Measuring gustatory variation in mice: a short-term fluid-intake test.


:A short-term fluid-intake test is described which is directed at the study of individual variation in gustation in laboratory mice. To avoid position preferences associated with two-bottle tests, single graduated cylinders are used to present the solution. Intake of water and solutions is recorded for a 6-h period beginning 3 h prior to the dark phase of the light cycle. The timing of data collection ensures a stable baseline of fluid intake because it coincides with the period in which mice begin to drink. Food and water are available ad lib. at all other times so the test avoids the water restriction that is often used in gustatory studies. We report normative data on ten commonly used inbred strains for sucrose (100 mM), saccharin (10 mM), quinine (1.1 mM), HCI (1 and 3 mM). NaCl (320 mM), and monosodium glutamate (150 mM). Strain differences were pronounced for all tastants. Concurrent measures of food and fluid intake by C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mice demonstrated that the short-term reduction of fluid intake resulting from 6-h quinine administration, which was restricted to C57BL/6J mice, was associated with a minor reduction in food intake during the 6-h test and had no statistically significant effect on food or fluid intake during the 18-h post-test period or during a 6-h period the next day. The absence of large-scale or persistent nonspecific effects supports the use of the paradigm for screening of multiple solutions on the same animals. The reliability of the test is supported by positive correlations between repeated measurements of the same solution across substantial time intervals. Its ease of use, substantial reliability, and avoidance of water restriction make the test a very useful addition to screening tools in the field of gustation research.


Physiol Behav


Physiology & behavior


Kotlus BS,Blizard DA




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  • Post-weaning social isolation attenuates c-Fos expression in GABAergic interneurons in the basolateral amygdala of adult female rats.

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  • Naloxone treatment alters gene expression in the mesolimbic reward system in 'junk food' exposed offspring in a sex-specific manner but does not affect food preferences in adulthood.

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  • Novel findings in the cephalic phase of digestion: a role for microcirculation?

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  • Intracerebroventricular cholecystokinin A-receptor antagonist does not reduce satiation by endogenous CCK.

    abstract::Suppression of sham feeding by exogenous CCK-8 or intraintestinal oleate infusion is attenuated by peripheral administration of the CCK-A receptor antagonist, devazepide, but not by the CCK-B antagonist, L365260. Likewise, systemically administered devazepide increases food intake by real feeding rats. These results s...

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  • A functional neuroimaging review of obesity, appetitive hormones and ingestive behavior.

    abstract::Adequate energy intake is vital for the survival of humans and is regulated by complex homeostatic and hedonic mechanisms. Supported by functional MRI (fMRI) studies that consistently demonstrate differences in brain response as a function of weight status during exposure to appetizing food stimuli, it has been posite...

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  • Ketaset-Rompun extends the temporal gradient for hypothermia-induced retrograde amnesia.

    abstract::In studies of experimentally induced retrograde amnesia (RA), as the interval between training and the amnestic treatment is lengthened, amnesia decreases (4). This temporal gradient for RA has been reported with a wide variety of amnestic agents, including RA produced by thermoregulatory disturbances (8). This tempor...

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  • Effects of prenatal morphine and cocaine exposure on spinal sexual reflexes in male and female rats.

    abstract::Previous studies demonstrated that in utero exposure to morphine or cocaine differentially alters adult sexual behaviors, which are dependent on circulating gonadal hormones in male and female rats. In the present study, the effects of in utero morphine and cocaine exposure on the urethrogenital reflex were examined. ...

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  • Repeated stressor exposure enhances contextual fear memory in a beta-adrenergic receptor-dependent process and increases impulsivity in a non-beta receptor-dependent fashion.

    abstract::Memory formation is promoted by stress via the release of norepinephrine and stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors (β-ARs). Previous data demonstrate that repeated stressor exposure increases norepinephrine turnover and β-AR signaling within the amygdala, which led to the hypothesis that some stress-induced behavio...

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  • Angiotensin II (de)sensitization: Fluid intake studies with implications for cardiovascular control.

    abstract::Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and hypertension is the most common risk factor for death. Although many anti-hypertensive pharmacotherapies are approved for use in the United States, rates of hypertension have increased over the past decade. This review article summarizes a presentation...

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  • Effects of oral chemical irritation on tastes and flavors in frequent and infrequent users of chili.

    abstract::The studies reported here addressed the question of whether the pungent principle in chilies, capsaicin, suppresses taste and flavor intensity. Over a period of several minutes, groups of frequent and infrequent eaters of chili repeatedly rated the taste and flavor intensities of sweet and sour solutions that also con...

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  • Relationship between resilience and stress: Perceived stress, stressful life events, HPA axis response during a stressful task and hair cortisol.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There is no consensus about how resilience is related to the different types of stress such as daily or chronic stress and psychopathology. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the relationship between resilience and the different measures of stress such as perceived stress, chronic stress, life e...

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