Liquid ionization chambers for absorbed dose measurements in water at low dose rates and intermediate photon energies.


:Two new liquid ionization chamber (LIC) designs, consisting of cylindrical and plane-parallel configurations, are presented. They are designed to be suitable for high-precision measurements of absorbed dose-to-water at dose rates and photon energies typical for LDR intermediate photon energy brachytherapy sources. The chambers have a sensitive liquid layer thickness of 1 mm and sensitive volumes of 7 mm3 (plane-parallel) and 20 mm3 (cylindrical). The liquids used as sensitive media in the chambers are either isooctane (C8H18), tetramethylsilane (Si(CH3)4) or mixtures of these two liquids in the approximate proportions 2 to 1. A chamber filled with such a liquid mixture and with a polarizing voltage of 300 V, provides a volume sensitivity of about 10(-9)C Gy(-1) mm(-3) for absorbed dose measurements in water in an x-ray radiation field with an effective photon energy of 120 keV. In the interval 30 to 140 keV, the relative change in sensitivity is less than +/- 2.5%. The leakage current of the chambers is low and stable, which implies that absorbed dose measurements can be done with good reproducibility at dose-rates as low as 50 microGy min-1 (sigma < 3%). The long-term calibration stability was tested for a set of five chambers over a period of more than 1 year. No systematic change in their sensitivity could be observed. The general recombination at a polarizing voltage of 300 V is less than 2% for dose-rates up to about 100 mGy min-1. The temperature dependence at room temperature is 0.5% per degree C. The response is almost independent of the direction of the radiation for the plane-parallel LIC.


Med Phys


Medical physics


Wickman G,Johansson B,Bahar-Gogani J,Holmström T,Grindborg JE




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1998-06-01 00:00:00












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