Calculation of the dimensions of drug-polymer devices based on diffusion parameters.


:The release kinetics of a polymeric-controlled release device are determined by its geometry and dimensions. A method to calculate the required size and shape of diffusion-controlled dosage forms to achieve a particular release profile is presented. The diffusion parameters are determined for various drugs (theophylline, diltiazem hydrochloride and caffeine) with thin ethyl cellulose (EC) films, containing different plasticizers [dibutyl sebacate (DBS) and acetyl tributyl citrate (ATBC)]. Computer simulations are then used to predict the drug release kinetics from various dosage forms (e.g. microparticles and cylinders). The practical benefit of these simulations is to optimize the geometry and dimensions of a controlled release device without the need of experimental studies. To verify the theoretical predictions, the release kinetics of theophylline from EC/ATBC microparticles of different size have also been determined experimentally. Good agreement is found between theory and experiment, proving the validity of the presented method.


J Pharm Sci


Siepmann J,Ainaoui A,Vergnaud JM,Bodmeier R




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1998-07-01 00:00:00














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  • Indolizines II: search for potential oral hypoglycemic agents.

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  • Introduction of solvent-accessible surface area in the calculation of the hydrophobicity parameter log P from an atomistic approach.

    abstract::A conventional atomistic approach of estimating molecular hydrophobicity (log P) was improved by taking into account the proximity effect of substituent groups as well as the importance of solute-solvent interaction in the partition phenomena. The new method reassigns atomic parameters when the molecule is fully expos...

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  • The effects of substituted cyclodextrins on the colloidal and conformational stability of selected proteins.

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    abstract::99mTc-N-(3-bromo-2,4,6-trimethylacetanilide)iminodiacetat e (I) and 99mTc-N-pyridoxyl-5-methyl-tryptophan (II) have been described as having optimal properties as hepatobiliary radiopharmaceuticals. This study compared specificity for hepatobiliary excretion, blood disappearance, rates of biliary appearance, and pharm...

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    abstract::The tissue:plasma partition coefficients (Kp ) are good indicators of the extent of tissue distribution. Therefore, advanced tissue composition-based models were used to predict the Kp values of drugs under in vivo conditions on the basis of in vitro and physiological input data. These models, however, focus on animal...

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  • Facile synthesis of glycol metabolites of phenethylamine drugs.

    abstract::High yields of potential glycol metabolites of p-synephrine, epinephrine, octopamine, and normacromerine can be obtained from the readily available monosubstituted and disubstituted acetophenones. The general procedure involves alpha-bromination followed by displacement with acetate ion and reduction with lithium alum...

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  • Dequaternization of curare bases with sodium thiophenoxide and ethanolamine.

    abstract::To prepare (+)-tubocurine and O,O-dimethyl-(+)-tubocurine, the commonly used dequaternization procedures with sodium theophenoxide and ethanolamine were investigated. The quaternary compounds were (+)-tubocurarine chloride and the chloride and iodide salts of O,O-dimethyl-(+)-chondocurarine. The results obtained with ...

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  • Radioimmunoassay for terfenadine in human plasma.

    abstract::A radioimmunoassay procedure was developed for the antihistamine terfenadine (alpha[4-(1,2-dimethylethyl)phenyl]-4-(hydroxydiphenylmethyl)-1-piperidinebutanol). The keto analog of terfenadine was converted to its O-carboxymethyloxime derivative, which was conjugated to bovine thyroglobulin by a mixed anhydride techniq...

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  • In vivo and ex vivo evaluation of a multi-particulate composite construct for sustained transbuccal delivery of carbamazepine.

    abstract::Carbamazepine (CBZ) is a leading molecule in the management of epilepsy. Surveys have revealed that a sufficient lack of therapeutically efficient CBZ transbuccal formulation exists. Therefore, this investigation was directed toward designing multiparticulate composite construct (MCC) for the transbuccal delivery of C...

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