Types of abuse and cocaine use in pregnant women.


:Previous research has found an association between childhood and adult physical and sexual abuse and substance abuse, but has not examined or compared specific dimensions of the abuse experience, such as its age of onset or the type, severity, or frequency. Women receiving perinatal care (N = 1189) at an inner-city hospital clinic were systematically questioned about their lifetime and current cocaine use and experiences of abuse. We found an association between a history of abuse in childhood and lifetime and current cocaine use, as well as physical and sexual abuse during childhood and pregnancy. There was no difference in the rates of cocaine use between women whose onset of abuse was in childhood versus adulthood. Childhood sexual abuse (alone or in combination with physical abuse) was more associated with lifetime cocaine use than was physical abuse alone. Cocaine use was related to the severity, but not the frequency of abuse.


J Subst Abuse Treat


Jantzen K,Ball SA,Leventhal JM,Schottenfeld RS




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