Immunoreactive MUC1 expression at the deepest invasive portion correlates with prognosis of colorectal cancer.


:This study sought to examine the relationship between MUC1 expression at the deepest invasive portion, invasive/metastatic potential, and prognosis of colorectal cancer in relation to cellular proliferation. MUC1 expression was detected immunohistochemically using KL-6 antibody (anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibody) in 100 surgically resected specimens of advanced colorectal cancer. Distinct staining of the luminal surfaces, defined as positive immunoreactive (IR)-MUC1 expression, was seen in more than 30% of the tumor cells at the deepest invasive portion. The proliferating cell nuclear antigen labeling index (PCNA-LI) was also examined in the same areas. IR-MUC1 expression was detected in 71 (71%) of 100 lesions. Lesions with lymphatic or venous invasion showed a significantly higher incidence of IR-MUC1 expression than those without lymphatic or venous invasion (80 vs. 42% and 82 vs. 61%, respectively). Lesions with lymph node metastasis showed a significantly higher incidence of IR-MUC1 expression than those without lymph node metastasis (88 vs. 53%). Lesions with liver metastasis showed a significantly higher incidence of IR-MUC1 expression than those without liver metastasis (92 vs. 59%). Dukes' stage was also significantly correlated with IR-MUC1 expression. The incidence of IR-MUC1 expression did not significantly differ with regard to histologic subclassification and depth of invasion. There was no significant correlation between IR-MUC1 expression and the PCNA-LI. IR-MUC1 expression at the deepest invasive portion revealed a significant correlation with prognosis; furthermore, in patients with better differentiated lesions, in those with lesions confined to muscularis propria or subserosa (subadventitial) invasion, in those with Dukes' B and C, or in those undergoing curative resection, IR-MUC1 expression significantly correlated with prognosis. Patients with high PCNA-LI lesions showed a significantly poorer prognosis than those with low PCNA-LI lesions. Only in patients undergoing curative resection, patients with IR-MUC1-positive and high PCNA-LI lesions showed a significantly poorer prognosis than those with IR-MUC1-negative and low PCNA-LI lesions. The significant risk factors in the order of poorer prognosis in patients undergoing curative resection by the multivariate analysis were the histologic grade (moderately-poorly, poorly or mucinous adenocarcinomas), IR-MUC1 expression, and lymph node metastasis. These results indicate that IR-MUC1 expression is an important predictor of the metastatic potential and the prognosis of colorectal cancer, independent of histologic grade, depth of invasion or cellular proliferative activity. Combined analysis of IR-MUC1 and histologic grade, and combined expression of IR-MUC1 and PCNA at the deepest invasive portion are especially useful in predicting colorectal cancer prognosis.






Hiraga Y,Tanaka S,Haruma K,Yoshihara M,Sumii K,Kajiyama G,Shimamoto F,Kohno N




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