A systematic review of time to diagnosis in children and young adults with cancer.


PURPOSE:It is often assumed that prolonged time to diagnosis (TTD) for cancer negatively influences overall survival and survivorship through advanced stage disease at diagnosis. This systematic review assesses existing early diagnosis research in childhood and young adult cancer and aims to identify whether a consensus exists within the literature in relation to the terminology and methodologies used to investigate TTD in this population. METHODS:Medline, Embase, the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination database and Cochrane library were searched for papers on children and young adults (0-30 years) published from 1948 to the present. RESULTS:Of the 1665 potentially eligible citations identified, 32 papers met the inclusion criteria. The majority of work was in European (n=15) or North American (n=8) populations. Most work focused on brain tumours (n=10), retinoblastomas (n=5) and bone and soft tissue sarcomas (n=4). The majority of studies were in hospital-based settings (n=25), with only seven papers adopting a population-based setting. Summary statistics presented were mostly median TTD, the skewed distribution of the data meant comparisons between studies based on medians were difficult and combining studies within a meta-analysis was not appropriate. CONCLUSIONS:Within the childhood and young adult population, TTD for cancer varies between diagnostic groups and with age at diagnosis in the majority of studies. In order that clear conclusions can be drawn from early diagnosis research in children and young adults, specific criteria identifying circumstances in which delay has occurred should accompany a defined time line to diagnosis or treatment in every study.


Arch Dis Child


Lethaby CD,Picton S,Kinsey SE,Phillips R,van Laar M,Feltbower RG




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    abstract::West, R. J., Lloyd, J. K., and Turner, W. M. L. (1975). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 50, 703. Familial insulin-resistant diabetes, multiple somatic anomalies, and pineal hyperplasia. A syndrome comprising unusual facies, dry skin, acanthosis nigricans, thickened nails, hirsutism, dental precocity and dysplasia, a...

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    abstract::You can't teach old dogs new tricks. Teaching middle-aged dogs new tricks is hard enough. They tend to stick to particular styles of attacking the postman that over the years have proved pretty reliable, often choosing to ignore new findings, or simply failing to keep up with progress in current discussions on, say, t...

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