study conducted in daily practice of medical practitioners on all patients consulting them. The practitioners described the venous status of all pati...


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  • Anatomy and embryology of the small saphenous vein: nerve relationships and implications for treatment.

    abstract::The aim of this paper is to describe the anatomical relations of the small saphenous vein (SSV) in order to define the high-risk zones for the treatment of chronic venous disease. The SSV runs in the saphenous compartment demarcated by two fascia layers: a muscular fascia and a membranous layer of subcutaneous tissue....


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    authors: Uhl JF,Gillot C

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  • The effect of footplate neuromuscular electrical stimulation on venous and arterial haemodynamics.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This pilot study aims to determine the effect of the Revitive™ footplate neuromuscular electrical stimulation device on venous and arterial haemodynamic changes in healthy individuals. METHOD:The blood flow (cc/min) and time averaged mean velocity (cm/s) of the superficial femoral vein and artery were measur...


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    authors: Varatharajan L,Williams K,Moore H,Davies AH

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  • Effect of three-size too large strong stocking on venous hemodynamics in normal subjects.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To study the differences in impact on venous hemodynamics between larger size strong graduated elastic compression stockings (GECS) and appropriate size strong/moderate GECS. METHOD:In healthy legs fitted for a small (Group S; n = 8) and large (Group L; n = 8) GECS, air plethysmography was performed without...


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    authors: Suehiro K,Morikage N,Murakami M,Yamashita O,Harada T,Ueda K,Samura M,Tanaka Y,Hamano K

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  • Pathophysiology of wound healing and alterations in venous leg ulcers-review.

    abstract::Venous leg ulcer (VLU) is one of the most common lower extremity ulcerated wound, and is a significant healthcare problem with implications that affect social, economic, and the well-being of a patient. VLU can have debilitating related problems which require weekly medical care and may take months to years to heal. T...


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    authors: Raffetto JD

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  • A practical approach to tumescent local anaesthesia in ambulatory endovenous thermal ablation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Thermal ablation, usually performed with tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA), is the preferred method for varicose veins treatment. Tumescent local anaesthesia is always cited; however, little detail of the procedure is presented in publications. This retrospective audit of clinical tumescent local anaesthesia...


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    authors: Nyamekye IK

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  • Inferior vena cava filters utilization in patients with venous thromboembolism: Analysis of a database of a tertiary hospital.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of the study was to assess the inferior vena cava filter (IVCF) utilization in patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) in tertiary care. METHODS:We performed a retrospective analysis of database of a tertiary hospital in 2016-2017. All the records of patients admitted for VTE or diagnosed with VTE b...


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    authors: Arslanbekov MM,Efremova OI,Lebedev IS,Kirienko AI,Zolotukhin IA

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  • Regional differences in statistical geometry of endothelial dense granules in human extremity veins.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Leg and arm human veins are exposed to different gravitational stresses. We investigated if there is difference in the amount and geometry of secretory vesicles in their endothelium. METHODS:Superficial small vein segments were removed during vascular operations for electromicroscopic analysis. Vesicular ar...


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    authors: Gősi G,Nádasy GL,Raffai G,Fehér E,Szeberin Z,Monos E,Acsády G

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  • Patterns in the management of superficial vein thrombosis.

    abstract::Objective To highlight current practice patterns in management of superficial vein thrombosis. Methods An electronic survey was conducted using the mailing lists of the Mediterranean League of Angiology and Vascular Surgery and European Venous Forum regarding superficial vein thrombosis diagnosis, investigation, and t...


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    authors: Karathanos C,Spanos K,Lachanas V,Athanasoulas A,Giannoukas AD

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  • Evaluation of static ulcer on lower extremities using wireless wearable near-infrared spectroscopy device: Effect of deep venous thrombosis on TRiggered Angiography Non-Contrast-Enhanced sequence magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Venous leg ulcers, or static leg ulcers, are chronic wounds associated with ambulatory venous hypertension of the lower extremities as a consequence of venous valve reflux, reduce venous capacitance, poor calf venous pump, heart failure, or in conjunction with venous obstruction. A static ulcer with venous t...


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    authors: Lin BS,Chen CW,Zhou SK,Tseng YH,Wang SC,Huang YK

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  • Practice patterns of adjunctive therapy for venous leg ulcers.

    abstract::Objectives Venous leg ulcers (VLU) are the most severe clinical sequelae of venous reflux and post thrombotic syndrome. There is a consensus that ablation of refluxing vein segments and treatment of significant venous obstruction can heal VLUs. However, there is wide disparity in the use and choice of adjunctive thera...


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    authors: Aziz F,Raffetto JD,Diaz JA,Myers DD Jr,Ozsvath KJ,Carman TL,Lal BK,American Venous Forum (AVF) Research Committee.

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  • Wound care in venous ulcers.

    abstract::Wound dressings: ulcer dressings should create and maintain a moist environment on the ulcer surface. It has been shown that in an ulcer with a hard crust and desiccated bed, the healing process is significantly slowed and sometimes completely blocked so favouring infection, inflammation and pain. In contrast a moist ...


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    authors: Mosti G

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  • Clinical profile and management of external jugular vein aneurysms.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:External jugular vein (EJV) aneurysm is an extremely uncommon clinical condition. We have studied the clinical profile and need for surgery in this present seven case series of primary external jugular vein aneurysms. METHOD:Over the past three years, we have diagnosed and managed aneurysms of external jugul...


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    authors: Thakur UK,Savlania A,Naik AL,Singh C,Chatterjee D,Gorsi U

    更新日期:2020-11-28 00:00:00

  • Two-year follow-up of first human use of cyanoacrylate adhesive for treatment of saphenous vein incompetence.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of endovenous cyanoacrylate-based embolization of incompetent great saphenous veins. METHODS:Incompetent great saphenous veins in 38 patients were embolized by cyanoacrylate bolus injections under ultrasound guidance without the use of perivenous tumescent anesthesia...


    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Almeida JI,Javier JJ,Mackay EG,Bautista C,Cher DJ,Proebstle TM

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