Spread of excitation in 3-D models of the anisotropic cardiac tissue. III. Effects of ventricular geometry and fiber structure on the potential distribution.


:In a previous paper we studied the spread of excitation in a simplified model of the left ventricle, affected by fiber structure and obliqueness, curvature of the wall and Purkinje network. In the present paper we investigate the extracellular potential distribution u in the same ventricular model. Given the transmembrane potential v, associated with the spreading excitation, the extracellular potential u is obtained as solution of a linear elliptic equation with the source term related to v. The potential distributions were computed for point stimulations at different intramural depths. The results of the simulations enabled us to identify a number of common features which appears in all the potential patterns irrespective of pacing site. In addition, by splitting the sources into an axial and conormal component, we were able to evaluate the contribution of the classical uniform dipole layer to the total potential field and the role of the superimposed axial component.


Math Biosci


Mathematical biosciences


Colli Franzone P,Guerri L,Pennacchio M,Taccardi B




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1998-07-01 00:00:00














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