Cognition in late onset depression.


:The aim of study was to assess cognition in patients with late onset depression in a symptom-free remission period measuring event-related potentials and reaction times (RT) in a modified computer version of the Stroop test. Thirty four patients with late-onset depression were included after they had reached remission. They were compared to age-, gender- and education-matched healthy controls. Each participant completed a single item computer version of the Stroop Color-word task using verbal response mode. EEG and RT were simultaneously recorded. RTs were significantly prolonged in patients in all conditions of the Stroop paradigm, and the interference effect was significantly greater in patients compared to controls. Results also revealed abnormal late positive Stroop related potentials in the period of about 500-600 ms period corresponding to the so-called P300b wave. Our study supports the view that patients with late onset depression are also cognitively impaired and that this impairment persists in the period of early remission. Using more sensitive ERP measurement of the Stroop task we demonstrated impaired information processing at an earlier, pre-response related stage.


Psychiatry Res


Psychiatry research


Pišljar M,Repovš G,Pirtošek Z




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